Weird Things That Dog Owners Do
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Weird Things That Dog Owners Do

Are you really a dog owner if you don't do these things?

To the outside observer, dog owners are weird. We treat our dogs like they are our children. And we do that because... well, because they kind of are our children. We do some pretty odd things, but they're completely justified and normal in the eyes of other dog-owners.

1. Tell your dog that you'll "be right back" when you're leaving.
"Bye, Rover! I'll be right back!" I know he can't understand me, but... I just want to let him know that I will be right back, and that I'm not leaving him forever.


2. ...And give him/her the occasional speech before you leave.
"I'm leaving for work, Daisy! I love you so much! I'll be back in about eight hours, OK? Be a good girl, don't pee in the house, drink lots of water and behave yourself! Mom loves you!"

Do you think she retained any of that? Probably not, but... it makes me feel better knowing that I said it.


3. Allow your dogs to chill in the bathroom while you do your business.
Sometimes, they just follow you in there, OK?


4. Ask them how their day was.
You: "How was your day?"

Dog: *licks you*

You: "That's great!"


5. Make them pose for pictures they clearly don't want to be a part of.
All of us dog owners have done it before. We put them in some silly outfit that they are clearly less than excited about wearing, and we make them sit there for a countless amount of time until we get the perfect shot. Because Instagram.


6. Watch a movie with them... and make comments.
"Did you see that? What an idiot. He's so stupid. He shouldn't have done that," you mumble to your dog as he stares blankly ahead at the pixelated screen in front of him.


7. Place them in front of a mirror and make them look at their reflection.
"Do you see that? That's you!"


8. Reward them for the smallest triumphs.
Did your dog poop outside instead of in the house? Congratulations, here's a treat! Did he sit after you asked him to five times whilst pushing his bottom to the floor? Good job, here's another five treats!


9. Think about your dog when you're not home.
We've all done it... you're at work or school, and you start to wonder what your dog is doing at this very moment and what they could be thinking about. Are they causing a ruckus because you're not there? Are they taking a nap on the sofa? Who knows!

10. Say something to your dog just so you can see them do the head tilt.
The puppy head tilt is every dog-owner's weakness. Unless you have a heart of stone, that is.


11. You have an entire album on your phone dedicated to your dog.
C'mon. They're just so cute! They have to have their own album so that when you're boasting about him/her to your friends, you don't have to scroll through your entire camera roll to find that photo of when he/she stole a sock out of your dirty laundry.


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What You Should Know About Owning a Dog in College

PSA: They're harder to potty train than you think.

These days it's hard to pull up Twitter or Facebook without being confronted with a video or picture of an effing adorable puppy. I mean... who doesn't love puppies? Colleges around the country even bring in dogs from the local humane society to libraries during finals or midterms week to help students cope with anxiety or stress, or have training programs for service animals for students. But if you are a college student thinking about taking the step in having a canine of your own, there are a few things you need to know.

They make you take breaks.
When you own a dog, you are their sole provider. So if you are in the middle of an essay but your puppy is whining, you have to stop what you're doing and let him or her outside. While this does sound like a huge hassle at first, it actually can be healthy for you. College can be stressful and it is so easy to forget to take time to breathe. But if you own a dog, they remind you.

Potty training is no walk in the park.
You may have had dogs in the past, but let's face it: Your parents probably did most of the work. If you want a puppy, and duh, why not, you will spend a lot of time taking the puppy out on walks. Letting the puppy back in. Cleaning up when the puppy pees on the floor. Hearing your roommates yell when the puppy poops discretely in their closet (oops). Or when the puppy pees on the brand new bed you just bought it. Exhibit A:

Source: Rachel Morgan

You will start to put them first without even realizing it.
I noticed this when my bed started feeling much smaller. But in reality, it was just my dog hogging the bed and pillows, leaving me a small little edge to sleep. And while I made comments about my "spoiled" pooch, I knew that I wouldn't make him move. You'll be at the store and suddenly you aren't buying that extra box of Gushers or a new shirt that you absolutely don't need. You'll find yourself buying doggy treats and toys because even though you won't admit it, buying doggy treats makes you happy because of the pure look of joy on your dog's face because of them.

Source: Rachel Horne

You won't go out as much.
I know you probably think I mean this in a negative way, but it is actually quite the opposite. In my personal experience with owning a dog in college, I found myself not going out so much. Now this doesn't mean that I sit in my room everyday with my dog and do nothing (although some days that is the case). However, I find myself coming home earlier than I would have before I owned my dog. The idea of leaving them home alone for an extended amount of time just irks you. Plus, drunk cuddles with your puppy are possibly one of life's greatest joys.

Your reputation will be based on them.
You will now be identified as "Are you [insert dog's name here] mom?" Your friends will come over to see the dog more than you; and yes, people will even talk to and acknowledge the dog before they even think of saying hi to you. That being said, make sure you take the time to train your dog. No one wants to be friends with the person who has the dog that pees everywhere or who won't stop barking. Your dog's behavior is a reflection on you, so make sure it is a good one.

They become your biggest support system.
Get a bad grade on a test? Fighting with your best friend? Going through a breakup? Your dog is 100 percent down to cuddle and love on you. Dogs don't judge us based on our failures or shortcomings or appearances, which is something every college student can appreciate. They never interrupt you, and they are the prime example of unconditional love. I always tell my friends, "I may have rescued him from the shelter, but in the end he rescued me."

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Do's and Don'ts of Owning a Pet in College

If you can't afford to feed a dog, don't get a dog.

Just like your parents said when you were little, owning a pet is a lot of responsibility. If you're thinking of adopting an animal while you are in college, there a few things to consider first. It's important to remember the different levels of responsibility that come with different pets. For example, a goldfish is going to be way more low maintenance than, say, a dog.

