LaVar Ball is a BBB: Big Bald Bully
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LaVar Ball is a BBB: Big Bald Bully

Does he stop at nothing for fame?

Does he stop at nothing for fame?

LaVar Ball is like a Kardashian: many people hate him, but cannot stop talking about him. Saturday was another chapter in the saga that is, still, his 15 minutes of fame. Ball was coaching his son's AAU game when, with his team up by 9, he got on the court and argued a foul call with a referee. He later walked off the court, urging his team to follow suit and forfeiting the game in the process.

I give the man his credit for what he has done in his life. He is a great marketer, is nursing his wife after a stroke she had, and after reading the article his son Lonzo wrote, I gained more respect for him as a father. However, this is over the top. LaVar has done a lot of questionable things over the past few months, from saying he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game to saying Lonzo is going to be better than Steph Curry, even if he has not played a regular season game. However, this takes the cake. Having confidence is one thing, but being arrogant and exploiting your son's team for fame are two different things.

I cannot begin to defend this. The foul was the correct call. His team was winning by nine. He literally cursed out the referee. Instead, like the selfish person he is, he pulled his team off the court after the referee called a technical foul on him for something NBA players get techs and fines for every time they do so. The fact that his team also walked off the court willingly was both shocking and angering. It makes me question what kind of power dynamic exists between the coach and players, but also, it should be the players' decision if they want to play, not the coach's. Last time I checked, you can play basketball without coaches, but you cannot play without players.

I feel sorry for the team that won today because they did not really win. They are going to think that they won because the other team did not want to play because of an idiotic decision by a coach that has no business in basketball. LaVar may have some redeeming qualities about him, but Saturday, like many other days, he was nothing like a big baller. He committed a sin that the basketball gods will never forgive him for.

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Lonzo Ball Rapped Over Drake's "Free Smoke" And It Was Actually Pretty Fire

This kid has balls.

We all heard the UCLA phenom spit a verse in his video with Lil Dicky last month, but we may have not realized that this kid might actually be better than we thought. This morning, Lonzo released a rap on SoundCloud under the name "ZO2" with DC The Don.

Lonzo's father, Lavar, has stolen the show the past few months, making us forget about how amazing, and how swaggy, his son really is. The way Zo runs, dribbles, passes, and shoots flow so well that it shouldn't be much of a surprise that he has extended the flow to the studio.

The rap starts off with a quick verse from Ball which actually sounds pretty legit and probably surprised many people who were expecting much worse. AT one point he hits us with:

"ZO2 times DC,

Worldwide shout out triple Bs,

From the Mil to the IE"

Here he introduces himself as ZO2, showing us that it is more than just the name of a shoe, but rather his rapper name. He also brings up his family brand, Big Baller Brand. Later, Zo hits us with my personal favorite line:

"I be ballin like I'm sponsored"

People forget that Zo most definitely had a say in the business of his father not accepting any sponsorships unless they licensed the Big Baller Brand. Zo is confident in his ability and his likeness, and believes he has the ability to make it big without a sponsorship, something that has never been done before.

He's out here spittin' bars, putting a target on his head, ready for the heat.

Zo brings up his dad later in the rap with the line:

"You a king I'm still your father,

Simba n*gga I'm Mufasa"

Ball is pointing out that although many people may think of him as Lavar's son, he is soon to be king of the NBA (and maybe the rap game as well). Overall, I loved this verse and this idea by Lonzo.

The target on his head can hardly get any bigger. He knows that he is going to have extra pressure on him because of all of the publicity surrounding him, but he also knows in his mind that he has the game to back it up. I was impressed by the rap and more importantly the message.

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Referee Shows Fellow Referee A Red Card


Athletes battle hard; they battle twice as hard when dealing with a sickness, like Michael Jordan did during his flu game. The athlete is battling two fights in this case -- one against the other team, and one against something in his own body.

But referees can get sick, too. And one official decided to have a little fun at his sick colleague's expense.

During a Scottish soccer (sorry, Scottish football) match between Dundee and Kilmarnock, referee Craig Thomson began feeling ill and ended up going a bit beyond the playing area to hurl.

He got no sympathy from the crowd, who cheered, and no helping hand from a fellow official, who showed him a red card. Both refs and one player who looked in concern for the ref laughed over the instance before play resumed.

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The Lakers Have Won The NBA Off-Season So Far

Success in free agency will confirm their victory.

From the moment that David Stern and the NBA owners veto the Lakers' attempted trade of Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets six years ago to this moment, the Los Angeles Lakers have been a franchise on life support with the heart rate slowing down each season. The departures of stars and future Hall of Famers, the rise of the Los Angeles Clippers, and the dysfunction of owner Jim Buss have not helped the situation at all.

The tide started to change this season however, when Lakers legend Magic Johnson took over the head of basketball operations for the team and Jeanie Buss took over the ownership of the team.

Almost immediately, the team started to wheel and deal like the Lakers at their height in the 1980's or throughout the 2000's, acquiring a first round pick in the draft in trading away Lou Williams.

And this week, as free agency news began and draft analyst started to end, the NBA's glamour franchise made another valuable move: trading away the marginal center Timothy Mozgov whose four year, 64 million dollar contract became an immediate joke (and evidence that Mozgov agent could sell ice to Eskimos). They also got rid of guard D'Angelo Russell, freeing up space for UCLA's Lonzo Ball to take over the position. In return, the Lakers found themselves with a 20 point a game big man in Brook Lopez and another first round pick!

