Steelers Fail To Ring Le'Veon's Bell
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Steelers Fail To Ring Le'Veon's Bell

He wants more cheddar for his rap career.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were not able to work out a long term deal with their star running back Le'Veon Bell this offseason. He will play under the franchise tag for $12.1 million in 2017.

The deal in the making would reportedly pay Bell over $12 million a year. The total package has yet to be released to the public, but I'm going to predict he turned down approximately five year $70 million deal to bet on himself this season. But here's the kicker.

I'll show myself out for that terrible pun. Only the first year, or $12 of $70 million, would be guaranteed money. The Steelers aren't known for giving out big guarantees with their contracts. They give out huge signing bonuses, but their players need to earn the rest.

Bell pouted on Twitter, tweeting out a melancholy.

He continued to talk through some of his feelings with ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. "The running back market definitely took a hit, and I can't be the guy who continues to let it take a hit," Bell said.

I think this is the first time Bell came up in the rotation and didn't want to take a hit.

Seriously though, let's take a look into the training camp history for Mr. Bell over here.

2013: bruised knee and foot injury, missed preseason and first three regular season games

2014: injures hamstring, misses some training camp

2015: Bell is arrested in August with teammate LeGarette Blount for DUI marijuana charges, suspended first 2 regular season games

2016: Bell violates NFL substance abuse policy once again and is suspended for the first 4 games of the season

2017: Bell will most likely hold out because he is not satisfied being the high paid running back in the NFL.

Over the last three seasons, Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant have only been on the field at the same time for 14 out of a possible 48 games due to a combination of suspensions and injuries.

The Steelers are totally behind Bell as their franchise running back for the long term, but it is safe to say that they have good reason to not sign him to a deal with big guaranteed money.

If you can believe it, this deal is about more than money. I am making the bold prediction that this hold out is the start of the biggest social movement since Kaepernick took a knee. Bell is standing up for the little guy... or at least, the Darren Sproles types.

Bell wants to set a new precedent for how running backs should get paid. "We do everything: We block, we run, we catch the ball. Our value isn't where it needs to be. I'm taking it upon myself to open up some eyes and show the position is more valuable," Bell said in reference to his position.

Here's the argument:

In terms of team value, Le'Veon Bell meant more to the Pittsburgh Steelers than Darrelle Revis did to the New York Jets or Demaryus Thomas did to the Denver Broncos. These players are all the highest paid at their position, but what is the difference?

Le'Veon Bell IS the Pittsburgh Steelers. The other players are simply cogs in the machine, but they still get paid $5-8 million more than Bell. When you talk about a player averaging 160 yards a game on a short season, you can't put enough zeros on his long term deal.

Bell led the Steelers in rushing with 1268 yard over 12 games.

Who led receiving?

It was number one receiver Antonio Brown of course with 106 receptions for 1284 yards.

But who was second in receiving?

That's right. While only playing 12 games, Bell still came in second out of all receivers on the Steelers with 616 yards.

This man is an animal and deserves to make superstar money. I guess the RB market keeps taking hits because either the RBs keep taking hits or they start hitting other people.

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NFL's Top Running Back Is Not Who You Think

It's not Ezekiel Elliott, LeVeon Bell or David Johnson. Really.

The NFL season is now under two months away from kicking off, and millions of people around the world will participate in fantasy football.

While running backs like Dallas Cowboys' star Ezekiel Elliott, Pittsburgh Steelers' star LeVeon Bell and Arizona Cardinals' star David Johnson will likely be the first three running backs off of most draft boards, put fantasy football aside and don't let that distract you from who the real top running back in the NFL is.

Elliott has a monster offensive line to run behind in Dallas, and he carried the ball more than any other running back last season. Naturally, he should lead the league in rushing yards, as anything less would really be considered a disappointment, especially since he was the number four overall pick in last year's draft out of Ohio State.

He did end up leading the league in rushing yards by over 300 yards to the next highest running back last season. Yet he's not the league's best running back.

Bell is the most explosive running back with the ball in the game, but he hasn't exactly established himself as a reliable option in the long-term. He has played in all 16 games just once in four seasons, with injuries and legal issues sidelining him already even at only 25-years-old.

A rookie missing some time in his first season is one thing, but he has been in the league for four years and has averaged fewer than 12 games per season. He's not the league's best running back either.

Johnson is the best receiving running back in the game, as he totaled the most receptions and most receiving yards among all running backs by over 250 yards and led the entire NFL in yards from scrimmage last season.

He was the Cardinals' go-to guy in most situations, and his statistics show just how good of a producer he is from an offensive standpoint at the running back position. But like Elliott and Bell, Johnson is not the NFL's best running back.

The real best running back in the league is none other than the Chicago Bears' Jordan Howard. The 22-year-old out of Indiana had an under-the-radar rookie season that was truly elite from a running back standard, yet it was overlooked, and he doesn't get nearly the attention or the hype that the other three do.

He played in 15 games and was the primary running back in just 13 of them, yet his rushing total of 1,313 yards was second to only Elliott's total, which made rookies the top two rushers in the NFL last season.

While Howard was second to Elliott in yardage total, he averaged 0.1 more yards per carry (5.2 to 5.1) than Elliott did. And Howard pulled that off despite Bears' center Hroniss Grasu being out for the season while Elliott, the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award winner, had the league's best offensive line to run behind.

The only three players that Howard trailed in the yards per carry category carried the ball fewer times than he did, which shows just how elusive of a running back he is.

Teams that play behind more often than they play ahead tend to throw the ball more because there is more potential for big plays throwing the ball than there is running it. And the Bears played behind a lot last season, as they tied for only 28th in average points per game last season (17.4).

Yet they still managed to rank 17th in average rushing yards per game with just a 3-13 record! Why? Jordan Howard, that's why. And if the Bears as a whole can have more success as a team, the team's rushing numbers, particularly Howard's numbers, could get even better than they already are.

Teams like Dallas, Pittsburgh and Arizona, the teams of the other three running backs mentioned above, provided their running backs with what the Bears could not provide Howard, and that was a solid overall offense, and frankly, a solid overall team.

Dallas (13-3), Pittsburgh (11-5) and Arizona (7-8-1) ranked 5th, 6th and 10th, respectively in average points per game last season, so they were not forced to rely on the passing game and could allow their running backs to do more and carry the bulk of the workload.

But it was Howard on the 28th-best scoring team at just 3-13 that ended up doing more, and he did it with much less than those other three running backs. And while his rushing total is one thing, his numbers in the receiving category weren't too shabby either, as his receiving yardage total bumped what would have been the 15th highest scrimmage yardage total in the NFL counting just rushing yards all the way up to 6th.

Sure, if you're going to play fantasy football, you want to look at the yards, the touchdowns, and in some cases, the receptions to make your selection.

In that case, you'd likely pick Elliott, Bell or Johnson as your top running back. But if you're not interested in fantasy football and instead just looking to watch a top-tier running back slice through defensive units with ease every Sunday, prioritize Bears' games above all the other teams' games, including the Cowboys, Steelers and Cardinals.

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Le'Veon Bell Gives A Ridiculous Answer On "Family Feud"

Good thing he's athletic.

On Sunday night's celebrity episode of Family Feud, Le'Veon Bell sparked the show off with one of the dumbest answers the show saw that night. Bell faced off against Marshall Faulk and was asked by Steve Harvey, "What would you do if you were home alone, the doorbell rings and it's a naked lady?".

Bell quickly rings in and lets Steve Harvey and the rest of the audience know what he would do. Safe to say Bell is a better runner than thinker on his feet.

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If You Love Taco Bell So Much, Why Don't You Get Married There?

This is totally a thing you can do now.

If, like me, you totally forgot, Taco Bell announced on Valentine's Day that you can get married at the restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip, and offered a giveaway contest for one lucky couple for a catered wedding, Taco Bell wedding merch (Taco Bell garter, anyone?), airfare for six to Vegas, accommodations and other free stuff.

The first couple got married there on Sunday, being two Taco Bell aficionados. I mean, they ride really, really hard for Taco Bell. If you were wondering, the groom is Dan Ryckert, former pro wrestler, video game guy -- take that as you will.

His bio currently says "Taco Bell groom", and he has tried everything on the menu. No small wonder that they won the contest, eh?

Here's some fun tweets about the event:

Their wedding was paid for by the chain, but have no fear! Starting August 7, you can make all your wedding whims and dreams come true at the location for $600. You'll have an ordained officiant performing the ceremony, up to 15 guests in a private reception area, custom bride and groom merch, Taco Bell champagne flutes, a Cinnabon Delights cake, a Taco 12 pack and a sauce packet bouquet. All you have to do is order it off of the menu.

"Hi, I'd like one Taco Bell wedding." I can practically hear the happily ever harps playing already.

I am still really loving the concept of the Taco Bell garter. What a sensual-ass thing to brand with Taco Bell, I hope the bride saves it and cherishes it forever.

Either sign me up or invite me to your Taco Bell wedding, I'm loads of fun at parties. I'll totally take this as an excuse to get my butt to Las Vegas, thank you. I'll be sippin' on champagne out of the Taco Bell flute and slathering diablo sauce inside of a Crunchwrap Supreme, sub beef for beans and make it fresco style with potatoes, please.

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Texans Lineman, Finishing Treatment, Rings And Breaks Bell

Doesn't seem to have lost too much strength.

cancer did NOT make me strong. cancer did NOT make my family strong. cancer did NOT galvanize my community. cancer did NOT bring rival team Head Coaches and players together to support me. cancer did NOT bring people together. cancer did NOT make people travel hundreds of miles to help me and my family in our time of need. cancer did NOT make people pray for me. cancer did NOT bring me my Angel. cancer did NOT make me thankful for my life. cancer did NOT make me a believer that there is more to this world than just our eyes can see. cancer did NOT shape me into the man I am today. Love did. It has Been more than 1000 days since my fight began. Yesterday I received my last infusion of chemo therapy. The things I have seen and the things I felt through my fight I could never forget and last night after a full day at MD Anderson I watched a video that @meeeglit put together for me. It was filled with short clips of the people I hold most dear to me that lasted for more than an hour and every second of It was absolutely incredible. I don't know what to say to every one other than Thank You, I Love you, and I will never forget you and the kindness and Love you showed me. -DQ "Love backed by Faith is unstoppable" P.S. this bell just like cancer never stood a chance...

A post shared by David Quessenberry (@davidqberry) on

David Queensberry is a warrior on the football field and off it. He had to fight to earn a scholarship while playing for San Jose State. The 2013 NFL season was supposed to be his debut season, he injured his foot and was out for the year. He worked to come back, but in June 2014, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Since then, Queensberry has been working hard through chemotherapy treatments and fighting the cancer. He completed radiation treatment in February 2015, and now he has officially been deemed cancer-free.

For the achievement, Queensberry earned the right to ring a bell at his place of treatment. And it's clear his strength is still there, as the bell gets destroyed by Queensberry ringing it.

Hopefully Queensberry will finally make his professional football debut sooner than later. You go, Queensberry, you warrior.

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Time To Move To Canada: Taco Bell Is Serving Beer

A dangerous combo.

In what just may be the most innovative move of 2017 so far, Taco Bell has leaped to the top of the "Best Fast Food Restaurants" list. Why, you ask? Because in Canada, they will serve beer at the restaurant.

Yep. So now instead of just blacking out and wondering why you are pissing from your asshole the next morning until you inevitably find the leftover doubledilla in the bag, you'll be able to start your blackout where it'll end -- right in the restaurant.

Their reasoning? A press release stated that the goal "aims to reinvent the way fans and millennials experience dining in their restaurants." Well Taco Bell, you hit us millennials smack dab in the forehead with this idea.

To be honest, this is flat out dangerous for college students. Do any of you understand how much more Taco Bell kids will eat per year? An exponential amount. That's a lot, for all of you simpletons out there. I mean, seriously. Not only is your food going to be going down smoother, but how about bringing a girl there first?

"Hey, before we go back to my place, let's get a beer at Taco Bell!"
"Oh my god YES now I really can't wait to suck your dick!"
- actual quotes, probably.

They plan to rollout the business decision this summer. Nothing says summer quite like trashed, sweaty, Taco Bell!