Woman Records Husband's Snore, Turns It Into "Despacito" Remix
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Woman Records Husband's Snore, Turns It Into "Despacito" Remix

A banger we all nose!

I don't know about you, but snoring is pretty high up there on the list of things that drive me crazy. Loud, obnoxious and unnecessary noises coming from your mouth while I'm trying to sleep is the quickest way to get smacked in the face with a pillow.

However, there are right ways to handle snoring and there are wrong ways. This woman has definitely got the right idea. With some help from her nephew, she was able to record her husband's snoring over the last four years and turn it into a "Despacito" remix.

Give this remix of the most steamed song of all time your undivided attention.

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8 Reasons You Need To See Daddy Yankee In Concert

Aside from the fact that he's awesome.

You know that summer hit "Despacito" that everyone has been going absolutely nuts over (with reason)?

It's Daddy Yankee's first big hit in the U.S. since "Rompe," that dropped in 2006 ("Gasolina" in 2005). Talk about throwbacks. But this Reggaeton star hasn't been under wraps all these years - in fact, he's been producing many hits that the majority of our American ears have yet to be blessed with.

Living in Spain, I've listened to the majority of his songs on repeat and had the chance to see him in concert this past week and let me tell you - he is an absolute MUST on the concert list, with these being some of the top reasons.

1. One Giant Zumba Class
His concerts are usually set up as a GA dance floor and let me tell you it is a PARTY. I don't think a single person's hips weren't moving during his show - guys too. Even if you claim you "can't dance," you'll be shocked by how well you can move thanks to the power of Reggaeton.

2. Blown Away By His Rapping
While I highly suggest you look up some of what he's saying (like in "Despacito" - and you thought our songs were sensual) there's a good chance you won't be able to tell what he's saying because he can drop words so damn fast.

In each show he takes a break from the songs to discuss his roots and more importantly, to show off how fast he can spit 'em. You will honestly be BLOWN AWAY. Busta rhymes has absolutely nothing on this guy.

3. No Language Barriers
You don't need to know Spanish to have fun at his concerts. DY's songs are the perfect example of how music is a language in itself that everyone can enjoy.

4. Learn Some Spanish
That said, you'll probably learn some basic words and phrases, like LAS MANOS ARRIBA! (Hands up!) Important given how fast Spanish is growing in the US and around the world.

5. You'll See the King
It doesn't matter that Daddy Yankee started his career in the 90's, or that he's 40-years-old (how, I have no idea - he doesn't look a day over 30), because he is still the reigning KING of reggaeton. That's in addition to being one of the pioneers of the music style from Puerto Rico.

6. He's Humble And Thanks The Fans
You know when you go to a concert, shell out tons of money, and the artist kinda seems like they just... don't want to be there? That it's simply their job and all overly rehearsed? Or that you should be thanking them? Not the case with DY, and it's refreshing.

To think a World-famous artist has that much humility and care for his fans - genuine care - is a treat.

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7. It's Cheap
Considering how much I've spent on concerts for big time artists (more than I'd want to admit), I only had to shell out a measly $38 to see him live. Hell, I've paid more for rando local artists. And I must say it was well worth the $38.

8. New Summer Jams
I guarantee after his concert you'll have a whole list of hip-swinging rump-shaking jams to last you through this summer (and be the life of the party). Heck, these songs will even get you through this upcoming school year.

Sorry to mention so soon.

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How You Know You're Ready to Give Up the Fuckboy Life

Sober sex is v different.

Look, I know what it's like to be a fuckboy. If there was a fuckboy major, I could have had my Ph.D. in high school. I could have written three textbooks, published my own best selling novel, and even started my own religion; Fuckboyism. We'd worship the great Tucker Max. But that's not why I'm writing. I'm writing because I recently gave up the lifestyle. I found a girl that makes me happy. So I'm here to tell you the signs you need to look out for. The signs that'll tell you, "Hey. She's a special girl, so get your shit together and stop giving up being happy all the time with her for being happy for a night with a random girl."

