Why Having A Summer Birthday Sucks
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Why Having A Summer Birthday Sucks

Always being left out.

1. You never got your locker decorated at school.
I remember on my friends' birthdays, a bunch of us would get together and tape streamers, balloons, and notes to their locker. Did I ever get to experience that? Nope. Sure, there's "half birthdays"- but who gives a shit about that?

2. You never got sung "happy birthday" in class.
"OK, class, it's (*insert name here)'s birthday! Let's all wish them a happy birthday!" Once again, always giving, never receiving.

3. You never got to bring treats and share them with the class on your birthday.
Yes, I'm continuing with the school theme because I will always and forever be salty about it.

4. You're younger than most (if not all) of your friends.
When my friends turned 18, they wanted to go to a casino...welp, I was still 17, so I couldn't go! When my friends turned 21, they wanted to go out drinking at the bars...sorry, I'm still 20! I guess you'll have to go without me...again...

5. You're the last one of your friends to do anything.
I was literally the last person out of my friends to turn 16, meaning that I was the last one of my friends to get my driver's license. So for months, my friends turned 16 and were able to drive myself places...and I still had to have my parents drive me. Cool.

6. It's difficult to plan a party because a lot of your friends are out of town.
Oh, half the people I invited can't come because they're on a family vacation? Sweet!

7. If you're in college, your friends are in different places.
Three friends in Chicago, five in Wisconsin, two in Minnesota, one in Florida, seven God knows where else...are you catching my drift?

So, yes, having a summer birthday can suck...but we have awesome beach parties, and we never have to do any school work on our birthdays...so in retrospect, who's the real winner here?

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21st Birthday How To

You only get one.

Your 21st birthday should be one to remember. I mean that literally. Don't you want to remember it? Turn up, my friends, but don't forget to play it safe. This is a once in a lifetime birthday... like the rest of them, I guess. But this one is pretty freaking fun, if you do it right. Here's a few tips to make sure your night doesn't end in disaster.

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Designate a driver.
Call upon your "sober super hero" to get you home safely. Nothing says "happy birthday" like stumbling down main street trying to get home at one in the morning. Decide who's getting you home before you get down to drinking.

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Take it slow.
For the love of God, don't chug drinks at 6 p.m. so you're hugging the toilet by eight. I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend my birthday with my friends, not on my bathroom floor. I mean, you're 21 now after all, that's sort of adult-ish.

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Bring cash.
Don't ever, I repeat ever, go out with zero funds. I'm not saying you can't rely on the cute bartender giving you freebies all night, but it's never a good idea to have no safety net. If you have to call an emergency uber or need a ginger ale to combat the martinis, make sure you have a 20 in your wallet just to be safe.

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Let your friends plan.
Micromanage every other aspect of your life, but not this one. If your friends want to make you a sign shaped like a wine glass with 21 tasks, just let them do it. No pressure to cross them all off, but it's a great night to include friends. Plus, the more friends you bring, the more free drinks you get, right?

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Let loose.
It's your 21st so if you wanna dance on the bar or twerk to Beyonce, go for it. Nobody's judging. You get a free pass to be as crazy and wild as you want on your bday so don't waste it. Request your favorite throwback song and start a sing along, you know you want to.

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Do it big.
You only get one 21st birthday. One night of free drinks and the entire bar singing you happy birthday. Whatever makes you happy, do it. If it's a bottle of wine and cake at home, go for it. If it's a bar crawl tasting local specialty drinks, do that.

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21 Tips for a Friend's 21st

Step one: Actually know when their birthday is.

1. Actually know when their birthday is.

2. Double-check to make sure you have the right day.

3. Actually remember that their birthday is that day.

4. Get your friends together to set up the Master Plan.

5. Planning a bar crawl? Have both cash and credit.

6. A restaurant? Make sure it's not gonna break the bank. Nice, filling, but affordable.

7. Everybody pays for the birthday kid's drinks!!!

8. Everybody.

9. A birthday shot is required by birthday law.

10. As is birthday cake. So make sure you have one.

11. Surprise them on the day by singing Happy Birthday really loudly in a public place. They'll look mortified but that really means that they love it. I promise.

12. Throughout the day, give little gifts of the one thing a college kid loves the most: free food.

13. Like you could give them a bag of candy from Wal-Mart and they'd love it. We're easy to please that way.

14. Basically just keep them fed throughout the day. Buy them lunch and a hearty mid-afternoon snack.

15. Make sure that food is alcohol absorbent.

16. Make sure you don't give the birthday kid alcohol poisoning. That would be.... bad. That birthday shot is still mandatory, though.

17. If they have an SO make sure that at the end of the night you give them space to slip away for a Romantic InterludeTM a la Gone with the Wind.

18. If you don't wolf-whistle when this happens, you've let down your country. And me.

19. If they don't have an SO make sure they don't go home with an uggo. This is Birthday Wingman 101.

20. Ensure they make it home safely and tuck them in bed. Then take pictures of them drooling on themselves for later anecdotes.

21. Treat 'em to a greasy hangover breakfast the next day.

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Blackout Buddies

Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear.

