Man Who Graded His Ex's Apology Letter Has Been Suspended From College
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Man Who Graded His Ex's Apology Letter Has Been Suspended From College

He should've received a scholarship.

Dealing with heartbreak is an unfortunate obstacle that most of us have to experience at one time or another.

However, Nick Lutz, a college student at the University of Central Florida, has never been heartbroken. When Nick's girlfriend wrote him an apology letter after they broke up, Nick naturally graded it and scored the attempt a "D-"

The Twitter and social media world ate up Nick's legendary response, leaving Nick's ex salty and definitely butthurt. She decided to file a cyber-bullying claim with the University of Central Florida, and they decided to suspend Lutz and place him on probation for two semesters.

I don't know about you guys, but I think this kid deserves a partial scholarship. He didn't leak slanderous nudes or videos like Rob Kardashian. He decided to take the educational approach to the break up and correct his ex's grammar, overall paper thesis and structure. He is bettering her as a person and a writer, and you can not fault him for that.

Well done Nick Lutz, well done!

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Nick Jonas Explains His NARB on the Tonight Show (Video)

Maybe he shouldn't have eaten that marijuana lollipop.

Last night on Jimmy Fallon's, The Tonight Show, Nick Jonas opened up about his funny experience with a marijuana lollipop. His friend offered him the weed lolly the night before presenting an award at the Young Hollywood Awards. Nick explains in the video that he doesn't usually do things like that but what was the worst thing that could happen? He figured he'd just go to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling fine. Wrong!

When Nick woke up the morning of the Young Hollywood Awards, he was high out of his mind. He freaked out for a little them calmed himself down. He got ready for the award show, but once he got there, he got a NARB!

According to Nick Jonas, a NARB is a "non apparent reason boner". So naturally, the only thing one can really do in that situation, is just kinda casually cover that area! Might I remind you he was on the red carpet, being watched by thousands!

Props to Nick though, at least he laughed it off! And, to all the men that experience NARBs... good luck.

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The Stolen Cocktail Toe Has Been Returned

I don't know why toes are going in cocktails, but...

In Dawson City, Canada, the infamous mummified human toe that goes in -- yes, it goes into -- the Dawson Hotel's popular "sourtoe cocktail" was stolen on Sunday.

On Tuesday afternoon, a suspect called the hotel and the police to apologize and stated that he mailed the toe back in a package. It was received early yesterday, and the package also contained an apology letter. No charges will be pressed.

This is a nice, heartwarming tale and all, but why the hell are people putting toes in their cocktails? The "sourtoe cocktail" is literally just putting the toe into any drink, and the rule is that your lips have to touch it.

Warning: this picture is really freaking gross.


I just gagged. This toe gets passed around and put into different people's drinks. I am disgusted, I am appalled, I feel unclean. Why is part of Canada like this?

Still, I guess they're doing better than we are... even if they're drinking drinks with a nasty-ass toe in them..

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Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Finale

It was *historic*....

FINALLY, time to figure out if Nick will ever find love (fourth time's the charm)...and to figure out how many times Chris Harrison can say the word "historic" in one episode of The Bachelor. Ladies and gents, the finale was huge.

The final drama fest began with Raven and Vanessa getting to meet Nick's family. Raven had a leg up on Vanessa here, having met the fam before, and seemed to please the entire crowd, especially Nick's adorable sister. Vanessa, on the other hand, let loose that she wasn't quite sure if she'd be ready to be engaged by the end of this journey. Um....little late for that hun.

She did have a very emotional conversation with Nick's father, and told him in tears that she had never met anyone like Nick before. Cue the ugly crying from everyone in the live studio audience.

Nick took his final two ladies on one last romantic date in snowy Finland before making his final decision. He and Vanessa rode horses through the scenic winter forest only to come across Santa Clause's cute little cabin. Santa gave Nick and Vanessa cute little couple gifts (thanks?) and Vanessa was grateful that Santa believed in their relationship.

Then things got a bit tense as Vanessa revealed to Nick that she doesn't like the idea of him having feelings for another woman, and that she feels as though something still isn't sitting right. OK, WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SHOW IF YOU DON'T WANT NICK TO LIKE OTHER GIRLS?

That little bomb freaked Nick out a bit...The thought of being rejected by yet another woman terrified him. Understandable. I don't see how anyone could put themselves through ONE heartbreak like that, let alone four. When Vanessa asked Nick if he'd be ready to propose by the end of this whole thing, he HESITATED and said, "The week isn't over." Yeesh.

After the tension and tears with Vanessa, Nick's date with Raven seemed like freaking sunshine and rainbows. The two went ice skating, which reminded Raven of their previous roller skating date, which was when she knew she was falling in love with Nick. Awwww, cute little full circle skating themed date.... AND THEN THERE WERE HUSKY PUPPIES! Can the husky puppies win The Bachelor? Please?

