Why Snapchat Has Changed Relationships Forever
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Why Snapchat Has Changed Relationships Forever

It's not going anywhere.

I use Snapchat daily. I very rarely watch Snap stories or look at the news on it, but I use it quite a lot. For the record, I think the filters are the best feature they've ever created.

However, people use Snapchat differently, depending on the person. Certain people feel the incessant need to watch everyones Snap stories, either out of intrigue or simply wanting to get the listing to go away. Some people use it to maintain the streaks they've worked so hard to create. Others use it for interesting news or a way to make funny posts, and there's still so much more to it.

I've used Snapchat as a way to initiate talking to guys without directly texting them. We've all done it. You beautifully craft the facade of a "mass Snap", but in reality, it is going to that person and that person alone. Once they've answered, perfect -- they've landed directly into my trap (that sounds a lot creepier than it should).

It also creates meaning where there wasn't any before. The yellow heart signifies that you and that person are each other's mutual top friend, after two weeks it's red and after two months it's pink hearts.

But it is so much more than that.

It's a way to dictate a relationship status. If you see someone with the two pink hearts, there is a part of you that recognizes a commitment to maintaining that status.

In the same breath, that's what streaks do too. We don't want to lose our streaks with our best friends, so we make sure that we Snap them every day to continue it.

If someone didn't like our picture on Instagram, would we notice? Probably not. If someone didn't answer our snapchat, or ended our Snap streak, or got the yellow heart with someone else? We'd notice immediately.

When you break it down, they've put emojis next to people's usernames that you send pictures to. Except it's not just emojis, there's a definition attached and that's why it holds meaning. By tapping into an emotional element, Snapchat has created its permanence in our lives.

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It's Time to Up Your Snapchat Game: Here's How

Your Snapfeed can be more than just celebs and friends with dogfaced filters.

If you're anything like me, then following some of the hottest celebs on Snapchat like King Kylie, (my fav), is a guilty pleasure. Snapchat is one of the only social channels where you can get a real, live peek into the lives of celebs.

Source: Snapchat

While following celebrities is fun and all, their Snapchat stories are nothing special when it comes to actual interesting, creative content. I don't know about you, but I don't ever need to see a snapchat of DJ Khaled landscaping ever again. It's nice that you're into nature, Khaled, but those snaps are BORING AF.

Source: Snapchat

So, aside from our friends filling our newsfeeds with dog-faced selfies and celebs giving us a BTS look into their lives, how and where are we supposed to find some half-decent content to fill our feeds with?

If you're familiar at all with Snapchat, you know that unlike other social apps out there, it doesn't allow you to discover or search for new people to follow, which can be extremely limiting. I recently stumbled across an app that has made my Snapchat experience so much more exciting: Ghostcodes.

If you're bored with your current snap newsfeed, the Ghostcodes app is a must. The app, created by Snapchat gurus, Hunter Harrison and Frank Danna, makes discovering the type of people and content you actually want to fill your Snapfeed super easy.

Snapchat is literally the place to be rn, and there are some major Snappers putting some kick ass content out to the Snapiverse that you don't wanna miss, kinda like this amazing work of art by snapartist, Piiinky.

If you're looking to stay on top of the social trends, my suggestion to you is to get on Ghostcodes and see the amazing content creators and rising "Snapstars" (yes, that is a thing these days) ASAP.

The days of following only celebs and your BFFs are long gone. It's time to follow some real content creators, and Ghostcodes is how you can start doing just that.

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Hold The Fuck Up With that Snap Story

Take it EASY

Lately, I have realized that people not only over-send snapchats, but they're also making snap stories more frequently. It really is unbelievable how people have six or seven snap stories a day and actually think we give a shit about what they are doing 24/7.

Everybody appreciates a funny story, snap stories can be very informative to see who's doing what for the night, but the constant stories of you doing nothing is v annoying. Here are some tips on how to not look like a douche via snapchat.

We get it, you're having a great time at this sick party, but the five-minute snap story is just super boring. Unless someone is falling, barfing or aggressively making out, I really have no interest.

Now this might just be a pet peeve of mine, but the constant snap stories food is so annoying. Just eat your fucking burger instead of sharing it with all your friends. I only care if you're scarfing down a goddamn live chicken. Girls are the worst with this, honestly, and they never seem to know when to stop. I mean, c'mon, Sharon I don't need to know about your chia seed lunch.

A pic once in awhile of a view or the city is a cool for sure, I've definitely done this before. But letting everyone know you're on this sick vacation honestly just makes you look like a spoiled little shit. You also make me feel pretty shitty when I'm looking at eight Bahama pics on your vacation while I'm stuck in the library for nine hours straight. Stop with the humble bragging.

I'm not a person who takes selfies often, but I sure as hell don't mind seeing a few of smokeshows. But if you're a dude who takes at least five selfies and throws them all on your snap story, it's time to reevaluate some things.

Smoking Pot
Don't be the asshole who takes vids of yourself smoking pot on a Tuesday night. If it's funny, go ahead but in general, girls don't like it and you'll be labeled at as a fuck boy immediately.

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Best Snapchat Accounts for Beauty Addicts

These babes slay snapchat

If you like knowing what the best beauty tips and products are the best source is actually snapchat. You find out first hand what your favorite beauty icons use. Certain people are better than others at snapchat. Here's a list of who you should be following if you're a beauty addict.

Golden Barbie aka Jasmine Sanders (Model)- YouAintGolden

She's an active snapper. Golden Barbie is a model always sharing her skincare and makeup tips on her snap.

Source: vogue.com

Jenn Im (YouTuber)- JennImSnaps

Jenn Im has incredible style. She loves sharing her life as well as her newest beauty favorites over her snapchat.

Keaton Milburn (YouTuber)- MilburnKeaton

Keaton is a beauty guru on YouTube. She's gorgeous and usually snaps about her favorite beauty products and newest clothing finds.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley (Model)- RosieHW

The former Victoria's Secret model is famous for her in-depth snaps about makeup and hair. She gives the best product recommendations and tips over her snapchat.

Shannon Barker (Model/Health Guru)- Shannonagins

Shannon is more of a health nut than anything. Her snap stories are always filled with green juices and spin classes. She's a model so she has great tips on how to stay in shape. She's also posted a few beauty secrets on her snap as well.

Claire Marshall (YouTuber)- HeyClaireHey

Claire Marshall is a YouTuber who gets sent tons of new products to test out. She usually updates her snapchat first before making her YouTube beauty reviews. Add her if you want to see what's new in the beauty world.

Bella Oelmann (Model)- BellaOel

Model Bella Oelmann's snap is always a great place to find new beauty tips. She always looks amazing and I frequently steal makeup and outfit ideas from her account.

Vivian V (YouTuber)- Viviannn_V

Vivian, another famous YouTuber, has amazing hair and shares her favorite products over her snap. Add her if you want to know what she uses in her crazy long mane.

Amy Lee (YouTuber)- Amy_Vagabond

Amy Vagabond is more of a product junkie and style guru than anything. Her outfit of the day's are always great for inspiration.

Glossier (Skincare/Makeup Brand)- Glossier.IRL

People are obsessed with Glossier products. They're very minimalistic. If you want to see what's new with Glossier before anyone else add them on snap.

Francesca Aiello (Creator of Frankie's Bikini's/Hot Person)- FrancescaAiello

Add francesca if you want to see what a perfect life is like. At 19 she's created a majorly successful bikini line. I keep her on my snap for life motivation.

Juliana Herz (Model)- JuliHerz

Another model who frequently snaps. Juliana is incredibly funny and shares a lot of personal moments on her snapchat as well as some beauty/fashion tips.

Gabby Epstein (Instagram Influencer)- GabbyEpstein

Gabby is known well from her instagram where she always seems to be in a bikini. Follow her for lots of selfie inspo.

Source: imgur.com

Josie Canseco (Model)- JosCanseco

Daughter of legendary baseball player Jose Canseco, and girlfriend of Mike Stud. Josie Canseco is seriously beautiful and funny. Add her on snapchat to get a glimpse into her life.

Shanina Shaik (Model)- ShaninaMShaik

Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik always has the best snap stories. She's always traveling to beautiful places wearing the best outfits. Add her to get insane style inspiration.

Jessica Clements(Model/YouTuber)-JClem43

Jess Clements has a successful modeling career as well as a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. Jess posts about her favorite beauty products and fashion finds pretty often. Add her to see how she does it all.

Source: i.imgur.com

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The New Snapchat Update Is Really Creepy

Stalker-level weirdness.

Opening my phone this morning, I noticed I had a bunch of new app updates in the app store. Like most people, I updated all the apps to get rid of that annoying little red notification number.

One of the apps to be updated was Snapchat. Without looking, I assumed that some new face filters or Snap story update was rolling out. But honestly, I wish I hadn't updated it.

Snapchat's new update, released yesterday, shares your location with all your snap buddies. Doesn't sound too harmless, right? Lots of apps do that. Until you take a look and realize that Snapchat has literally mapped out the entire WORLD, and your little Bitmoji appears on the map... right in your exact location.

I know, Bill Nye, I know....

The weirdest part is that this location tracker is SCARY accurate. I took a look this morning, and the map shows your location down to the exact STREET you're on. That is some stalker-level stuff.

I can see how this could be a fun way to add location stories, keep up with fun things that your friends are doing in different places, and enjoy stories from different cities, states, and countries. But think about it...how many of your Snap followers do you reeeeeally know? Do you only add your closest friends? Or anyone who adds you, without much of a second glance? Are you comfortable with all your Snap friends knowing exactly where you are at any given time? Yeesh.

Luckily, there's a way to hide your location from everyone but yourself, called "Ghost Mode", found in settings. It actually walked me through this privacy process when I opened the app after updating it. You can also choose to share your location with only a few select friends.

I happily put myself in Ghost Mode... yikes. Even in Ghost Mode, though, my little Bitmoji is still visible on the map, but her face is blocked out with the Snapchat ghost. I see some potential privacy complaints that could arise as a result of this.

I see where Snapchat is trying to go with this update. But if you're unaware of the update at first, like I was, just know that the app drops you on that little map automatically before you change the privacy settings. I personally think it's a bit creepy to allow everyone who follows you to know, quite literally, exactly where you are at all times.

So go and get yourself into Ghost Mode, friends, before that one ex-boyfriend who you kept on Snapchat starts stalking you.

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A Blind Date as Told by Tom Hanks Movies

They're like a box of chocolates...

Maybe you've hit something of a dry spell. Maybe your friends are tired of hearing your whining. Maybe things have become so desperate you finally agree to meet your Grandma's friend's co-worker's great niece who also happens to go to your school.

Whatever the origin story, the facts are the same: you are about to go on a date with someone you've never even fucking met. Fear not! Mr. Hanks is here to walk you through it.

The Rude Awakening - Captain Phillips
Your love life has been hijacked. You are no longer making the decisions, and it's definitely a little scary. Things might go terribly, terribly wrong. But it's out of your hands. Your buddies sit you down, grab your phone, and text the girl from your phone saying you can't wait to meet her.

Waiting for the Response - Cast Away
Fucking Greg! Did he have to use so many emojis? No wonder she isn't answering, you seem like a try-hard loser. Maybe you should send her another text? Maybe you should call her? Maybe you should delete her number? You have all of these thoughts racing through your mind and making you feel like a crazy person. Find a volleyball and talk this shit out.

The Initial Texting - Sleepless in Seattle
This girl is funny! You guys are killing the flirty banter and you are excited to go out with her. Are you starting to fall for a girl that you still haven't technically met? Tom and Meg would approve!

The Date - Forrest Gump
You're nervous and simple and maybe spend too much time talking about your mom. You try and tell her all of your best stories, you offer her chocolates, and you eat a lot of shrimp. This is the moment it's all been building to! Be yourself.

If It Goes Well - Toy Story
You started out skeptical and now you owe your friend. But you don't care! You have a girl that you're crazy about!

If It Goes Poorly - Cloud Atlas
You don't know what the FUCK happened on that date, but you're confused and wasted your time and just want your money back. Better luck next time!