To all incoming freshman, current freshman, and anyone who does not know their drinking limits: I'm about to tell you a story. On the night of my 19th birthday, I was walking home with my friends from getting burritos, when a random girl--who was obviously very inebriated--started walking with us. We were like, 'Um... OK.' We thought it was funny at first. She was stumbling and slurring her words, but she was talking to us like we were her best friends, and like we actually knew each other.

We all stopped walking, and after walking a few steps in front of us, this girl did too. She then turned around and came back to us. I went up to her and asked where her friends were. She claimed they were at a frat house, and said she just wanted to go home. I asked where she lived, she said the furthest dorm from us. So, long story short I walked a blacked out drunk freshman stranger home on my 19th birthday. She had no recollection of it the next morning. But I knew her name because I used her ID card to get her into the building. I messaged her on Facebook the following day to tell her what happened. She had no idea.

So, for all of you college newbies, please know your limits. Or, if you want to push your limits, ask a friend to babysit you for the night, or at least have a friend that won't ditch you. This girl was so drunk she was telling me it was OK that we didn't find a bathroom, that she would just pee in her pants. No. Not OK.

I was never a rowdy freshman because I was rowdy in high school. But I of all people know that when you have a night where you are going to get crazy/push your limits, only do so in a safe environment. For example, you are probably safer at a friend's house party than at a large frat house surrounded by people you just met.

And if you do find yourself at a party of someone you don't know well, don't feel pressured into drinking more than you normally would. I've mastered the art of the fake handle pull, so can you. To avoid getting too drunk, don't slam back shot after shot like there's no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow and you will probably hate yourself if you do that. Take a shot. Wait a bit. Take another. Check in with yourself, "Am I still here? Am I blacked out? No? OK, I'm good."

Another word of advice? Don't drink out of open containers. That's how you get drugged. Get your own drinks. Open your own drinks. Stay with your friends. Make a buddy system. Share your location on your iPhone with your friends so they can rescue you if you get lost or separated. If you are spinning, stop drinking. If you can't remember how many drinks you've had, stop drinking. To avoid getting sick, stick to one kind of alcohol OR follow the golden rule: beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer you're in the clear.

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Frank Kaminsky Received A Skittles Birthday Cake

All to celebrate his...121st birthday?

Don't know how many of you know this, but Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky loves skittles. In fact, he's probably to basketball what Marshawn Lynch is to football when it comes to the candy.

Practicing my game w/ a #skittles dispensing bball hoop. They hooked me up!

A post shared by Frank Kaminsky III (@fskpart3) on

So, with the big man's birthday here today, the makers of Skittles decided to give him a little surprise. They gave him a skittles birthday cake!

All to celebrate his...121st birthday?

The Wisconsin alum lists April 4, 1896, as his birthday on Twitter. Skittles took the joke to another level.

Well, with Lynch retired, looks like Skittles has found their next big athlete to give them lots of promotion in the sports world.

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Nine Thoughts You Have When All of Your Friends are 21

....except for you.

Celebrating one 21st birthday after another makes for one heck of a year...unless of course you're the very last to celebrate the big day. Having older friends has its benefits, but being the only one under 21 is terrible. Here are 10 thoughts I know you've all had if you're the baby of the group.

How fast can I sip?!
When the waitress walks away you have to take as many sips out of your bestie's cocktail as you can. And if you've been doing it for the last two years, I know you're pretty dang good at it. Even the waitress looks impressed at the number of margaritas your friend has slammed. Little does she know.

Gas is so expensive.
I know you love your friends, but it gets pricey driving them around to all of their fave bars four nights a week. Or maybe you're just a little bitter that you're the permanent DD (for the next few months anyways). Regardless, you love them and want to get them home safely... plus it's entertaining.

My Friday night is so lame.
Anyone under 21 isn't allowed in the bars past 9 p.m. on the weekend; and I'm bored and jealous af. Snapchat and texts keep me filled in but laying on the couch drinking wine by yourself just isn't the same. (It def helps, though).

I always owe people money.
Because when you don't have a fake, you depend on your friends to pick up your fave drinks before the bonfire. The good news is they always come through, the bad news is you always have to have cash on you. Forever indebted to you friends, literally.

If we go out anymore, I will be up five pant sizes by the time I turn 21.
Because when they go out to drink, I get dessert. If you want to know the best dessert from all the local restaurants where I live then you know who to ask. I've tasted them all.

It's too bad my best friend's the only person I look like.
Because when you look exactly like someone you can inherit their old ID, unless you always go out together, then shit gets sketchy.

5 months, 28 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes, and 44 seconds
The countdown never ends, people...well not until people are buying me shots and screaming happy 21st bday.

Do we have to go out tonight?!
OK, so I know that totally makes me sound like a party pooper, but really it's because I'm being the exact opposite. It gets so old not being able to drink and party with your friends. Sometimes you just need to have a bonfire so everyone can celebrate. When you're sober all the time, you finally understand why everyone says drunk people can be obnoxious. Obnoxious af, but love them all the same.. I'm just bitter I don't get to be obnoxious with them.

Gonna need a party bus for my 21st.
By the time you turn 21, everyone else will already be. So how could you possibly choose who sits out/is the DD? All aboard the drunk bus!

It's pretty lame being the last one to turn 21, but at least yours will be the best (and drunkest) celebration of them all. Your big day is coming and until then, look for your older twin or pregame 24/7.