All in all, Raven was READY to be engaged, and totally sure of her feelings for Nick. Things seemed super promising.

The conflicted Nick brought in Neil Lane for engagement ring selection advice. For those who don't know, these are like GORGEOUS $50,000 rings. No big deal. It's fine. Ahem, future hubby, take notes please.

The stunning Raven was the first to arrive to meet her hopefully future fiance. Raven poured her heart out to Nick in what seemed like an actually not-staged confession of love. She waited for Nick to drop to one knee... but instead, he looked away, and could not meet Raven's eye for the rest of his time with her.

He told her that while he loved being next to her, he wasn't sure if it was actually love. Raven was understandably crushed, as was her conception of love. After the amazing chemistry she and Nick seemed to have, this was a shocker. #TeamRaven let out a collective sob as her car drove away.

Nick prepared himself to propose to Vanessa and was still unsure of whether or not she'd be ready to say yes. She arrived and Nick recited a very scripted sounding poetic monologue about how he'd never forget the first time he saw Vanessa.

She responded with an equally poetic speech about how she would in turn never forget stepping out of the limo on the first night. Regardless of how incredibly cheesy it was, Nick dropped to one knee and proposed to a very emotional Vanessa, who said yes.

Nick on the inside after finally getting engaged:

Nick, on cloud nine, affectionately took his fiancee by the hand and said, "let's go start our life." She responded, "let's do it. Literally." That, my friends, is love.

The final hour of the show was dedicated to the "after the final rose" live show. Raven confronted Nick for the first time since dumping her, and my lord, that girl is a class act. Despite the awkwardness of talking to Nick, she wished him and Vanessa the best. She also accepted a role on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Vanessa and Nick took the floor together next, and talked about cute couple-y things like realizing they didn't have each other's phone numbers, and how Vanessa just wants to ride in the same car as her fiance. Nick and Vanessa clearly have some issues to resolve, but Vanessa is planning on starting up a charity, while Nick will be competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Power couple for sure.

Everyone was still waiting for this "historic reveal" that didn't end up happening on the actual show. Rachel, our new bachelorette, took the floor of the live studio and discussed her upcoming season of The Bachelorette with Chris. Chris ended up sharing that our little "huge surprise" was actually for HER....that she'd be meeting some of the guys that would be vying for her heart. Right there. Like....right then.


Rachel was completely unprepared, and the handful of guys she did meet seemed super fakey and tense. One of them boldly told her that he was ready to go black and never go back. Rachel handed the whole thing like a pro, given that she had exactly five minutes to prepare herself to meet these guys.

Did she just meet her future husband??? That last guy that danced with her was super cute....early predictions??? Too soon???

GUYS so much anyone else exhausted?? Best of luck to Nick and Vanessa, and to Rachel! Until next time, bachelor nation!

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Nick Offerman Aggressively Sips Whiskey for 45 Minutes (Video)

Silence has never been so comforting.

Nick Offerman, our favorite steely-faced teddy bear, posted a video of himself sipping whiskey by a fire to his YouTube channel My Tales of Whisky. Yeah, that's pretty much it. He sits there for 45 minutes and drinks whiskey in soothing silence.

Looking into his eyes is like looking into the mouth of God.

We are not worthy.

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College Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid

It'd kill the system.


That's what college athlete are. They play their sport because they want to or because they receive some sort of scholarship/benefits.


That's what college athletes are not. They're not professional athletes -- except the occasional ex minor league baseball player turned college football player (see: Brandon Weeden, Chris Weinke, David Shinskie, Nick Moore, etc.). There's even adults who would say, they're kids. And yet, there are people out there who think college athletes should be paid.

Simply put, the notion that college athletes should be paid is ridiculous. Yes, schools make money off some sports. But not every sport makes money. Most schools don't even make money off their athletic programs. Why would they put money into something where there's no money to be made? Doesn't make sense.

Many athletes are being compensated for their efforts already. Ever hear of a scholarship? How about free food? And no user fee like in high school? Yeah. Playing a college sport has a few perks.

Say college athletes were paid, wouldn't it encourage the age problem the NCAA is already facing? Who is to someone couldn't train for seven years after high school and then go to college and be a professional college athlete? See. Professional college athlete doesn't even sound right.

The only perk paying college athletes could have would be bringing back NCAA Football. But, at the same time, a school like UMass would have to be in the game. And if they paid their athletes using tax money -- in a state I pay tax in, there would be a problem. But not so much a problem as it would be a scathing article somewhere, critiquing their (mis)use of funds.

There's just too many questions to be answered. Who makes what? How is it determined? And most importantly, the NCAA has a good thing going right now. They make a lot of money as a "non profit" because kids want to play college sports.

The NCAA nor its schools pay players salaries. They have not in the past and it has worked well for them. Why would they want to make it any different now? Ultimately, college is about learning anyways. It's also about accumulating debt and worrying about student loans, not accumulating wealth.