LGBTQ Official Denotes Wearing Birkenstocks As Coming Out
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LGBTQ Official Denotes Wearing Birkenstocks As Coming Out

Who's excited?

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A recent tweet from the spokesperson for the LGBTQ community, Dick van Dyke, has everybody talking.

How fantastic is THAT? I mean seriously, now you can literally put on your shoes in the closet and come out of it all in one swift motion! Who could ask for anything better?

Before Dyke made this proclamation, there really was no way to know for sure if a person was gay (unless you could cut their flamboyance with a knife) and now we can all be in on their secret!

It's amazing that they can now show self-pride because of these fashionable, fruity shoes. ALSO - what a PERFECT name for the leader of the LGBTQ movement, no? I mean really, dick AND dyke in the title? It's a name made in heaven!

Sadly, I guess it's time for me to throw away my birks. It's been nice knowin' ya!

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The Top 10 Strongest "The Legend Of Zelda" Characters

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the strongest one of all?

People have speculated for years over which character in the Legend of Zelda franchise is truly the strongest. Link? Ganondorf? Zelda herself? Sidon? You could debate it all day.

I, however, am here to lay these debates to rest. After careful deliberation, here are the top ten strongest Zelda characters:

10. Nostalgic Ghost (Link's Awakening)


The Nostalgic Ghost might be the bottom of the barrel on this list, but this specter has the undeniable strength and fire of a true fighter. You don't wanna 1v1 this guy. Fun fact: Secret Seashell is a trophy only given out to top Hyrule tournament fighters.

9. Ganondorf


I mean, he's stronger than the Nostalgic Ghost, so I guess he makes it, but he pales in comparison to the rest of the list.

8. Deku Butler (Majora's Mask)


You might think that the Deku Butler is a pushover, but it's canon that he took on Ganondorf and won. He also is so strong that he broke a tree in half with his bare hands because he was mad about tax exemptions.

7. Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time)


You thought the owl kept giving you advice because he was wise? He lived it. Who was Link before Link was Link? Exactly. You aren't the only one reincarnating around here, brother.

6. Guru-Guru (Ocarina of Time)


Guru-Guru contains the power to demolish the cosmos themselves. To contain this power, he must constantly play the same song over and over and over again for all of eternity.

And you thought he was just some weirdo.

5. Fishman (The Wind Waker)


I'm going to go ahead and assume that you don't realize that that pig-feed is the ultimate whey protein. He is so strong that it makes his neck hurt, so he takes arrows to it to attempt to cure it and lives. Do not mess with Fishman, you'll get your life wrecked with one paintbrush stroke.

4. Toilet Hand Guy (Majora's Mask)


An ancient evil sealed away long ago, Toilet Hand Guy can only be released when he has amassed enough paper to build a medium-sized lion. He is still working on it, but when he is done, he will reclaim Hyrule as his kingdom.

3. Navi


Every time Navi says "Hey! Hey! Listen!"' she is actually restraining herself from unleashing her unbridled rage and destroying you and everyone else. Not the strongest on this list, but definitely the most dangerous.

2. Cuccoo


Oh you foolish, foolish human, you've done it now. This is the god of our world, do you understand? Cuccoo will erase you from reality before you can even lift your sword.

1. Tingle


The god-killer. The ferocious. The demon of Hyrule. The green one. Tingle's costume contains his god-slaying powers and preserves the order of this world.

This is his world, you're just living in it. Your days were numbered from birth, and you will die by his hand.

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We Aren't Sure Why "Super Mario Odyssey" Has So Many Ducks

There's no need for this many ducks.

The release date for Super Mario Odyssey, October 27, is slowly (slowly) looming closer and closer, and new screenshots and information are being revealed to make us freakin' hyped.

The latest, however, is more perplexing than the rest:

That's right, do that double take. That is exactly what it looks like. Ducks. Ducks everywhere.

Why are there so many ducks in this game? Why weren't they there before? Do the ducks serve a purpose? Why isn't there a normal amount of ducks in Odyssey? Does Mario know why there are so many ducks?

Nintendo has yet to comment on the fowls featured in these photos.

We aren't sure why these ducks are here, nor what purpose they serve, but fingers crossed that time will tell when Super Mario Odyssey hits Switches. Will there be a duck boss battle?

There's speculation that Bowser might be the placebo boss in this game, and the plot twist will be that Mario must battle the evil duck overlord in order to save Peach for good.

More importantly, though, can we feed the ducks?

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Attention Bernie Supporters: 5 Times Hillary Agreed with Bernie

Who will you vote for?

Democrats and Independents (and maybe more than a few anti-Trump Republicans) who supported Bernie are thinking hard about whether Trump or Hillary deserve their vote considering Bernie has all but lost.

For some, the choice is simple - I've heard plenty of people who are not voting for Hillary "because she's a woman," but beyond some obvious sexism, what's the real difference between Bernie and Hillary? Possibly, not as much as you think - here's what they agree on:

LGBTQ Issues
Bernie and Hillary both claim to be on board with LGBTQ rights. They both support improving health, safety, and equality for LGBTQ individuals, but Clinton even takes it farther with plans to end conversion therapy for minors, allow LGBTQ individuals to join and be recognized in the military, collect data on the national LGBTQ population, and provide aid to LGBTQ individuals in retirement.

Minimum Wage
Hillary and Bernie both support raising it. It's true, Hillary advocates for $12 an hour, while Bernie supported $15 an hour, but either way, it's a step up from the current $7.25 minimum federal wage I'll be making at my summer job (thanks Utah).

Women's Rights
They're both support equal pay and equal rights, Bernie and Hillary even worked together on the Paycheck Fairness Act, opposing pay discrimination based on sex. Hillary has the added plus of being the first female president (yay!).

Both plan to make college more affordable and accessible, but specifically, Bernie would make public four-year colleges tuition-free, and Clinton would make community colleges tuition-free. I know, community college isn't the same as a 4 year college, but it's a step forward and creates so many opportunities.

They both recognize that climate change is real and they're ready to do something about it. They agree that the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the US is a bad move for the environment, and stand against it. They also both oppose offshore drilling in the Arctic. Clinton's environmental is pretty solid, including forming the Climate and Clean Air Coalition as Secretary of State, bringing together 37 countries to "reduce black carbon, HFCs, and methane emissions."

On many issues, Hillary and Bernie have their differences, but on most, like expanding access to healthcare, making college more affordable, and supporting equality, they're closely aligned. So, what makes Hillary an acceptable alternative to die-hard Bernie supporters? According to Florida State University sophomore Marissa Smith, it's that Hillary would be more likely to get stuff done with bipartisan support, avoiding a repeat of Congress's shut-down. No matter who you're supporting, it's important to know why they're getting your vote and to actually vote!

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Emily Blunt Is Going To Be An Amazing Mary Poppins

But will she be as good as Julie Andrews?

With Disney remaking almost all of its classic movies, it was no surprise that they decided to give one of their most popular live-action films a sequel.

Mary Poppins was one of the company's most financially successful films at the time and it was wildly popular with critics and fans alike. The film starred Dick Van Dyke in the memorable -- and ridiculous -- role of a chimney sweep-slash-artist and gave the amazing Julie Andrews her first feature film role as well as her first Academy Award.

The film had songs that every child has sung at least once and it also teaches valuable lessons about greed and selfishness. The song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" was the original tongue twister and almost every kid tried to use 'A Spoonful of Sugar' to get their medicine down.

With Disney teasing the upcoming remake at D23 we're finally given our first look at the new Mary Poppins and Andrews' replacement: Emily Blunt.

The 34 year old actress fits the part of the iconic Mary: she's gorgeous, she's charming, she's British, and she can sing -- did you hear her in Into The Woods?! With Lin Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer also starring in the film, Mary Poppins Returns definitely seems to be off to a good start.

The film is officially being called a sequel as opposed to a remake, so I'm not quite sure how they're going to explain Mary's drastic change in appearance, but I'm sure Disney will find a way to make it work. We don't know much about the film besides its cast, so for the time being we'll just have to wait and whistle a few tunes.

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President Trump Clogs Oval Office Toilet And Blames Obama Administration

"In order to clog 'Derriere Force 1,' he must have really drained the swamp into that mother."

In a tweet posted at 3:31 AM on Tuesday, July 18th, the president revealed to the public that in the night, after too many of Trump Tower's taco bowls, the Presidential Porcelain had become clogged.

When questioned about the digestive health of the president, press secretary Sean Spicer said:

"We are all very confident that the President has a healthy digestive system, and that his dumps are considered to be great. We have some of the best gastroenterologists, and the scientific community in general I think would say the same. Any insinuation that the president does not maintain above par regularity in the bathroom is frankly unfounded, and is just another partisan attack on this administration."

Spicer was questioned about whether or not he has actually talked to the president about the consistency of his dumps, to which he replied, "I have not yet had the chance to discuss that with the president."

As the story broke, several experts in the field put out their comment on the explosive story, one plumber saying, "In order to clog 'Derriere Force 1,' he must have really drained the swamp into that mother."

The press was quick to dig deeper into the story, asking administration officials and spokespeople if they believe that the Russian dressing on his salad was involved in the volatile nature of the president's stomach, and therefore his bowel movement.

When contacted, almost all sources vehemently denied any knowledge of said dressing being in the President's salad.