The Different Start
It started with us hooking up when we were out drinking, then the same thing the next weekend. I remember neither of these occasions, and she never lets me hear the end of it. While I may not remember exact details, I do remember feeling something different than a random hook up.

Snapchat Stage Dos
We all do it. In fact, my first text to her was a Facebook message I sent at 2:30 in the morning (no memory of this either) that said "snap chat". Keep in mind I had never talked to her before, saw this message, and immediately thought I had blown my chance. But you'll stop Snapchatting other girls, and only want to see what she's sending.

Once you find things in common via 1-10 seconds of pictures, you'll start texting her and only her regularly. The real sign in this step is when you don't even realize it, but you're talking to her and only her.

The Sleepover
The first sleepover, in my opinion, is one of the biggest steps. I'm not talking about her asking you-- I mean you asking her. Knowing you want her to sleep in your bed is actually a very satisfying feeling. Also, it's a big test. How well does she cuddle? Are you stuck with a dead arm and a faceful of hair? Does she snore? There's a lot that you'll figure out. If she does, do you like it? It means that she's someone you like having around for more than just a drunken night.

Sober Sex
As a close friend of mine said to me very recently, "Dude. Once you have sober sex, it's real." Now, by sober sex, I really just mean not being drunk. Once that happens, it's something you remember vividly, something that's right on the brink of special.

You're a guy in his late teens to early twenties, you're bound to get shit from your boys for being "wifed up". As much as you don't want to admit it, you are, but you'll constantly catch yourself saying, "She's not my girlfriend." Once you've said that, the fuckboy life immediately starts to fade...

Drinking Without Her
I won't lie, this is a bit scary. You have the normal obscene amount of drunken hormones raging through your body, and she's not there. You know you're ready to give up the fuckboy life when the only thing on your mind when you're drinking is her and when you'll see her next.

Farting In Front of Her
The final, and easily biggest step is ripping a loud fart. Not kidding. Surprisingly, it's kind of funny to girls, but in a gross way. I'm sure you're saying to yourself something along the lines of how stupid I am, or how ridiculous is. Well you know what I say to naysayers? I say nay! Think about it! What is the scariest thing next to actually shitting your pants? Farting in front of a girl you think is hot. It's a fact. So if you're wondering if you're ready to give up being a fuckboy... just let one out loud and proud.

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Martha The Mastaff Wins "The World's Ugliest Dog Contest"

Where ugly is the new beautiful

A new champion was crowned in the 29th Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest!

Yep, you're reading this correctly. This contest is held every year in Petaluma, California to recognize all the dogs that are portrayed as "ugly". However, this competition is more of a celebration for the dogs that each of the owners, judges and fans call "beautifully ugly".

The winner of the competition, Martha, beat out 13 other dogs with her couldn't-care-less attitude. Martha is a big, lazy three-year old Neapolitan Mastiff with slobbery cheeks that practically droop down to her knees.


Even with some tough competition, she was a favorite from the start, often lying down on stage with her face spread across the floor while she was supposed to be showing off. The judges loved her so much that Martha didn't even have to use her signature snore to win them over.


It hasn't always been fame and fortune for Martha, however. Like many dogs, she was neglected at a young age, with her owner even trying to sell her on Craigslist. Martha was finally found by the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project founder, Shirley Zindler, who came to save her. When Zindler found Martha, she was nearly blind from neglect. She went through two successful eye surgeries and a stomach surgery. Martha can now see out of one eye, although both remain red and droopy.


Shortly after the rescue, Zindler found a loving owner, named Ms. Burkard, who offered eleven acres of land for Martha. When Zindler heard that there was going to be a World's Ugliest Dog competition, she called Ms. Burkard and told her she thought it was a great idea to enter Martha to promote the adoption of dogs that are too often let go on the streets. Ms. Burkard loved the idea, and signed her up with the thought that Martha could even win.

By winning the competition, Martha also came away with $1,500, a shiny trophy and a trip to New York for media appearances.


When the announcer asked if Martha knew she was ugly, Zindler replied, "No, Martha thinks she's beautiful. We tell her that every day."

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The Ultimate Sex Playlist: Girls Edition

Frank Ocean is key.

Music has the potential to make or break an evening, so it's good to have some go-to tunes for you and your bae/booty call/one-night stand/possible soulmate so you don't get stuck listening to laxative commercials in the middle of dry-humping.

Disclaimer: there isn't really a perfect seduction playlist and the first step to setting the mood is properly reading the room. But this list should provide some new material to pave the way for some X-rated fun.

Dreamworld, Robin Thicke
This is a staple, the olive oil of your music pantry. Extra naughty olive oil.

Call, Francesco Yates
Don't mind Francesco's haircut. This song has a seriously delicious funky vibe.

Paint It Red (feat. Mikky Ekko), Two Inch Punch
I challenge anyone not to get turned on listening to this.

Retrograde, James Blake
One word: Foreplay.

The Fall, Petite Noir
Your life needs some Petite Noir in it.

Wax, Theme Park
This one's on the peppier, more romantic side. but it's sexy, too, in a way that makes you want to make out under a disco ball.

Easy, Son Lux
The kind of sexy but eerie song that would play during a sex scene in a psychological thriller.

Terracotta, Garden City Movement
Playful instrumentals will put rhythm even into the most awkward of hips.

Warrior (What So Not Remix), A-Trak, Kimbra & Mark Foster
This is a pretty fantastic track for a striptease. Theoretically. You do you.

Pink Matter, Frank Ocean
It's hard to keep Frank Ocean off this list. Featuring the one and only Andre 3000 and a very suggestive title.

Two Weeks, FKA Twigs
This song isn't very subtle, so probably best saved for situations where both parties are very unsubtly DTF.

XXX 88 (ft. Diplo), MO
Whether you know how to pronounce her name or not, this Scandinavian siren definitely lays down a groovy beat I would employ in a late-night, second-wind type of scenario.

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Why Sleeping with Guys is Actually the Worst

WARNING: Subjects in picture may appear happier than they truly are.

People always talk about how they love cuddling up in bed with their bf or after a drunken hookup, but I completely disagree. What's so appealing about a sweaty, snoring guy that takes up your whole bed? Here are five reasons why sharing a bed with a boy is actually the worst.

1. Cuddling is sweaty.
Hello, it's summer! While it's all cute and fun to cuddle with a boy after sex, after approximately 20 seconds you go from, "Aw, I love being in his arms" to, "My body is burning and I can't breathe". I can only take the body heat for a couple of minutes before I push him off and throw the sheets off. I'm a light sleeper, so if you sweat or breathe on me I will wake up and hate your existence. It's too hot for that shit.

2. Boys snore.
It's actually the worst. No, not every person in the world snores. But men tend to snore a lot more than women. And it's loud and obnoxious af. It's annoying, inconsiderate and frustrating to deal with. I sit there awake, seething with rage over how much I hate the situation at hand. How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep with someone snoring that loudly?

3. They take up the WHOLE bed.
I find myself more often than not pushed onto the edge of the bed. They always wants to be on top of me or near me, and eventually I'm almost completely off the bed. Not only the bed, but the sheets too. I feel like I'm in a constant game of tug of war for the sheets, and I always end up losing. Just another unnecessary issue that can be avoided.

4. Morning breath, how you both look in the morning, mornings in general.
If the hookup sucks, you want nothing to do with the guy, but if the hookup is great you obviously want to make a good impression. Hence why I never want them sleeping over or vice versa. Morning breath is gross and pretty much unavoidable. I will 100 percent not look like I did the night before and me not washing my makeup off is detrimental to my skin. Also, once the drunk goggles are off, the guy may not look like you thought he did either. Did you say breakfast? Absolutely not.

5. Walk of shaming.
This one is pretty self explanatory. You probably just got a minimum of four hours of sleep and you're most likely still a little bit drunk or hungover. Face it, you look like shit and feel like it too. Come on, who wants to trudge across campus in their heels and dress from the night before? Maybe I'm being dramatic with how bad your appearance could be, but again, why do it when it can easily be avoided by walking home right after the hookup? Sleeping in your own bed is amazing, why choose to not do it. And if you absolutely have to stay over, just call an Uber next time.