Want To Shoot A Super Soaker At 272 MPH?
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Want To Shoot A Super Soaker At 272 MPH?

You probably won't be able to, but this guy made one.

Who doesn't love a good water gun fight in the summer? Stay cool in the hot sun, enjoy the outdoors and totally beat the ever-living crap out of your friends with water.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has found an even better way to do that last part. He's created the world's largest Super Soaker, capable of firing at 272 mph and cutting shit in half in an awe-inspiring, kind of terrifying way.

Granted, he also uses it on people and no appendages are lost, but the destructive power of this thing is insane. My face went from impressed to impressed-but-a-little-scared when it cut through glass, and I totally cringed during that close-up of the person's stomach being hit with water. I was like, "Oh no, am I about to watch a person's stomach get removed on Youtube?"

Imagine doctors using this to perform surgeries... or replacing real guns. I'd never do a bad thing in my life ever again, I swear.

Can you fathom getting in an up close and personal water gun fight with that thing?

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Christina Grimmie's Last Performance

Gun violence needs to stop

Christina Grimmie started off her singing career by simply uploading home videos to YouTube. She then tried out for NBC's, The Voice, and became a star. She had many fans and had a true talent.

After Grimmie's show in Orlando, Florida, she was signing autographs when out of nowhere, a man came up to her and shot her. Soon after Grimmie's brother tackled the shooter, the shooter then shot himself. No one know's the gunman's motive behind this, no one knows why he took the life of an innocent rising star.

In the video above you can watch Christina Grimmie's last performance. It was a beautiful performance full of soul, as all of her performances were.

Grimmie did not deserve this, no one deserves to have their life taken prematurely. No one knows why people do this. The only thing we know is that gun violence needs to stop. Gun laws must change. How many more tragedies will it take for the government to realize that not everyone should be allowed to carry a gun?

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Fastest Pitches In MLB History

Throw the heat.

Michael Kopech, a prospect who was traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Boston Red Sox in the trade for Chris Sale, threw a 100-MPH fastball a week before his 19th birthday. Last year, in the Class-A level minors, Kopech hit 105 MPH.

Kopech's personal trainer, Bobby Stroupe, was recently caught telling Bleacher Report he thinks Kopech will be able to reach 107 MPH one day. If he does this during his stint in the majors, as long as he gets there, he could set the MLB record for fastest pitch recorded.

There have been quite a number of hard throwers when it comes to the MLB, but who has the fastest pitch? Well, here's the five fastest ever recorded.

First some clarification: Trying to find these official pitches are hard enough. These are the fastest pitches officially recorded without controversy. Aroldis Chapman supposedly hit 106 at one time, but official sites state the pitch was 105 MPH. And rumors state Bob Feller hit 107 MPH and Nolan Ryan hit 108 MPH, but nothing official has been recorded for those pitches.

5. Henry Alberto Rodriguez
While he isn't officially retired, Rodriguez has not seen the field during the regular season since 2014. He could definitely throw hard, but he had a lot of control issues, leading the National League in wild pitches in 2011, as well as having a high walks per nine innings rate.

His fastball tended to land somewhere between 96 and 100 MPH, but one relief appearance in 2010 saw him hit 103.2 MPH, according to the pitch-tracking system PitchF/x.

source: mlb.com

4. Andrew Cashner
In 2012, Cashner was dealt from the Chicago Cubs to the San Diego Padres in a move for a first baseman named Anthony Rizzo. While Rizzo went on to become a star player on last year's World Series team, the Padres set out to make Cashner a starter.

Unfortunately for Cashner, between the end of the 2012 and early 2013, he dealt with a few injuries. But before Cashner left his reliever role, he was recorded to have thrown a 103.3 MPH fastball during a 2013 preseason game.

source: fansided.com

3. Neftali Feliz
Before injuries went on to hamper him, Feliz was a primary reliever (specifically closer) for the Texas Rangers, especially during their back-to-back American League Championsihp seasons in 2010 and 2011. It was during one 2010 appearance where Feliz was recorded to have thrown a 103.4 MPH pitch.

source: deciplesoffuecker.com

2. Joel Zumaya
You may have noticed I never said anything about a record yet. Well, that's because in 2006, Joel Zumaya set this. Now, Zumaya would end up getting knocked around by injuries after that rookie year, with his last MLB appearance coming in 2010.

But during the 2006 season, he was a fan favorite along with Justin Verlander on that ALCS-winning Detroit Tigers team. In one relief appearance that season, he clocked in at 104.8 MPH.

