Jennifer Aniston's Long John Silver Diet Keeps Her Wrinkle-Free
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Jennifer Aniston's Long John Silver Diet Keeps Her Wrinkle-Free

Perfect for ballin' on a budget!

Jennifer Aniston sat down with E! to discuss skincare tips for college students. Most assume that her flawless skin has to do with her use of Aveeno, but she told a different story.

Though Aniston is the spokeswoman for Aveeno, she says that she has never actually used it (shocker, right?). Instead, she uses an entirely different product: Long John Silver's zesty tartar sauce.

"The 99.9 percent fat-filled sauce really does wonders for my skin," Aniston told E! "My favorite part about using it is being able to lick it off at the end."

How great to know we can have great skincare and a cheap meal all in one? Perfect for hungry, zitty college students!

Aniston also said that her diet plays a large role in her appearance.

"Not only does Long John Silver's sauce help prevent wrinkles in my face, but the food also helps me fit into my so-tight-you-can-always-see-my-nipples-through-them clothes!" says Aniston.

Looks like Long John Silver's goodness is more than we originally thought.

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Some Truths About One-Night Stands

Jennifer Aniston movie are full of shit.

I'd like to thank the commercialization of love and, of course, our lovely hook up culture for this one. I swear in every romcom or sitcom, there's always talk about the one night stand or being "friends with benefits". Don't get me wrong, those shows are hilarious and hella relevant to the #singlegirls of America, but they always get a few things wrong. For starters, I'm still waiting for my adorable, yet dorky "knight-in-shining armor" to unexpectedly waltz into my life. @JustinTimberlake, have you been busy or something?

Here is a definitive list of one-night stand myths:

You're getting a t-shirt. For some reason, it's been rumored that if you sleep with a guy, he gives you his t-shirt to wear home the next day. Let me know if you're a real human and this has happened to you, because this is the most outlandish thing I've ever heard. Realistically, there are several problems with this mentality. First off, he definitely doesn't have enough shirts to make this a regular practice. Second, why would he just give you a shirt for free? What is this, an amusement park?

You will at least exchange numbers. Nah, homeboy was just in this for the perks. In fact, most times if you're doing the whole "one-night-stand" right, it's understood that this is a one time, no-guarantees arrangement. Thanks for the #mems!

You'll have great sex. This one should absolutely not be a spoiler alert. You are literally going home with someone you barely know and getting extremely intimate with them. So yes, the odds of this being at best, moderately good, or, more likely, a shitty, awkward exchange is high. This is not the time to try that move from 50 Shades of Grey or hitting it from behind for the first time. Trust.

You will leave after. You always hear about the hit-it and quit-it or drive by banging, but that doesn't mean either of you will be leaving that night. Most times, you both end up crashing or passing out after and sleeping there, in the same bed. Which of course means some riveting morning-after talk. Awkward.

You will cuddle. Ha, yeah fuckin' right. Buy me dinner first! Meanwhile, you're definitely thinking, "Like, actually, could you not? Yeah, it's just, you're on top of me and now I'm sweating. I, actually, no, just no. Do you by any chance have a couch? Is it possible to tap out now? Are there any other sleeping arrangements we could try? Amy Schumer, I feel you now!"

One-night stand myths are total bullshit. Hopefully you aren't too bummed out about No. 1. Personally, that one was tough for me to swallow.

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The Top 10 Strongest "The Legend Of Zelda" Characters

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the strongest one of all?

People have speculated for years over which character in the Legend of Zelda franchise is truly the strongest. Link? Ganondorf? Zelda herself? Sidon? You could debate it all day.

I, however, am here to lay these debates to rest. After careful deliberation, here are the top ten strongest Zelda characters:

10. Nostalgic Ghost (Link's Awakening)


The Nostalgic Ghost might be the bottom of the barrel on this list, but this specter has the undeniable strength and fire of a true fighter. You don't wanna 1v1 this guy. Fun fact: Secret Seashell is a trophy only given out to top Hyrule tournament fighters.

9. Ganondorf


I mean, he's stronger than the Nostalgic Ghost, so I guess he makes it, but he pales in comparison to the rest of the list.

8. Deku Butler (Majora's Mask)


You might think that the Deku Butler is a pushover, but it's canon that he took on Ganondorf and won. He also is so strong that he broke a tree in half with his bare hands because he was mad about tax exemptions.

7. Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time)


You thought the owl kept giving you advice because he was wise? He lived it. Who was Link before Link was Link? Exactly. You aren't the only one reincarnating around here, brother.

6. Guru-Guru (Ocarina of Time)


Guru-Guru contains the power to demolish the cosmos themselves. To contain this power, he must constantly play the same song over and over and over again for all of eternity.

And you thought he was just some weirdo.

5. Fishman (The Wind Waker)


I'm going to go ahead and assume that you don't realize that that pig-feed is the ultimate whey protein. He is so strong that it makes his neck hurt, so he takes arrows to it to attempt to cure it and lives. Do not mess with Fishman, you'll get your life wrecked with one paintbrush stroke.

4. Toilet Hand Guy (Majora's Mask)


An ancient evil sealed away long ago, Toilet Hand Guy can only be released when he has amassed enough paper to build a medium-sized lion. He is still working on it, but when he is done, he will reclaim Hyrule as his kingdom.

3. Navi


Every time Navi says "Hey! Hey! Listen!"' she is actually restraining herself from unleashing her unbridled rage and destroying you and everyone else. Not the strongest on this list, but definitely the most dangerous.

2. Cuccoo


Oh you foolish, foolish human, you've done it now. This is the god of our world, do you understand? Cuccoo will erase you from reality before you can even lift your sword.

1. Tingle


The god-killer. The ferocious. The demon of Hyrule. The green one. Tingle's costume contains his god-slaying powers and preserves the order of this world.

This is his world, you're just living in it. Your days were numbered from birth, and you will die by his hand.

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Best Snapchat Accounts for Beauty Addicts

These babes slay snapchat

If you like knowing what the best beauty tips and products are the best source is actually snapchat. You find out first hand what your favorite beauty icons use. Certain people are better than others at snapchat. Here's a list of who you should be following if you're a beauty addict.

Golden Barbie aka Jasmine Sanders (Model)- YouAintGolden

She's an active snapper. Golden Barbie is a model always sharing her skincare and makeup tips on her snap.


Jenn Im (YouTuber)- JennImSnaps

Jenn Im has incredible style. She loves sharing her life as well as her newest beauty favorites over her snapchat.

Keaton Milburn (YouTuber)- MilburnKeaton

Keaton is a beauty guru on YouTube. She's gorgeous and usually snaps about her favorite beauty products and newest clothing finds.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley (Model)- RosieHW

The former Victoria's Secret model is famous for her in-depth snaps about makeup and hair. She gives the best product recommendations and tips over her snapchat.

Shannon Barker (Model/Health Guru)- Shannonagins

Shannon is more of a health nut than anything. Her snap stories are always filled with green juices and spin classes. She's a model so she has great tips on how to stay in shape. She's also posted a few beauty secrets on her snap as well.

Claire Marshall (YouTuber)- HeyClaireHey

Claire Marshall is a YouTuber who gets sent tons of new products to test out. She usually updates her snapchat first before making her YouTube beauty reviews. Add her if you want to see what's new in the beauty world.

Bella Oelmann (Model)- BellaOel

Model Bella Oelmann's snap is always a great place to find new beauty tips. She always looks amazing and I frequently steal makeup and outfit ideas from her account.

Vivian V (YouTuber)- Viviannn_V

Vivian, another famous YouTuber, has amazing hair and shares her favorite products over her snap. Add her if you want to know what she uses in her crazy long mane.

Amy Lee (YouTuber)- Amy_Vagabond

Amy Vagabond is more of a product junkie and style guru than anything. Her outfit of the day's are always great for inspiration.

Glossier (Skincare/Makeup Brand)- Glossier.IRL

People are obsessed with Glossier products. They're very minimalistic. If you want to see what's new with Glossier before anyone else add them on snap.

Francesca Aiello (Creator of Frankie's Bikini's/Hot Person)- FrancescaAiello

Add francesca if you want to see what a perfect life is like. At 19 she's created a majorly successful bikini line. I keep her on my snap for life motivation.

Juliana Herz (Model)- JuliHerz

Another model who frequently snaps. Juliana is incredibly funny and shares a lot of personal moments on her snapchat as well as some beauty/fashion tips.

Gabby Epstein (Instagram Influencer)- GabbyEpstein

Gabby is known well from her instagram where she always seems to be in a bikini. Follow her for lots of selfie inspo.


