Will Facebook Be The Next Netflix?
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Will Facebook Be The Next Netflix?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Facebook's reportedly in talks with Hollywood studios to produce high-quality TV, looking to launch shows by late summer. The social media site is apparently willing to budget as high as $3 million per episode (for that budget, they'd better be good). They're looking to target the age range of 13 to 34, particularly focusing on 17 to 30.

Two shows they've already lined up are Strangers, which is a relationship drama, and a game show called Last State Standing. Instead of dropping entire seasons in one go, apparently Facebook wants to release episodes one by one.

If you were excited by this news, that might have put your excitement to a screeching halt. No binge watching an entire season in one go? Waiting for new episodes of things can be hard sometimes, especially when you're used to Netflix's methods of just giving you twelve or so episodes immediately.

Granted, people do it, but many prefer a good binge watch nowadays. Getting left on a cliffhanger and having to wait a week to see the resolution sucks.

Facebook sounds kind of out of touch with their demographic here then, huh?

I personally am wondering if this whole thing is Facebook's attempt to get people using their site more again. Let's be real, many still use it, but knowing that your mom, and maybe your grandma, are floating around on there can be sooo off-putting.

I got sick of most of the things on my feed and deleted mine months ago, and I can't say I miss it. There's plenty of other social media sites that I use that keep me in touch with people, and it's pretty likely that others have been feeling the same way.

We'll have to see, though. If these shows are any good, maybe it'll be time to reactivate that account.

Just don't show me your bad political memes.

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5 Habits You Copied From "Friends" Without Realizing

Could it BE any less obvious?

I have a theory (round of applause, please).

My theory states that the more episodes of a show you binge-watch, the more random habits you pick up from the show (no judgment by the way, I've picked up my fair share of habits from a ton of shows I've binge-watched). And to validate my theory, here's proof of the random habits you picked up from Friends:

1. Meeting up daily in that exact same spot.
Notice how in the show, the gang met up at the Central Perk all day, every day? Well, without realizing it, you and your gang have started meeting up at the exact same place every single day.

That place has lowkey become like a second home to your friends. The waitresses at the spot know you and your gang by name and order. You can even forget prized possessions there and be sure to get them back safe and sound, because the people there will be sure to help save stuff for you.

And to make matters worse, you and your friends choose the exact same spot. Face it, you always have a standing reservation at the exact same booth at the exact same place.

2. Your coffee drinking habit.
After seeing your favorite on-screen gang gulping down several cups of the caffeinated concoction, you decided to try it out. We both know you didn't like coffee 'til the day you discovered your obsession with the show.

And on that day, you vowed that since everyone you loved on TV was doing it, you'd also do it. And so, you braved your first cup of coffee and have been gulping down gallons of it since.

3. Barging in on your friends.
During my own phase of being obsessed with Friends, I noticed that the gang has no sense of privacy whatsoever and always barged in on everyone. Joey and Chandler were always fond of barging into Monica's apartment.

I even began to wonder if Monica ever locked her doors (she didn't by the way, but let's not get sidetracked here). Soon enough, you've picked up the habit of barging into your friend's place too (but it's okay, I'm sure they find it endearing... hopefully).

4. The weird guy you spy on.
"Ugly naked guy" was an integral part of the show. Spying on "ugly naked guy" was a group activity, a bonding exercise, a hobby. Without knowing it, you and your group of friends have your very own "ugly naked guy."

You spy on this unsuspecting creature a lot. It may be in person, like they do on the show, or you may stalk them on social media. They may be a total stranger, just like on the show. Alternatively, he or she may be an acquaintance from work or even an ex. Either way, y'all are pretty updated on them.

5. You dream about the show, don't deny it.
You've dreamed about the show at least once. If you finished all ten seasons of the show, chances are you've had very many dreams, sometimes recurring, like me. I'm not proud of it, but I have dreamed I was in so many episodes. I can't even begin to recount these dreams.

But hey, on the bright side, it's quite a conversation starter actually. But it's also proof that you're quite obsessed.

Aha! Just as I suspected! My theory proves accurate. The great Socrates strikes again!

Don't worry, no judging. I wish you many more random habits from many more shows that you binge watch with your gang.

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What People Actually Use Facebook For

The perfect procrastination spot.

Over the years, Facebook has gone up and down in popularity. Making a Facebook used to be the cool thing to do when you finally made it to sixth grade.

Now getting the Facebook memories from back then, I question why anyone ever let me make a Facebook. Middle schoolers and even freshmen in high school don't feel the need for a Facebook anymore.

But here are some of the things we need Facebook for, or don't really need, but use it for anyway.

People these days, millennials to be specific, rarely watch the news in the morning or get a newspaper delivered to their doorstep. Facebook is one of the many outlets that produces news coverage that younger generations can be informed through.

However, Facebook isn't solely used for news, which gives it a larger purpose. People aren't logging on to Facebook just for worldwide updates, it allows them to see updates for nearly anything they find interesting.