It was the MLB and world record...at the time.

source: mlive.com

1. Aroldis Chapman
Sure, maybe his supposed 106-MPH pitch didn't count, but Chapman still officially holds the MLB record, and the Guinness World Record for that matter, of fastest pitch thrown. On Sept. 24, 2010, Chapman threw a pitch that clocked in at 105 MPH and sent the Cincinnati faithful into a frenzy.

Chapman is such a talented pitcher, by the way, that he ended up tying his own record. Now pitching for the New York Yankees, he threw another 105.1 MPH pitch during a mid-July 2016 game with the Baltimore Orioles.

Personally speaking, I'm glad he's a Yankee.

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Is Kanye West Dropping A Hint About A New Album?

Vintage Kanye.

This is just a strange situation.

On March 15, the MTV news office in New York received a mysterious package, with a return address of "Max Peck 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, California" with a NASA logo on it. The address is to a Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, who say it is not from them. NASA said the same.

Inside the package was a small rock (moon rock?), a VHS tape that read "E PLURIBUS UNUM", and a credit card of sorts that said Kanye West, NASA, 8/10, Project-10, and 772233688.

The VHS tape, MTV reported, was two hours of static. A trip to 772233688.com is about the same -- a video of static, the words NASA, Kanye West, and Project-10 again, but also a date of March 20.

Unfortunately, Kanye's reps have denied that this package is from them, but I'm not buying it. Check out this tweet:

Project-10 could possibly be in reference to his studio albums -- he has 9, counting "Watch The Throne" and "Cruel Summer". If you type in 772233688 into an older phone's keypad, it spells "SPACED OUT". Max Peck, the return address name, is also an alias that was used for top-secret NASA missions, specifically the failed Apollo 13 mission.

This is just all a little bit too weirdly connected, but there's really nothing else to do now but wait. Here's to hoping it's actually a Kanye project.

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NASA Wants You To Adopt The Planet

Better than a shitting mini human imo.

Since we can't seem to take care of the planet, maybe we need to look at it differently. Imagine the planet as a cute, helpless little creature. And only you are capable of caring for it. It is your responsibility now.

Well, that's what NASA is trying to do for Earth Day. It has 64,000 locations on Earth up for adoption. Unlike adopting a child or pet, this adoption comes without fees. Simply type in your name and see where your beloved little slice of water (realistically speaking, about 70 percent of the Earth's surface is water; you're probably lucky if you get any land) is located. You can explore other adoption locations and learn more about each one's climate.

Of course, this adoption thing hasn't convinced everyone of NASA's good intentions. Maybe it's time for us to give up on the planet and let aliens adopt and care for it. Why else would NASA work with Amazon to create the first 4k live stream from space?

I, for one, welcome any potential alien overlords. But sitting around and waiting for them isn't going to do Earth much good. Until alien saviors rescue our planet in the style of James Cameron's Avatar, I'll do what I can to preserve the planet I call home.

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NASA Is Going To The Sun

I hope they take me with them.

On Wednesday, NASA will be having a major press conference about their newest mission: going to the Sun. Set to launch in the summer of 2018, NASA is trying to get closer to our star than ever before in order to learn more about it.

"So?" you may ask.

The information collected by the spacecraft will be able to help with major space weather forecasts that affect the Earth directly, such as solar winds, a stream of charged particles from the sun that mess with our magnetic field and cause electrical disturbances.

More importantly, I'm trying to jump on that spacecraft. Getting burnt to a crisp sounds waaaaaaay better than dealing with the orange Cheeto in power and... everything else. They don't even have to train me with the g-force stuff or anything, just shoot me into space, it'll be fun.

I mean, with climate change happening, might as well go to the sun and feel exactly as bad as I do in rising temperatures on Earth, right?

It's reported that in order to get close to the Sun, the spacecraft will have to be able to withstand 1,400 degrees Celsius. That's 2,552 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sign me up. Summertime, baby, I'm trying to tan.

Just kidding, just kidding. It's actually very cool that NASA is going to the Sun. I feel like our generation kind of lost some of the "Wow, space is sick and NASA is cool" mentality that previous generations had. We like it in movies and TV, but in real life... eh.

It's kind of hard to get excited over space when there are so many problems on our planet, though. Trump doesn't exactly make this any easier when he cuts Earth science program funding so NASA can't do anything for our planet. It's a cruel, vicious cycle.

Maybe reaching the Sun will bring NASA back to prominence so that they can get more funding again to explore space and also address problems on our planet.

So yep, go to the Sun and take me with. I'm ready.