Josie Canseco (Model)- JosCanseco

Daughter of legendary baseball player Jose Canseco, and girlfriend of Mike Stud. Josie Canseco is seriously beautiful and funny. Add her on snapchat to get a glimpse into her life.

Shanina Shaik (Model)- ShaninaMShaik

Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik always has the best snap stories. She's always traveling to beautiful places wearing the best outfits. Add her to get insane style inspiration.

Jessica Clements(Model/YouTuber)-JClem43

Jess Clements has a successful modeling career as well as a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. Jess posts about her favorite beauty products and fashion finds pretty often. Add her to see how she does it all.


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Celebs Over 40 I'd Totally Bang

Don't tell me you wouldn't.

Don't even deny that there's a celeb who's 40 or older that you'd bang. Don't even try.

That one where you're like, "I totally recognize that you're almost 20 years (or more) older than I am, but you can totally still hit it." It's OK, there's no shame. I have a lengthy list of people that are way older than I am that I say this about.

Rich people magic definitely keeps them looking amazing, but here's a list of celebs over 40 that I'd totally bang:

1. Joe Biden


Maybe it's because of that picture I saw of him when he was younger, but Biden is fiiiiiiiine. I love a man who supports the marginalized.

2. John Stamos


Need I say anything more? I've had a crush on this man before I ever even knew what a crush was.

3. Halle Berry


Does she age? I'm not convinced, but either way Halle Berry is hot as hell.

4. Jason Bateman


Maybe I just love the Arrested Development star for being the voice of reason and also totally the hot one on the show (RIP when it was good, though).

5. David Duchovny


I would be lying if I said I didn't watch The X-Files and not only 1) totally fangirl over Mulder and Scully together, but 2) imagine being Scully.


I aspire to this.

6. Gillian Anderson


On that note, it might make it kind of weird that I'd also totally bang Scully... or both. I wouldn't rule anything out if the opportunity was presented to me.

7. Antonio Banderas


I don't even like beards and I am totally vibing with his. I can't really unsee the Spy Kids dad in him, but I'm fine with that...

8. Jennifer Aniston


Straight up as I was finding a picture to use I was going, "How?" What is her secret? She hasn't aged! White women rarely age this well, how does she do it? (Don't actually tell me, I don't want to know).

9. Paul Rudd


Speaking of people who don't age, I have not made my love for Paul Rudd a secret by any means. The deciding movie for me was Clueless, and what's amazing is that he looks exactly the same as he did back then. White men also rarely age this well, so what is his secret?


How? This is from 1997. How? There's even quizzes to guess which Paul Rudd is older (I failed).

10. Gabrielle Union


She is flawless for 44 years old, absolutely killing the game. I am in awe of her and also have been totally crushing on her since 10 Things I Hate About You tbh.

11. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


What is the Rock cookin'? After Moana, he's proved to me there's nothing that he can't do. Look at those muscles, too.

12. Jada Pinkett Smith


Jada Pinkett Smith is the most beautiful, badass woman alive, I think.


She sings in a metal band called Wicked Wisdom. She is a woman after my own heart, and if I didn't love her and Will together so damn much I'd totally be jealous of him.

13. Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu is a goddess in human flesh. She can do whatever she wants to me. She could kill me and I'd be totally fine with it.

14. Hugh Jackman


He (was) Wolverine, he can sing, there's nothing he can't do. I love Hugh Jackman so much. He could also kill me and I'd be fine with it. I don't even understand the facial hair and I'm totally about it.

15. Steve Carell


I'm gonna say it: Steve Carell is such a silver fox now. I can't really unsee the Michael Scott persona, but I don't necessarily want to, either.


Step aside, George Clooney.

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LGBTQ Official Denotes Wearing Birkenstocks As Coming Out

Who's excited?

A recent tweet from the spokesperson for the LGBTQ community, Dick van Dyke, has everybody talking.

How fantastic is THAT? I mean seriously, now you can literally put on your shoes in the closet and come out of it all in one swift motion! Who could ask for anything better?

Before Dyke made this proclamation, there really was no way to know for sure if a person was gay (unless you could cut their flamboyance with a knife) and now we can all be in on their secret!

It's amazing that they can now show self-pride because of these fashionable, fruity shoes. ALSO - what a PERFECT name for the leader of the LGBTQ movement, no? I mean really, dick AND dyke in the title? It's a name made in heaven!

Sadly, I guess it's time for me to throw away my birks. It's been nice knowin' ya!