Rapper Boogotti Kasino Posts Video Demanding Ransom For Stolen NFL Player's Dog
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Rapper Boogotti Kasino Posts Video Demanding Ransom For Stolen NFL Player's Dog

"I will find you...and I will kill you"

Boogotti Kasino, have you ever seen the movie Taken? Well if not, consider me Liam Neeson if you ever decide to take one of my pets.

Dallas Cowboy receiver Lucky Whitehead posted an Instagram on July 9 saying that someone broke into his house stealing some shoes, some bags and his dog, Blitz.

Local rapper and moron Boogotti Kasino took responsibility for the theft. He posted a video on social media demanding a $20,000 ransom in order for Whitehead to get the dog back.

Thankfully, last night Whitehead was reunited with Blitz after a supposed "miscommunication" between Kasino and Whitehead.

If I was Lucky Whitehead, I would've sent every member of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones to this fool's house to get the dog back. I don't care if you took my goldfish, you just don't do this. Luckily, no one was hurt and the dog was returned to his rightful owner.

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Do's and Don'ts of Owning a Pet in College

If you can't afford to feed a dog, don't get a dog.

Just like your parents said when you were little, owning a pet is a lot of responsibility. If you're thinking of adopting an animal while you are in college, there a few things to consider first. It's important to remember the different levels of responsibility that come with different pets. For example, a goldfish is going to be way more low maintenance than, say, a dog.

DO talk to your roommates to make sure that they are on board with whatever animal you plan on bringing into the house. It's their house, too.

DON'T push your pet duties onto your roommates. It's one thing to ask them every once in a while to walk the dog while you're at work, but it's another to ask them to pick up after them.

DO consult your lease and landlord to make sure owning said pet is allowed in your home. Some places will allow cats and not dogs.

DO make sure you plan a budget for your animal. Pets are expensive and you want to give them the best. If can't afford to feed a dog, you probably shouldn't get a dog.

DO pick up after your pet (obviously). It MIGHT start to annoy your roommates when the dog tears up garbage or the couch is full of cat hair.

DON'T forget that pets get sick. My best friend had a cat that couldn't pee and she sadly had to surrender him to the vet since she couldn't afford surgery. Make sure you're emotionally and financially prepared for any bad news that could come up.

DO research on how a pet could help if you have a disability. My roommate registered her dog as a therapy pet for her sleep anxiety. That also ensured that we could have the dog in our house (which doesn't allow dogs).

DO research which type of dog is right for you. Some dog breeds have different personalities and energy levels than others.

DON'T forget that puppies/kittens require lots of maintenance and attention. It's difficult to properly train a puppy while being a full time student. An older animal might be a better fit.

So keep all this in mind when trying to decide if owning a pet in college is right for you

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J. Cole And Tyler The Creator Got Hacked By Some Punk

When shitty hack jobs get more likes then your normal pics

Have you ever had your or a friend's Instagram hacked? It can be freaky, especially since all my friends' cases have involved someone changing the account to solicit sex (I really don't understand the need to take someone else's account for that but... )

That said, despite having loads more money and presumably more protection on their accounts, or at least know better than to put password1234 for their password, even celebrities are vulnerable to these cyber hacks.

The first of several insta hacks this week happened to J Cole, who typically has an Instagram presence that's limited to a few posts a year. Yet, Tuesday night his account suddenly had several new posts, one of which took shots at Meek Mill. And knowing Mill's propensity to explode real quick with social media beef, shit could've gone south real quick.

Thankfully J Cole put out the potential drama quick and took down the photos, but not before thousands liked the posts. I mean really, I struggle to reach that 100 mark on a photo, and these pics are shitty hack jobs, like the *infamous dog filter*, and still get instant likes. Fame man.

Also joining the ranks of getting their accounts hacked - all supposedly by the same person - are Cardi B and Tyler The Creator. Most of the posts to Tyler's page gave praise to Chicago rapper Lil Durk and asked people to follow "xocadexo", whoever the hell that is.

#tylerthecreator is hacked ?. Same hacker who got dex and cardi b and j Cole

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

I just want to know who has this kind of time on their hands, and of all photos to put up he/she could've done a better job. Makes me think, "what I would put up if I hacked a celeb's account?" Def asking for that followback.

Gotta give props to Tyler the Creator for being chill about the whole situation, tweeting "don't care as much as i would've like a while back, so yeah it'll figure itself out," and then jokingly tweeting "This is next I know it haha."

He even kept up one of the photos for awhile (it's since been taken down) because he found it funny. Let's be real: this kid, whoever it is, is a clown but is kinda low key funny, seeing as many people (especially celebrities) tend to take their social media accounts v seriously.

At this point I'm just wondering who is going to be next on this list, because it doesn't look like this hacker has plans on stopping anytime soon.

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Best Makeup To Cover Annoying Zits

See you later, Mount Vesuvizit.

I swear, nothing is worse than doing your makeup and a pimple (or pimples) is still visible, despite your best efforts to hide those little shits. Even though nobody probably notices them but you, you noticing them is enough to make you feel like garbage about your skin.

If you've been in this situation (we all have, it's OK), don't worry, here's a list of amazing skin products to make sure your zits don't show:

1. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

source: mariobadescu.com

This stuff is a godsend, seriously. For $17 per bottle, it's beyond worth the money.

