Types Of People You See In A Fraternity Basement
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Types Of People You See In A Fraternity Basement

The weird and the weirder.

Ah, fraternity basements. It goes without saying that you're bound to see some interesting types of people down there. On a night at the frat party, here's some you'll probably see:

The Couple That Doesn't Leave Each Other's Side

This is a classic. You always see at least one couple like this in a fraternity basement. They never leave each other's side, and if they do, you often find the other person looking like a lost puppy, which makes for some awkward conversations. The one problem with the couple? Jealousy. Now, most couples are not like that, but some will absolutely shit on each other if they even look in the direction of someone else. Makes for some great entertainment, especially if you are friendly with that couple. Personally, I like to grab a beer and watch the verbal arguments up close, because you often see some interesting facial expressions.

People Too Stoned By The Keg

This is just a chill, solid group of usually four or five individuals. They hang by the keg and talk sports, future employment opportunities, the weather and just life in general. Keep in mind that the keg chillers never talk politics, because that can lead to a heated debate and veteran keg chillers, the seniors, will not tolerate that. If you are looking for a solid conversation, this is the spot to be.

The Exclusive Dancing Group of Girls

I have to say that every fraternity basement has the group of girls who don't stop dancing. From around 11 PM until whenever the music stops, these girls are absolutely fucking shredding up the dance floor. The one thing I noticed with these girls is they usually wear very similar outfits. Outsiders are not welcomed, and men who dare try to get in the middle of them to dance are often shunned. Now, if you're thinking about trying to make conversation with one of the girls in the group, then I wish you luck on an impossible mission. Even if you succeed, you probably only have about 15 minutes before you get swarmed and they bring her back in for the non-stop dance party. What happens when the music stops? Simple. They refuse to leave the fraternity house in a last-ditch effort to restore the dancing, which often fails.

The Aggressive Hookup

A very common group among every fraternity basement across the United States of America. You always see at least one aggressive hookup while in the basement. Nothing like trying to get by Stacy and Ron, who have been making out against the dirty-ass wall for about ten hours.

The Creepy Guys Watching The Aggressive Hookup

Hey, dude, instead of staring at the hookup, why don't you try dancing or talking to people? In fact, do anything other than what you are doing now, because you're freaking everyone out.

The Angry Guy Who Struck Out

I have witnessed a couple meltdowns myself. The guy didn't stand a chance with the girl he was trying for, she rejected him in a polite way and he makes it seem like World War III is on the horizon. Definitely makes for a great story in the morning. because nothing beats texting the kid the day after telling him that he absolutely embarrassed himself.

The Crying Girl

Why is she crying? No one has any fucking clue. The girl who is in tears doesn't even know why she is crying. She usually calms down after getting bombarded by 20 of her friends. Most importantly, let's not forget how those conversations end. "Brittney, you need a shot. Let's go take shots!"

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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Intrude On A Girls' Night Out

What actually goes down in women's bathrooms, tbh?

If you've ever been invited out, and you're the only guy that's going, DECLINE the invitation with the utmost haste. If one of your female friends invites you out, ask her who's going. If she starts listing names with not a single mention of a guy, alarm bells should start ringing in your head. Here are some reasons why you should avoid said girl's night and what's in store for you should you choose to infringe on the sacred ritual.

Outfit recommendations/approval/opinions: It's a lose-lose-lose situation. When she asks "Do I look fat in this?" there is no appropriate answer. If you say yes, she'll curse you out and probably never talk to you again. If you say no, she'll probably say, "You're lying just to make me feel better." Then she'll spend another 10 mins looking for a new outfit. My advice; just ignore the question. Or try and skirt round it by reminding her the uber you ordered is 5 minutes away.

Photographer duties: You're going to become the designated photographer. It's written in stone. You're going to be the reason for multiple pics uploaded to Insta captioned, WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY GALS #SQUAD #BESTIES4LIFE. You're also going to have to take the same picture a million times because someone's eyelash was out of place, another person thinks they look fat and or someone's Michael Kors watch wasn't showing properly.

Bodyguard duties: For some strange reason, when you go out with a group of girls, it suddenly becomes your duty to scout for creeps and make sure they don't make any moves. If they do make moves it's your job to stop them regardless, even if they're 6'3" and built like a linebacker.

