The "I'm Totally Over You" Playlist
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The "I'm Totally Over You" Playlist

Embrace the single life with this playlist.

OK, breakups suck. They're often messy and painful and awkward. However, once the heartbreak is over and you get over the person you were with, things usually start getting a lot better.

This playlist is all about getting (and being) over someone. With songs like Fifth Harmony's Miss Movin' On, Ashley Tisdale's It's Alright, It's OK, Katy Perry's Roar, and Beyonc?'s Single Ladies, this playlist is meant to be empowering as you transition into the single life. Before you know it, you'll be able to confidently say, "I'm totally over you!"

Until then, this playlist has got your back.

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The Zodiac Playlist: Leo Edition

If your birthday is between July 23 and August 22, this playlist is for you!

If your birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, then your zodiac sun sign is Leo! This sign is proud, bold, ambitious, and downright awesome. It's fittingly represented by a lion, and its element is fire.


This playlist is full of songs that perfectly represent this fiery zodiac sign. The songs in it represent everything from the sign's element, traits, and its symbol, the iconic lion. Many of songs were handpicked by several different Leos who know exactly what their sign is about, so expect this to be #relatable!

Check this playlist out, Leos!

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Empowering Yourself And Moving On

Rock out with your cock out.

Sometimes we just need a playlist that empowers us, and lets us know it's OK to move on. So to all you music lovers, and those trying to forget about their lovers, here is your new playlist to rock out to, cry to, and scream your heart out to.


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10 Songs For All the Single People Out There

You're awesome.

After you're past the "heartbroken, I'm so sad and all I want to do is listen to Lana Del Rey and other sad songs" stage, you will inevitably move onto the "pick me up, I need some motivation to start the new single stage of my life" playlist. Well, here you go.

These are some of my fav songs that helped motivate me, making me the strong, independent, happy, single person I am today. This playlist doesn't have a lot of sappy, regret songs, instead it's full of take charge-fuck you-I'm fucking amazing songs.

1. I Don't Fuck With You - Big Sean
Whatta classic. I mean seriously. Sing this one as loud as you can because it's a great confidence booster.

2. Love is Overrated - Shwayze
Very upbeat, definitely makes you want to get back out in the game and just slay. Because love really is overrated.

3. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
This one just lets you know why you should never go back to your ex, because you're so much better than him or her. A good one to play if you're reflecting on the "good" times and reconsidering the break up. Stay strong and listen to this playlist instead.

4. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Nothing like wanting to go full Carrie Underwood on your ex's life. No shame.

5. Dark Horse - Katy Perry
You wanna play with magic? Boy you should know what you're fallin' for.

6. Fancy - Iggy Azalea
Because you're a fancy bitch. Get a guy to buy you a bottle of Dom Perignon. Let's get drunk at the mini bar.

7. Starstruk - 3Oh!3 Feat. Katy Perry
This is an old one, but a good one. Whether you have nice legs and daisy dukes or tight jeans and double D's, this song will make you feel better about yourself.

8. Ex to See - Sam Hunt
Shout out to all my country lovers. Here's to the fantasy we all have of making our ex jealous.

9. Me Myself and I - G-Eazy
Need I say more?

10. Sorry - Beyonce
Tell em boy, bye.

Click here to listen to Beyonce on

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"Missin' U Mixtape" Playlist

A playlist of music feels for when you're missing a special someone.

What's great about getting older is that you meet and fall in love with more and more people. Friend love, romantic love, crush love, family-life love.

What's not great about falling in love with more and more people, is the inevitable parting of ways with more and more people. And then missing them a whole ton.

It's often said that if you have the love of someone you are missing, then the pain of their vacancy is worth it. Whether you believe that or not, I don't believe that it feeling worth it negates the missing and the hurting. Sometimes it just sucks, and I think it's OK to feel that way and say it out loud.

When you are missing someone, it's nice to feel validated. That you can feel sad and lost and understood, ironically, in your feeling of "no one else understands". Missing someone is hard to express, and you want a way to channel and communicate those feels. At other missing moments, you may want to relay to the person of your heart's discontent that they are missed.

This playlist is the answer to all these needs. It's spun with song after song that you can relate to and feel grounded in your emotions. You can send songs to the person you're missing or feel consoled in the lyrics and beats about missing a special someone. Walk to the library, ride in the car, chill and think. Whatever you're doing, the Missin' U playlist will fill that empty vacancy.

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Five Playlists Every College Student Must Have In Their Arsenal

We all need a good playlist, tbh.

As a student, you have to have a playlist for every mood. Whether you're grinding out a paper or pregaming to go out, music helps you get in the right mindset for whatever you need to get done. Curate these playlists to make sure you have music for every occasion, and be ready for whatever college throws at you next.

The DTF Playlist: A sex playlist is hard to pull off, but when you get it just right, the music totally enhances the experience. This playlist should come off as effortless, so don't put too many explicitly sexual songs on it. Be sure there's plenty of sexy bass to drown out the knocking of your bed against the wall.

Suggested tracks: Often by The Weeknd and Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean

The Feelin' Myself Playlist: Everyone needs a playlist that makes them feel sexy. Note: this should be different from your DTF playlist, because it's just for you. Put on whatever makes you feel like you own the world, preferably some party songs to gear you up for everything from a hot date to an interview.

Suggested tracks: I Don't Fuck With You by Big Sean and Work by Rihanna

The Throw 'Em Back Playlist: Pregame playlist--MAJOR KEY. A playlist full of your favorite party songs and some old classics is crucial on those nights when you're just not sure you can stomach another ounce of Burnett's... but probably will. Pregame playlists are different than house party playlists in that they aren't dance-y, yet still bangers.

Suggested tracks: No Interruption by Hoodie Allen and Talk Dirty (Feat. 2 Chainz) by Jason Derulo.

The Study Grind Playlist: At some point, we all have to study. Womp. I love to do school work to slow jams, acoustic covers, and songs without lyrics. Pick songs that will drown out library chatter and help to keep you focused.

Suggested tracks: Basically any instrumentals.

The Cruise Playlist: Whether you're driving between school and home for breaks or taking a bus, you've got to have a playlist to occupy your time. Make sure you've got songs to sing to, and a ton of feel-good jams to keep you entertained on long rides.

Suggested tracks: In Too Deep by Sum 41, and Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind