The Stages Of Watching Your Friends Get Engaged
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The Stages Of Watching Your Friends Get Engaged

You'd think it'd just be excited.

Every time I get on social media (yup, all of them), I feel like I see four of my friends getting engaged. Their pictures are blasted all over my page, and then I get to re-live my experience when every single one of our mutual friends comments on how good their engagement photos look. There are stages I can feel myself go through, emotionally, when this happens to me.

These stages are something we all probably experience. But has anyone really put their finger on them? Well, here they are. It's your lucky day:

1. Sadness.

It sucks to see someone else glowing with that "in love" look while you're sitting on your couch in front of Netflix--again. There's that initial feeling of "why am I not happily in love yet?", and then the visions of your future life that follow... where you're still alone on your couch watching the same romantic comedies over and over again.

2. Pride/Happiness.

Then, after you get over your little pity party for yourself, you actually realize that you're happy for your friend. Even though you might be a bit sour about it, you type, "Congrats! What a cute couple!" on a few of the photos and call it a day...

So you think.

3. Relief.

The longer you think about it (and it honestly might take a few days), the more you realize how relieved you are that you're still a single Pringle. Maybe you're in a relationship, but thank GOD you aren't having to plan a wedding on top of all the other responsibilities you have in your life. Yeah. You're fine. You're focusing on school.

4. Anxiety.

Yeah. You're fine for, like, two seconds before you're freaking out again about being alone for the rest of your life. The images start creeping back in, and pretty soon you're imagining yourself in a nursing home with no one to share your birthday cake. No one to even send you a card.

5. Determination.

As soon as you sit back and think about the duration of your life, you're determined to spend these years alone. You're determined to find yourself before you commit to someone. And whether that takes you 23 years or 43 years doesn't matter. Some people are faster at that whole "figure yourself out" thing than others. You refuse to beat yourself up about it.

And at about the time you get through the fifth step, you jump back on social media to catch up with everyone and another one of your friends is engaged and glowing. Well, back to step one, folks.

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The Five Stages of Asking Your Parents for Money

When the sight of your account brings you instant grief.

You think we'd all have our shit together by now, right? Nope. We still turn to mac and cheese for dinner, Google how to do laundry correctly, and have no idea how to manage money like a real adult. It pains us all when we realize that we're not as grown as we think and eventually have to turn to mom and dad for help.

Denial: Your account says $10, but you see $1,000. There is absolutely no need to make that call to the 'rents just yet. You can definitely make ends meet for now. Maybe you'll find $5 on the ground or some money in the pocket of some jeans you haven't worn in a while. You know the end is near, but in the meantime, you'll just dangle on the edge of the financial cliff with a smile on your face.

Anger: You're mad at your past self for buying too much alc, indulging too much in eating out, and going to the club on weekday nights when you didn't need to. Your former self may have treating herself a little too much. You blame your friends for being bad influences and the root of your money problems, and you're jealous of those people who continue to live the "lavish" lifestyle you once led.

Bargaining: This stage is exactly what it sounds like: trying to make the most of what you have now. You slowly become that frugal grandparent who lived during the Great Depression. You can be caught at any given moment "stretching your dollar" or "getting your money's worth". New hobbies include turning to all cheaper alternatives, selling things, and making deals with your friends to pay them back. Your current life is all about that hustle.

Depression/Fear: The anxiety and worry overcome your thoughts. How will you eat? How will you reject going out with your friends because you can barely meet the club's cover? How will you ever find joy in this world?!

Acceptance: Your account says $0.23. Not even enough to buy a gum ball. You know your parents love you enough to not let you suffer like this. You'd rather take the few minutes of nagging and questioning about why you are financially irresponsible, knowing that in the end, you will smile when that deposit transfer comes through.

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7 Signs You Should Dump Him

Because some people just need a little nudge.

You've been in a relationship for a while now, and while you're both pretty comfortable with each other, you both can't help but wonder what it would be like with someone else...

Some of this is totally normal. Drifting eyes is something we're all guilty of.

But when do you know that your relationship isn't worth it anymore? When do you know that it's time to explore other options? Here are seven sure-fire signs that'll tell you when it's time to dump 'em and move on.

1. When you ignore their text messages.
Let's think about how easy it is to send a text. When you find yourself ignoring them multiple times, maybe it's time to explore why you're ignoring them.

Are you more interested in your texting conversation with someone else? Let's be real -- we all know you have your phone on you at all times. You're purposefully avoiding conversation with them. Why.

2. When every conversation about them with your friends is negative.
If you no longer have anything good to say about them -- it's time to reevaluate. Why are you spending your time with someone who makes you so unhappy?

It's time to look into why you are no longer overwhelmed by your love and attraction to them and every other move they make gets on your very last nerve.

3. When you don't want them around your family ... so you don't have to hear the nagging.
If your family is anything like mine, you'll know when there's something they don't like about your significant other. So when you stop wanting them to be around your family so you don't get an earful when they leave... that's when you know you're not willing to stand up for them; definitely a sign that you shouldn't be with them.

4. When the things that used to be cute about them... well, just aren't anymore.
Remember all the things you found so attractive about them in the beginning? Are they annoying now? If you answered yes, it's time to move on.

5. When spending time with them isn't as appealing as it used to be.
Maybe when you first met, laying around and watching movies sounded really fun. But now that you're a few months (or years) into it, spending every Saturday in bed isn't as appealing.

No matter what you suggest, they seem to only want to stay in. And that's just not you. Time for a serious conversation, my friend.

6. When "drifting eyes" become overnight fantasies..
Don't be gross. That's not what I'm talking about.

But if you wake up two mornings in a row thinking about someone who isn't your significant other... it's time to call it quits. Why stay with someone you're not completely into?

7. When you're just not into them anymore.
You don't get excited about seeing them anymore. You aren't going out of your way to make them happy. You're dreading spending time doing what they want instead of making your own plans with your own friends.

When you're just not that into them anymore, it's time to dump 'em and move on.

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Employers Can See Your Social Media

Clean that shit up, kids.

Having social media is just as normal and a part of our everyday, college lives as it is to stay up till 2 a.m. doing homework or reading that we most likely procrastinated on. And while these two things are "normal" in college life, one could get you fired or never hired in the realm of adult jobs, high expectations, and professionalism. Take a wild guess at which activity it is.

Before you start deleting your Twitter and Instagram and start having a panic attack, let me explain. I am not saying that you should not have any social media or else you will never get a job after graduation. Social media is actually a great tool for networking and I've seen it land my friends (as well as myself) jobs either in their field of study or just simply on campus part-time.

But I've also seen social media accounts be the downfall of a person's career too. You may think that the picture you Instagrammed last weekend of you holding a beer with someone ripping a bong in the background may be harmless and "all in good, collegiate fun."

It's not. Try a site like The Social U, which gives your social presence a GPA based on what you post. I know, I know, you are already worried enough about your GPA without having another one, but hear me out.

Employers know when they interview you that you are putting your best foot forward, that's what you're expected to do in interviews. But if they want to learn more about you, I can almost guarantee that they will turn to your social media. Because your social media (especially Twitter) showcases your opinions, your values, what you like, and who you associate with.

"Well all of my accounts are on private so I can post whatever I want."

Nope, think again. I haven't even graduated yet and I have already had two job applications ask for my social media handles and usernames. They're catching on, guys.

Clean up your social media accounts. Don't use profanity. Don't blatantly post pictures of yourself drinking, especially if you are under 21. Don't cyber bully and do not post any pictures that you wouldn't feel comfortable defending/explaining to your boss.

A picture of you drinking that beer with a bong in the background may get a ton of likes from your friends, but it won't seem that "cool" when you realize you just lost your job over it.

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It's Time to Start Filtering Your Social Media

Do you ever want to get a job?

Here's the thing: You're an adult now. As such, it's time to start thinking about what content you do and don't share on your various social media pages. After all, you plan on getting a job and moving out of your parent's basement someday, right?

If you can scroll through your Facebook photos and find more than one picture of yourself doing a keg-stand, I'm talking to you. You know who you are...

Believe me, I fought against this for a long time. "But, who cares? I'm in my twenties!" Chill. You can still get hammered every weekend. No one is saying you have to give up the dream of being classy Leo DiCaprio drinking in a tuxedo...

Even though, let's get real, when you drink you're about as "classy" as this dude at the party...

The point is, whether you're suave-as-hell Leo D., or the guy passed out on the couch who smells like vomit and has a cock drawn on his face in permanent marker, I'm not saying you necessarily have to change your drinking habits (more on that in another article). What I am saying is that it behooves oneself to keep some things out of the public eye.

We could get into setting your accounts to private, not friending people you work with, and a whole sub-genre of social media censoring, but what I'm talking about is far more simple. It's about realizing that you're now an actual, functioning member of society and that you will inevitably be judged by the content you promote on your social media platforms--and not just by potential employers.

In this day and age what you share speaks to the kind of person you are, whether that is a fair and accurate depiction or not--it's what people see. And, sure, it's fun to rage while you're still young, but not at the cost of your image, or closing doors of opportunity for yourself.

So have fun, raise a glass, do it responsibly, or don't...but whether it's now or later, you're going to end up untagging yourselves from the less flattering moments of inebriation.

You're going to end up realizing that it matters what you share. So save yourself some time and get cracking on it now. Your future self with thank you.

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Going On A Family Vacation, As Told By The Kardashians

And we all know they vacay like pros.

Yay, it's finally vacation time! Wherever you're going, whether it be Florida, Mexico or Paris... you're sure to have a great time!


But first, you have to go through airport security.


...And you have to sit through your flight. You're so excited that you can't contain yourself!


After all of that travel time, you've finally made it to your destination!


When you wake up the next morning and you realize that you're on vacation...


When your parents keep stopping because they want a ton of family photos.


When you and your siblings start low-key fighting over the smallest things...


But then you quickly resolve things...


And your parents pay for all of your trip expenses.


When everyone has been around each other for too long.


When you've been in the sun for too long and you're starting to get cranky.


When you desperately need to go on social media but you have no reception.


When it's time to go back home and live your normal every-day life.