Buzzfeed Quizzes
It's almost impossible to spend a little time on Facebook without taking one Buzzfeed Quiz. You'll find yourself taking at least one, then finding yourself needing restraint from clicking on the thousands of others.

They are completely useless, yet impossible to resist. Random ones like, "Build Your Ideal Boyfriend And We'll Guess Your Favorite Starbucks Drink" or, "Build A Pizza And We'll Tell You Which Celebrity You'll Marry And Then Divorce" are oddly the most addictive. You name it, there's a Buzzfeed quiz related to it. And they are the perfect distractions from studying.

Some of my all time favorite things I see on Facebook are Insider videos. I mostly watch the food reviews on crazy restaurants known for specific delicacies. Whether it be their unicorn themed menu, mac and cheese burger bun, insane milkshakes, or an entirely pink restaurant, it never fails to make my mouth water.

Unfortunately, about a minute into each video it shows the location and I am left to wonder and dream about the food in New York City, Los Angeles, or Australia. They never seem to have cool food places where I live.

Millennials are watching less and less cable TV, while streaming more and more Netflix. There's no need to turn on a TV when you can watch the shows you want on your laptop with no commercials.

But this leads to fewer people seeing ads and trailers. Facebook posts a lot of ads and trailers for movies, TV shows, and books. While scrolling, you can stop and watch a video of a new series or movie. It makes it quicker and more voluntary than having to sit through it between TV commercials.

Almost everyone you know is on Facebook. It also helps to see mutual friends when you click on a person, because then you can ask your friend their thoughts on your stalkee.

Long lost cousin you found out about? They're probably on Facebook. An old babysitter you're wondering about? Without a doubt, they have a Facebook and have been posting wedding photos and baby announcements. A preschool friend you're curious about? Find them on Facebook and figure out what college they're going to.

Facebook is the best and most convenient outlet for stalking and trying to find a specific person.

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Facebook Changed Its Mission Statement To Bring People Together

It's about damn time.

Mark Zuckerberg has come out with a public statement explaining Facebook's revamped mission statement and the reasoning for why they chose to change it in the first place.

"We used to have a sense that if we could just do those things, then that would make a lot of the things in the world better by themselves. But now we realize that we need to do more too. It's important to give people a voice, to get a diversity of opinions out there, but on top of that, you also need to do this work of building common ground so that way we can all move forward together."

In the interview, Zuckerberg went onto explain that our society is still so divisive that it is our personal duty to try and build more cohesion. Facebook wants to continue to provide individuals with a platform to freely speak, but simultaneously use that same platform to band people together rather than divide them.

The new mission statement is "To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together."

In many ways, Facebook has played a large part in political polarization. Many politically charged people create an echo chamber of a newsfeed -- only keeping posts and viewpoints they share -- resulting social and political dichotomy.

Facebook has not just created a platform for sharing various beliefs. It has been the outlet of horrific Facebook live streams, the perpetuation of fake news, and prompting controversy in various ways.

Zuckerberg seems to be changing the mission statement for two reasons. One, he has to be apologizing for Facebook's role on negatively impacting polarizing people. Two, I think there is a genuine responsibility that the company feels the need to take, which makes me feel good.

It's nice to know and see that behind the vapid and trivial nature behind social media, there is an authentic sense of humanity. Way to go Zuckerberg.

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Why I'm A Bit Annoyed With "Doctor Who" As Of Late

It's been pushing its own conventions, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

If you haven't heard already, the thirteenth Doctor of the long-running BBC show Doctor Who is going to be a woman, played by Jodie Whittaker.

Unlike some of the internet, I don't have a problem with that specifically. It's 2017, there had been past talk of having a female Doctor, and hey, the Master regenerated into Missy a few seasons ago. The fact that the Doctor is going to regenerate into a woman shouldn't be too surprising.

My problem lies in the fact that the show has been pushing and breaking its own conventions as of late.

Let me give you some background first. I've been a fan of the show since about 2012, when I got Netflix specifically to watch Doctor Who. I binge watched the entire thing, and I've kept up with the show ever since, from the ninth Doctor to the twelfth.

I've even gone back and watched some of the old serial episodes, just so that I could further immerse myself into the Doctor Who universe of sci-fi and aliens. It's my favorite show, hands down, and I know it pretty well.

That being said, my favorite show is not without its problems. Since the onset of the show back in 1963 with William Hartnell, there have been certain conventions that the show has followed, such as the rules of regeneration. For years, it was widely believed that the Doctor would remain a man due to 13 prior regenerations that showed the character remaining male.

Additionally, It was established long ago that the Doctor would have 12 regenerations, with the twelfth being the final one before the character's death. The tenth doctor technically regenerated into himself twice, meaning that the eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, should have been the last one.

If show runner Steven Moffat hadn't come up with a way to get the Doctor a new regeneration cycle in the episode "The Time of the Doctor", the show would have ended then.

In some ways, I wish it did end there.

Of course, I was super happy to see that the Doctor wouldn't die on the planet Trenzalore, and that there would be new episodes for years to come. However, I was simultaneously conflicted, because giving the Doctor a new set of regenerations was honestly a total deus ex machina that realistically shouldn't have happened.

12 regenerations was all the Doctor was supposed to have, but there it came, a brand new regeneration cycle.

Understandably, the BBC really can't let this show end. Not yet, anyway. It's 54 years old, has a huge following and undoubtedly brings in a lot of money for the station. After regenerating into the new thirteenth Doctor, the character will still have ten regenerations left, which means that the show will be around for a lot longer.

In addition to the Regeneration Limit issue, pushing the conventions of certain creatures causes issues as well. Steven Moffat first introduced the terrifying weeping angels in season three, where the basic rules of the aliens disguised as statues were established.

Since then, they appeared in three more episodes, becoming increasingly complex with each reiteration. Unfortunately, with this complexity came some plot holes, which are the subject of many talks on many internet forums.

To finally move onto the most recent "issue," the idea of a timelord's gender changing during regeneration was technically brought up during the regeneration from the tenth to eleventh Doctor, where he touched his longer hair and gasped, "I'm a girl," which shows that he knew it was possible.

However, it didn't actually happen until the Master, the Doctor's enemy who was also always depicted as a man, regenerated into Missy, a move that shocked many viewers. While it was technically pre-established, I'd still say that both Missy and the new female Doctor are pushing the long-held conventions of the show.

Despite the conflicted feelings I've expressed here, I'm still excited to see how Jodie Whittaker will play the iconic alien with two hearts. I'll definitely watch the new season when it comes out, and every season after that.

My excitement and love of this show outweighs my minor annoyance with the breaking of conventions. If you too are feeling conflicted about this new change, just remember what the Doctor once said, "Regeneration. It's a lottery." We're finally seeing just how this "lottery" can play out.

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9 Reasons to Binge Watch Rick and Morty

I have ants in my eyes, Johnson.

1. Rick
Rick Sanchez is an extremely smart asshole who discovered the secrets of the galaxy and the multiverse way before the shows run starts. He and his grandson Morty go on adventure after adventure together throughout the show, and in each of the episodes Rick's special brand of asshole shows through time and time again. 95 percent of the time truly has no regard for anything that is not named Rick, and that's what makes Rick such a great character

2. Morty
Morty Smith is Rick Sanchez's grandson and Rick's counterpart on the adventures that take place within the show. Morty is a kindhearted yet incredibly na?ve counterpart to Rick's assholery, and for this he tends to be the one who suffers the most through the show simply because he possesses emotions and feelings that don't always align with what Rick wants to do. The episodes focused on Morty tend to be the funniest or the deepest.

3. Jerry
Jerry Smith is Rick's son-in-law and Morty's father. He's also an unemployed idiot who understands maybe 25 percent of what happens to him in the show. He is constantly the butt of just about every joke on the show that takes place on earth, and even one episode with a side plot that takes place within a daycare for Jerry's. His damaged relationship with his wife Beth and daughter Summer also provide a lot of entertainment.

4. Improv Episodes
Within each of the two seasons there is one episode that has a side plot where Rick plugs alters the family's cable box providing them with shows from every dimension and every galaxy. These episodes are some of the best of the series because just about every show within the show is very clearly improvised, and you can hear the voice actors stuttering and giggling to themselves while they make up the absurdities within the episode.

5. Gratuitous Violence
Rick and Morty is one violent show. One very dark and incredibly violent show. A show that bases entire episodes off of murdering tons and tons and tons of people. For some people this can be a huge draw, but I'm really writing this as a warning for those who don't really like violent shows because that could make this show one for you to avoid. It's never too grotesque and all animated, but it's definitely violent.

6. It's Short
Each episode of Rick and Morty lasts about 21 minutes. And with only 21 episodes it's the perfect time to start bingeing this show. It'll take somewhere between 10-11 hours to binge, and it will never feel like it's a chore to watch like binge watching some longer shows can feel like. It both can be be done in one day very easily or over the entire break very easily. There's no rush involved here.

7. Every Episode is Independent
In order to understand one singular episode of Rick and Morty all you need to know is that Rick is a smart asshole and his grandson Morty is dumb simpleton from a broken, yet still somehow functional, family. That's it. A lot of the episodes have callbacks and references to each other but there are very few cliffhangers and no two part episodes. It can be watched in just about any order and nothing will be lost.

8. It's Better High, Apparently
Apparently there is no better way to view Rick and Morty than at least a little high and it makes sense. The animation of the other planets is always full of vibrant colors and intricate creatures that would probably be incredibly entertaining to anyone at least a little bit under the influence of something. This one isn't a necessity for the binge watching over the break, but if you're into that it could make the experience even better.

9. It's Smart
Rick and Morty is most likely one of the smartest shows on TV right now. And for some reason it comes on on adult swim late at night. It explores dark themes beyond murder such as existence in general, affects of a broken marriage on children, the good and bad powers of religions, and much much more. If you're not someone who likes to turn off the TV and think deeply about what just happened, then this show may not be for you.