DO talk to your roommates to make sure that they are on board with whatever animal you plan on bringing into the house. It's their house, too.

DON'T push your pet duties onto your roommates. It's one thing to ask them every once in a while to walk the dog while you're at work, but it's another to ask them to pick up after them.

DO consult your lease and landlord to make sure owning said pet is allowed in your home. Some places will allow cats and not dogs.

DO make sure you plan a budget for your animal. Pets are expensive and you want to give them the best. If can't afford to feed a dog, you probably shouldn't get a dog.

DO pick up after your pet (obviously). It MIGHT start to annoy your roommates when the dog tears up garbage or the couch is full of cat hair.

DON'T forget that pets get sick. My best friend had a cat that couldn't pee and she sadly had to surrender him to the vet since she couldn't afford surgery. Make sure you're emotionally and financially prepared for any bad news that could come up.

DO research on how a pet could help if you have a disability. My roommate registered her dog as a therapy pet for her sleep anxiety. That also ensured that we could have the dog in our house (which doesn't allow dogs).

DO research which type of dog is right for you. Some dog breeds have different personalities and energy levels than others.

DON'T forget that puppies/kittens require lots of maintenance and attention. It's difficult to properly train a puppy while being a full time student. An older animal might be a better fit.

So keep all this in mind when trying to decide if owning a pet in college is right for you

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Stop Blaming Pit Bulls And Start Blaming Owners

They are just like every other dog breed.

Yesterday, police officers broke a car window in order to rescue a Pit bull that was trapped in the heat in Boynton Beach, Florida. The owner of the dog was later charged.

Luckily this pup was OK!

Unfortunately Pit bull's have such a bad rep, but what most people don't know is that the high number of Pit bull attacks has a direct correlation with the high population of the breed in the United States.

Another fact that people seem to be oblivious about is that these dogs aren't born aggressive, they are trained by people who are interested in making profit and providing "entertainment" in the form of a dog fight.

It hurts my heart to know that people can be so cruel to these dogs. They only know what they learn, and unfortunately, that is aggression.

Along with the fear of aggression, many people believe that pit bulls have a locking jaw, but this is not true.

According to the ASPCA there is nothing "unique about the anatomy of a pit bull jaw." Yes, it would hurt to be bitten by a pit bull, but they won't hold on forever!

As a society we need to stop blaming the dogs and start blaming the owners!

I mean who couldn't love this face?


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Why Dogs And Cats Are Equally Great

Two is better than one.

For some reason we have decided that we can either be a dog person or a cat person, not both, but why? These animals are both adorable and share such unique and different qualities that it is hard to imagine choosing between the two. Here are 10 ways that dogs and cats are both the best:

1. Dogs are always happy to see you.


When you come home from work or school, you are guaranteed to be greeted by an excited and happy dog on the other side of the door.

2. Cats love to cuddle.


They may not always greet you at the door and they may find you boring at times, but when you're sitting on the couch or laying in bed, you can count on your cat to be the one cuddling up on your lap waiting for attention.

3. Dogs will comfort you.


If you're going through a bad breakup or just having a bad day, your dog somehow will just know something is wrong. You can count on them to be right there trying to cheer you up.

4. Cats can fit into anything.


Their curiosity lead them to end up stuck in a box or lounging in a bowl leaving you shocked and amused.

5. Dogs are extremely photogenic.


I mean just look at them, they put in no effort to look that adorable.

6. Cats will be lazy with you.


Whether you are binge-watching Netflix or sleeping in until noon, cats will lay in bed with you and embrace your lazy day.

7. Dogs love the simple things.


Whether it is going for a walk through the park or a drive through town, dogs are up for anything and will be excited to do anything as long as they are with you.

8. Cats show all of their emotions.


Whether they're annoyed, happy, or scared you'll always know how they're feeling.

9. Dogs will protect you.


Though at times their excessive barking may get annoying, they're only looking out for you and making sure that you are safe.

10. Cats are funny.


They will never cease to entertain you, just look at all the YouTube videos of cats just being themselves.

Whether you agree or disagree that dogs and cats are equally amazing, what is undeniable is how both animals will love you unconditionally.


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The Trenton Thunder Bat Dog Is Easily the Cutest Thing In Sports

Bat boys are so old-fashioned, man.

If you live in the greater Trenton area and are looking for good first-date ideas, I would suggest making your way to Arm & Hammer Park, home of the Trenton Thunder. I'm not saying this because chicks love baseball, I'm saying this because chicks love dogs.


That's right. Instead of using a bat boy like every other baseball team in the land, the Thunder has a bat dog. Since 2002, three golden retrievers have accepted the important task of picking up every bat tossed by a future New York Yankee and bringing them gracefully back to the dugout. It truly is a spectacle, and it's pretty darn cute to watch them struggle with the heavy lumber but keep pressing on.

The original bat dog was named Chase, and he brought Thunder fans to their feet until his retirement in 2013. During that nine-year span, Chase was featured on ESPN, the YES Network, and other regional and national media outlets. When the legendary dog passed away in 2013, there was an E:60 made about him.

The reins were soon passed to Chase's son, Derby, and the third generation bat dog, Rookie, who assume the duties today. If you get to the game early enough, you would probably find the pair of pups warming up in the bullpen with the players and running around the outfield. They are also known to bring out water to the umpires in between innings, another adorable touch of class.

Jeff Hurley, the general manager of the Thunder, once said that minor league baseball is an entertainment business, with baseball on the side. It makes sense if you think about it; it's hard to market a team based on its players because the lineup is always changing due to the nature of the organization. You need to find quirky and unique ways to keep fans coming to the ballpark.

If you can find me a better tradition in minor league baseball, I'll treat you to Thunder tickets. You have my word.