The everlasting group toilet breaks: Girls cannot go to the bathroom alone in the club. This is a fact. The group of girls you've gone out with will leave you alone in the middle of the dance floor to spend an obscene amount of time awkwardly toying with your phone while they're in the lady's room doing Lord knows what. It's certainly not for actually using the toilet.

Crying: Someone will end up crying. Always. It's an unwritten rule. Said crying will probably be caused by some boy, be it an ex, the person she's low key interested in, or her actual boyfriend. The tears aren't the worst part. I have a big heart and can sympathize with anyone in tears. It's the fact that it usually causes a hold up in movement. Can't you cry and walk at the same time? Must you have a big sit-down with all your girls trying to comfort you in the middle of the club?

Getting home: It's always stressful. Getting appropriate cabs for appropriate numbers is hard because you never know whether someone's gonna be attempting to pull off a one-night stand or not.

So, take my advice: whenever you get the call to go out with a group of girls, and you're the only guy--don't do it. It might be tempting, but let the girls enjoy their night out and don't intrude.

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I Intentionally Fuck Fuckboys

Why you should, too.

On any given night scrolling through Tinder, I'll see the occasional dude who has everything I'm looking for: abs, a well-structured jaw, and a picture with a cute dog. But if you have anything even relatively sweet or nice in your bio, you've earned an automatic swipe left.

I could honestly come across Zac Efron, half-naked, holding a puppy, but if his bio said, "Looking for a girl to take out on a nice date, no hookups" I'm out. Similarly, if I'm at a bar and a guy is being way too polite, aka, hesitant about dry humping me in the middle of the dance floor, the mood is gone.

"Hi, my name is _________..."

"Hi ________"

"... And I intentionally fuck fuckboys."

With the countless articles telling girls how to tame the fuckboy so that he becomes the perfect, monogamous, gramable boyfriend, you may wonder why I continue to reject that for the 2 a.m. "wyd" text and the off-chance that I'm not the first shack of the day instead.

There's a part of this that's inherently primal. There's a reason these dudes slay so many girls, aside from their charm and good looks. It has a lot to do with their aggressive self-absorption, which often translates to PornHub Premium-level sex. The fact that they've been around the block of sororities houses doesn't hurt either, because they probably know their way inside your cavern better than the guy politely chatting you up at the bar about your family and hobbies.

Think about it: if your endgame is getting that O, or at least some quality D, would you rather have a Draco Malfoy poking about your chamber of secrets, or a Ron Weasley? Yeah, that's what I thought.

But the real reason I do this is self-preservation. Sure, there are girls who fall victim to the charm and the bedroom skills of a frat boy or an uninterested senior. Fuckboys are not for the faint of heart, or the faint of any other part of your anatomy. But if you find yourself a fuckgirl, like myself, there's nothing more ideal. What could be worse than destroying a hot hookup than something messy like feelings?

With a fuckboy, you never have to worry if he's going to text you. Because he's not, assuming it's still daylight. You don't have to worry about him pulling romantic gestures that sweep you off of your feet or leave you thinking about him. Hell, you'll be lucky to swindle an Uber out of him before he rolls over and falls asleep.

And though his charm is enough to get you in bed, the appeal of his personality generally ends there. If he can't hold a conversation that doesn't involve cheap vodka and his pledge brothers, or if he can't use the correct form of your/you're, the chances of you developing any sort of attachment drops faster than the panties of the freshman he hooked up with three hours before you.

So, if you find yourself wondering how to make it in this world of casual sex, I urge you to steer toward rather than away from this class of degenerates. Will you ever meet his parents? Honey, you probably won't even meet his roommate. But will he simultaneously give you a good time and validation of all the reasons you wanted to be single in the first place? Yes, and absolutely yes. Stop trying to tame fuckboys. Let them run wild. You just have to be the one to outrun them.

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Confession: I Told Guys They Had Nice Jawlines

Ooh la la.

It was fraternity recruitment, the week where potential new guys rush for a fraternity. A fraternity they want to join for all the parties and get all the girls. For sororities, it's a two-week process where girls try to impress the sorority they would die to be in.

Recruitment is like when incoming freshmen visit college. They go to each college to decide if it is the right school for them, while for Greek life, it's about the social scene and philanthropy events. Some fraternities have the best philanthropy, where they raise money for this and that foundation. Some have the best parties. When they have recruitment, they have to see which guy is right for their house.

During recruitment, we have to go up and put ourselves out there. For me, it was like talking to as many boys I can. My frat tells me how I am like a sorority girl you will see on campus with my Starbucks Iced Passion Tea Lemonade and a trendy outfit. I always flip my pretend hair behind my ear and off the shoulder. I always check out the boys from a far distance. Fraternity boys at school were so muscular and had a nice butts. I would stick my tongue out when I saw them in their tank tops. I wasn't your ordinary frat boy, I was a sorority girl trapped in a boy's body.

I walked up to this boy who looked like a Calvin Klein model. He had a slim-straight physique like me, but with wavy brunette hair and an impeccable jawline. He was telling me what he was looking for in a fraternity and I only paid attention to his jawline, not his answer. He was beautiful. Scratch that, he was a bad boy. I saw the tattoos on his arm and I was in love.

Everything about this boy is perfect.

"You have a nice jawline, by the way," I said.

"Thank you, I get that a lot," he responded, nodding his head and smirking back at me.

The guy who was in charge of taking potential new members to each house was telling everyone that time's up, and that they need to head to another house. As we both shook hands, he gave me a smile and I smiled back. He was so cute. He could have been the man of my dreams.

When the next group came in, I greeted every boy. Then, another guy with a nice jawline came in once again.

"Hi I'm Larry... by the way, you have a really nice jawline," I said to the new guy.

"Um, ok, thanks," he responded. One of my frat bros walked away and told others I was ruining recruitment. "Zeke told one guy he had a nice jawline, and that's an automatic 'not interested in this frat'," he said.

Can't I compliment someone on their jawline? Regardless of guy or girl, if you're cute, then you're cute. I'm not going to stop complimenting people on their physical features. I need a boyfriend who is beautiful and has a personality like the guy I met from recruitment.

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One Rando Class Made Me a Better Person

Why you should think outside your major

This might sound crazy, but taking a Latin ballroom dancing class was one of the best decisions I made in college. It completely changed my college experience and my idea of exercise--and gave me a new sense of confidence. When it comes to college, sometimes it's the most random experiences, like taking Latin ballroom dancing, or something as random as Intro to Yo-Yo, that can completely change your perspective.

The first thing dancing salsa did for me was get me the fuck off campus. One of the more important things I did in college was not be there all the time. Having an activity or two to do with people who aren't in your classes and don't live down the hall is liberating. You get to diversify your social life, develop a more complete picture of the city in which you live, and have a chance to discover a new side of yourself. Sure, it's cool to be "Train Wreck Tara" or "Keg-stand Keith" for a while, but sometimes it's nice to embrace a new side of yourself.
Salsa also made exercise fun. Like most types of Latin dancing, it's incredibly sexy. The emphasis is on how you move, how you read the body language of your partner and how well you can lead or follow. I was always bored by running or lifting weights, so a social physical activity like salsa was right up my alley.
It made me more confident. This was (and still is) the main reason I love dancing. When I started, I knew nothing about dancing. After a few classes, I was able to see my hard work pay off, while also doing something both fun and social. Dancing improved my posture, my muscle tone, and made me feel more comfortable around new people. Constantly dancing with and in front of strangers allowed me to let my guard down and let go of my insecurities. We were all there to dance, so the rest was secondary.
Dancing salsa eventually led me to try other types of dancing: swing, the blues, even the hustle. I realized that my lack of a dancing background didn't limit me as much as I thought it would (Worth nothing: whatever you're doing, there are more beginners there than you realize!) Now I'm way less terrified of something new because I'm less scared to be a beginner and start something from scratch. And that's incredibly valuable.
Regardless of your interests, a lot of places offer a free drop-in or beginner lesson--so it's totally worth giving something a shot. College is a perfect time to explore. Unexpectedly finding something you love is one of the best experiences in this world, and finding something you don't love can be just as valuable in figuring out what you're all about.
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Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Finale

It was *historic*....

FINALLY, time to figure out if Nick will ever find love (fourth time's the charm)...and to figure out how many times Chris Harrison can say the word "historic" in one episode of The Bachelor. Ladies and gents, the finale was huge.

The final drama fest began with Raven and Vanessa getting to meet Nick's family. Raven had a leg up on Vanessa here, having met the fam before, and seemed to please the entire crowd, especially Nick's adorable sister. Vanessa, on the other hand, let loose that she wasn't quite sure if she'd be ready to be engaged by the end of this journey. Um....little late for that hun.