Well, that shows the Lakers winning the trading and drafting parts of the off-season, what about free agency? Well, the most tout after player in the league right now, Paul George, has already expressed a desire to play with his hometown Lakers. George has another year on his contract, but has not promised to sign an extension if traded. Oh yeah, and there are reports that LeBron James is looking for a new home in the City of Angels next year as a free agent.

It always happens. Rather it the Lakers getting Wilt Chamberlain in the late 1960's, getting Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the mid 1970's, Shaq and Kobe in 1990's, or Pau Gasol in the 2000's, Los Angeles always finds the best players and make sure they become Lakers. Either through trades or free agency, Los Angeles have spent decades constructing "Super Teams" before LeBron or Durant were even born.

Imagine a starting five of Lonzo Ball, Paul George, LeBron James, Brandon Ingram, and Brook Lopez. Now that's a team that could put itself up their with the 1971, 1985, and 2001 Lakers squads as the best in the franchises history. And sorry Boston, but Gordon Hayward and Isaiah Thomas are not beating that team.

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The Best LaVar Ball Quotes This Year

He's really somethin'.

Sometimes, I feel like my dad lives his life solely to embarrass me. I mean, I don't blame him, I'll probably be the exact same way when I have kids.

But my dad, nor any other dad I have ever met, will reach the level of LaVar Ball. I think he is actually a professional douche.

He takes every opportunity to speak his mind and talk about his talented sons... and himself.

Here is a little clip of an interview with him from last night's NBA Draft:

If that wasn't enough to get a giggle out of you then here are a few more quotes from him:

"If Charles thought like me, maybe he'd win a championship."- March 2017.

"My son will only play for the Lakers." - February 2017.

"We already got out own brand. Triple B's. Lorenzo is going to be the first one drafter with his own brand. That don't happen." - March 2017.

"Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one." - March 2017.

"Even if you don't want to hear me, you're going to hear me." - March 2017.

"A billion dollars, it has to be there. That's our number, a billion straight out of the gate. And you don't even have to give it to me all up front. Give it to us $100 mil over 10 years." - March 2017

Ball has made it just too easy for us to make fun of him. Here are some hilarious tweets about the "#1 Dad":

Also, side note: Is he going to whiten his teeth, orrr...?

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Lonzo To The Lakers Is A Touch Of Death To LaVar Haters

Why should he stop being obnoxious?

Unlike usual, much of the pre-draft broadcast on ESPN was not spent focusing on the NBA draft itself. In fact, it really wasn't focused on any of the draft's players in particular either.

Instead, it was focused on the father of one particular player. LaVar Ball, Lonzo Ball's father, has actually been in the spotlight for some time, and this year's NBA draft was no exception.

LaVar has been able to manipulate both the media and the public with his obnoxious and sometimes offensive way of presenting his thoughts to the public. Whether it's claiming he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one in his heyday or blaming UCLA's loss in the Sweet 16 on the white players (of which two actually averaged more points per game than Lonzo), he's forced the media and public to pay attention to him, which is exactly what he wants, even if that attention is negative.

He knows people want to hate, and he knows that that hate gives him attention. It's a win-win.

Proof that he has successfully accomplished this manipulation is the fact that not only do people still talk and obsess over him, but the fact that through his "Big Baller Brand", Lonzo Ball already has his own $495 shoe at age 19. LaVar is getting what he wants, and nothing less, and he has been doing so for quite some time.

But despite being wrong with some of his predictions, like claiming that UCLA would win this year's NCAA basketball championship, his key prediction all along was that his son would play for the Lakers. In fact, he said that his son would ONLY play for the Lakers, and he claimed that he would not even work out for any other team.

He has said for months and months (or as he claims, since the day Lonzo was born) that Lonzo would end up as a Los Angeles Laker. And what do you know? The Lakers, despite not having the best odds to do so, won the #2 overall draft pick in this May's NBA draft lottery, and they selected Lonzo Ball with that pick.

So guess what happens next? LaVar Ball is going to continue remind everyone "I told you so," like he did when the Lakers selected Lonzo. And he's also going to continue his blasphemy, which reiterates why I now generally refer to him as LaVar Ball-abbermouth.

He's already made another bold claim that no one can disprove at this point, saying that Lonzo will lead the currently awful Lakers team to the playoff in his first season. While many may not agree and in fact may argue with that statement, it hasn't been proven wrong, and frankly won't and can't be until the Lakers are eliminated from playoff contention, if in fact they are, and they mathematically can't be eliminated until at least halfway through the 2017-2018 season.

Like his claim about Lonzo playing for the Lakers, despite the 29/30 chance of that not being the case, no one could disprove LaVar since the draft had not yet happened. Now the draft has happened, and it turns out LaVar was right. And now that he has made another bold claim about Lonzo leading the Lakers to the playoffs, he will continue to be in the spotlight of both the public and the media, taking hate from all sides, but getting the attention he desires in doing so.

To the dismay of many, LaVar Ball was right. Because of it, we may not stop hearing about him anytime soon, even with Lonzo now in the NBA as opposed to the NCAA. The Lakers' selection of Lonzo Ball with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft is what literally all LaVar haters wanted NOT to happen. Well, it happened, and now we have to deal with the consequences.