If you have a whitehead, then before bed (after cleansing and toning), just dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment at the bottom of the bottle (don't shake it, don't shake it, DON'T SHAKE IT). Dab it on the whitehead, but don't rub it into your skin.

Let it dry and then rinse it off in the morning, and voila! The whitehead should either be totally gone, or no longer a whitehead and drastically reduced in size.

This is perfect because it either eliminates the zit, or makes it smaller so it's more manageable for the makeup I'm about to recommend to you.

2. NYX Color Correcting Palette

source: nyxcosmetics.com

I am of the firm belief that everybody should have this $12 palette to begin with, but if you don't, it is a lifesaver. With a range of shades for skin tone correction, the green in particular is amazing for when you have pimples.

After all, in art theory, red and green are complimentary colors, right? Stands to reason that if you put some of the green on a red zit, it'll cancel out the red! Very handy if you're struggling to keep an even skin tone with a breakout.

3. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

source: nyxcosmetics.com

My favorite thing about this $14 foundation is that you get to determine what kind of coverage you want (granted, a lot of products do that nowadays, but this one is great). You want sheer coverage? Only use a little bit. You want full coverage? Use more of it.

It comes in a range of shades, and will carry its weight covering up those zits. Seriously, you'll be amazed (just remember to match the shade to your neck, not your face!).

4. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

source: ulta.com

OK, this is the most important product on this list, tbh. This stuff is unbelievable. I am halfway through my first tube and already bought a backup for when I run out. I can't even believe it.

This concealer, I don't know how it does it, but it covers everything. My zits? Pfffft. What zits? No idea what you're talking about, nope, I didn't just slap some of this on and buff it out or anything, no way.

Seriously though, the ShapeTape concealer also hides the bags under my eyes, everything. It comes in a range of shades, and you can apparently highlight and contour with it? I've never tried, but good to know!

5. Morphe E25 Brush

source: morphebrushes.com

With all of these great makeup products, you need a good brush to buff them out without messing up your look. Morphe brushes are perfect for this, with gorgeous, lightweight brushes that get the job done.

I usually prefer a flat, dense brush, but the $14.99 E25 brush is perfect for blending foundation and concealer, and even has the smaller brush on the opposite end for those tinier spots. Your pimples will be so well concealed you'll forget you have them.

If you don't have a Morphe brush already, I totally recommend you get out and get yourself one. Get a whole set if you can, honestly.

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Dog Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Like, now.

I feel ashamed to admit this, but sometimes I find myself wasting hours of my life scrolling through Instagram. You can find so much shit on there, from accounts dedicated to a love of onion rings to accounts about bad taxidermy jobs.

Of all the accounts I follow, the dog ones are by far my absolute favorite. Here are some that you definitely should follow.

1. @Loki_the_wolfdog
This dog is badass! Loki's Instagram is full of pictures of him exploring the wilderness, camping and sledding.

I really don't know what to say about this. I just hope it makes you smile.

A post shared by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on

2. @Marniethedog
Marnie is a 15-year-old Shih Tzu with a very long tongue. This pup was once homeless, but is now an Instagram star with 2.1 million followers and a loving family.

I'm oot n aboot

A post shared by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

3. @Mensweardog
This pup probably has a better wardrobe than you do, and if he doesn't, then he definitely looks better in his outfits than you do. This fashionista's real name is Bodhi.

Don't mean to sound conceited or anything but this must be one of my best angles ?? #fierce #lookbackpose #workit

A post shared by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

4. @Burrito_the_corgi
His name is Burrito, and he is perfect.

Goofy pup #tbt

A post shared by Burrito? (@burrito_the_corgi) on

5. @Lil_rufio
Rufio is literally prettier than I am. He is a Pomsky, and his Insta is full of him doing typical dog stuff, but it is life-changing.

Portrait Mode

A post shared by Rufio Maximus Fauria (@lil_rufio) on

6. @Poochofnyc
I triple dog, black dog, white dog dare you to keep a straight face while scrolling through this cutie's account.

"Always believe in your selfie ??." #nationalselfieday ?? #hairinspiration ???? #agadorable ?

A post shared by Hello. My name is Agador ? (@poochofnyc) on

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You Need To See These Dog Maternity Photos

My dog is lucky I didn't think of this.

What did we do to deserve dogs? I like dogs so much that sometimes I would rather hangout with them then some people I know. Maybe someday i'll become a dog lady, who knows, but in the meantime, I will only limit myself to the two puppers I have now and forcing random strangers on the streets to stop so I can love their dog.

While I was creepin' around on Twitter (don't even try and pretend you don't do that), I found the most ADORABLE dog maternity photoshoot.

This soon to be mama's name is Fusee. In the photos, Fusee was accompanied by her mom/bestfriend Elsa Veria-Menas, a flower crown and a sign that reads "Soon 2 Be Mom."

This adorable maternity photo shoot was taken by 19-year-old freelancer and designer, Meet-Clayton.

Naturally, everyone and their mothers on Twitter freaked the f out. It was retweeted 62,000 times, and received a lot of love in the comments.

Lucky for us, Elsa Veria-Menas isn't the only dog mom who has done this!

This happy dog mama is Lilica, and she gave birth to five adorable puppies after her shoot.

Here's another prego pup named Beyonce.

source: mashable

And you thought that Beyonce's pregnancy photos were cute...

Here are some other cute puppers

source: people

source: what to expect

source: house beautiful