She did have a very emotional conversation with Nick's father, and told him in tears that she had never met anyone like Nick before. Cue the ugly crying from everyone in the live studio audience.

Nick took his final two ladies on one last romantic date in snowy Finland before making his final decision. He and Vanessa rode horses through the scenic winter forest only to come across Santa Clause's cute little cabin. Santa gave Nick and Vanessa cute little couple gifts (thanks?) and Vanessa was grateful that Santa believed in their relationship.

Then things got a bit tense as Vanessa revealed to Nick that she doesn't like the idea of him having feelings for another woman, and that she feels as though something still isn't sitting right. OK, WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SHOW IF YOU DON'T WANT NICK TO LIKE OTHER GIRLS?

That little bomb freaked Nick out a bit...The thought of being rejected by yet another woman terrified him. Understandable. I don't see how anyone could put themselves through ONE heartbreak like that, let alone four. When Vanessa asked Nick if he'd be ready to propose by the end of this whole thing, he HESITATED and said, "The week isn't over." Yeesh.

After the tension and tears with Vanessa, Nick's date with Raven seemed like freaking sunshine and rainbows. The two went ice skating, which reminded Raven of their previous roller skating date, which was when she knew she was falling in love with Nick. Awwww, cute little full circle skating themed date.... AND THEN THERE WERE HUSKY PUPPIES! Can the husky puppies win The Bachelor? Please?

All in all, Raven was READY to be engaged, and totally sure of her feelings for Nick. Things seemed super promising.

The conflicted Nick brought in Neil Lane for engagement ring selection advice. For those who don't know, these are like GORGEOUS $50,000 rings. No big deal. It's fine. Ahem, future hubby, take notes please.

The stunning Raven was the first to arrive to meet her hopefully future fiance. Raven poured her heart out to Nick in what seemed like an actually not-staged confession of love. She waited for Nick to drop to one knee... but instead, he looked away, and could not meet Raven's eye for the rest of his time with her.

He told her that while he loved being next to her, he wasn't sure if it was actually love. Raven was understandably crushed, as was her conception of love. After the amazing chemistry she and Nick seemed to have, this was a shocker. #TeamRaven let out a collective sob as her car drove away.

Nick prepared himself to propose to Vanessa and was still unsure of whether or not she'd be ready to say yes. She arrived and Nick recited a very scripted sounding poetic monologue about how he'd never forget the first time he saw Vanessa.

She responded with an equally poetic speech about how she would in turn never forget stepping out of the limo on the first night. Regardless of how incredibly cheesy it was, Nick dropped to one knee and proposed to a very emotional Vanessa, who said yes.

Nick on the inside after finally getting engaged:

Nick, on cloud nine, affectionately took his fiancee by the hand and said, "let's go start our life." She responded, "let's do it. Literally." That, my friends, is love.

The final hour of the show was dedicated to the "after the final rose" live show. Raven confronted Nick for the first time since dumping her, and my lord, that girl is a class act. Despite the awkwardness of talking to Nick, she wished him and Vanessa the best. She also accepted a role on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Vanessa and Nick took the floor together next, and talked about cute couple-y things like realizing they didn't have each other's phone numbers, and how Vanessa just wants to ride in the same car as her fiance. Nick and Vanessa clearly have some issues to resolve, but Vanessa is planning on starting up a charity, while Nick will be competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Power couple for sure.

Everyone was still waiting for this "historic reveal" that didn't end up happening on the actual show. Rachel, our new bachelorette, took the floor of the live studio and discussed her upcoming season of The Bachelorette with Chris. Chris ended up sharing that our little "huge surprise" was actually for HER....that she'd be meeting some of the guys that would be vying for her heart. Right there. Like....right then.


Rachel was completely unprepared, and the handful of guys she did meet seemed super fakey and tense. One of them boldly told her that he was ready to go black and never go back. Rachel handed the whole thing like a pro, given that she had exactly five minutes to prepare herself to meet these guys.

Did she just meet her future husband??? That last guy that danced with her was super cute....early predictions??? Too soon???

GUYS so much drama....is anyone else exhausted?? Best of luck to Nick and Vanessa, and to Rachel! Until next time, bachelor nation!