It's Time For Snapchat To Bring Back The Best Friends List
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It's Time For Snapchat To Bring Back The Best Friends List

The easiest way to know who's banging who.

Let's face it, we need Snapchat to bring back the best friends list. In this day of age, everything is made public knowledge.

Everyone knows everything about anyone just from a scroll on their social media account. We as a generation love to overthink, and our social media presence is to blame.

We live in an impulsive society. We tend to make quick, rash judgements without really putting in any real thought. So that is why the Snapchat best friend list was so crucial. How else am I supposed to assume who is fucking who? We need answers.

I know you're probably thinking that it's none of my business and that it shouldn't be put out there for public consumption. But I know that deep down, you want Snapchat to bring it back just as much as I do.

You're talking to a girl and you want to make sure that you're the top guy on her list? Snapchat best friends will have your back. Wanna throw some shade at your ex and show them what you're up to now? Snapchat best friends list can do that.

The only downside of this would be for the cheaters. And so what? If Snapchat brought back the best friends list, a woman would know if her man is cheating on her with that bitch Alyssa from SOC 100.

Snapchat would be out here doing relationships a service.

Now, I know that you might think I'm being too nosy, but are we wrong to want to spy on our Snapchat friends? People are born curious. It's natural.

I used to take great pleasure in checking out other's best friend list, and you're damn right that I would judge them. Especially when the same girl would show up in four of your buddy's lists.

Enough with the unnecessary features, Snapchat. Bring back the best friends list so we can see who's hooking up again.

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10 Reasons Why Guys are on Social Media

TBH, we're nosy, too.

Guys are just as nosy as women. Guys want to know information about their friends and acquaintances, too. If so-and-so is pregnant, guys want to know. If someone got arrested, got a new job, or a new (hot) S.O., we wanna know.

Checking in on bae. This is one of the better sources to spy on bae. Facebook allows you to see what she has liked--and she cannot hide it. Also, you can see who's commenting on her wall, aka who's trying to get attention from your girl.

When you get no attention IRL, in comes Facebook. There are a lot of lonely guys who get no attention from girls. The best way for them to seek attention is through social media with immature games such as TBH (to be honest), LMS (like my status) and the worst one of all, the Rate Game.

It's a platform to talk about sports. Most men like sports; and social media is a perfect place to share your opinions and to pick the brains of other sports heads, which usually sparks debate. Social media is also where celebrity athletes tend to announce important information, giving fans the chance to hear it first.

Celebrity photos that they don't show on TV. Have you seen Amber Rose on the balcony? Did you see Kim Kardashian in that dress? Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are where we see the photos that our girl probably does not want us to see, not to mention the supermodels who post pictures to their personal accounts.

We get our news there. Besides the non-important things like sexy photos and juicy gossip, anything you want to know regarding the political world can be found on social media. Every presidential debate that is aired on TV will be debated on social media in the following days. The day's happenings will also show up on your feed at some point, too. Social media is a great place to get easy, fast news.

Ever wanted to brag about something publicly? Social media is the perfect place for guys to brag, whether it be our new girlfriend, new car, award/game we won, etc. Alternately, it can also out you, and show everyone you know "Who wasted the most time doing x?"

I want to be a macho, macho mannnnn. If a guy has beef with someone, but doesn't want to address it in public, he can totally blast them on social rather than in person--which also brings the potential to get punched right away. Not sure which is worse tbh.

Food Network 2.0. In this day and age, men have embraced their culinary sides. Cooking is a big accomplishment for me and social media only helps--it's a great resource to find recipes or even a good place to humblebrag about what you created in the kitchen.

Reunited and it feel so good. Another big reason guys have social media is to reunite with friends or former teammates. it's always good to reconnect with someone from your past. This is the best way for guys to communicate with friends because we all know, guys aren't big on phone conversations.

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It's Time to Up Your Snapchat Game: Here's How

Your Snapfeed can be more than just celebs and friends with dogfaced filters.

If you're anything like me, then following some of the hottest celebs on Snapchat like King Kylie, (my fav), is a guilty pleasure. Snapchat is one of the only social channels where you can get a real, live peek into the lives of celebs.

Source: Snapchat

While following celebrities is fun and all, their Snapchat stories are nothing special when it comes to actual interesting, creative content. I don't know about you, but I don't ever need to see a snapchat of DJ Khaled landscaping ever again. It's nice that you're into nature, Khaled, but those snaps are BORING AF.

Source: Snapchat

So, aside from our friends filling our newsfeeds with dog-faced selfies and celebs giving us a BTS look into their lives, how and where are we supposed to find some half-decent content to fill our feeds with?

If you're familiar at all with Snapchat, you know that unlike other social apps out there, it doesn't allow you to discover or search for new people to follow, which can be extremely limiting. I recently stumbled across an app that has made my Snapchat experience so much more exciting: Ghostcodes.

If you're bored with your current snap newsfeed, the Ghostcodes app is a must. The app, created by Snapchat gurus, Hunter Harrison and Frank Danna, makes discovering the type of people and content you actually want to fill your Snapfeed super easy.

Snapchat is literally the place to be rn, and there are some major Snappers putting some kick ass content out to the Snapiverse that you don't wanna miss, kinda like this amazing work of art by snapartist, Piiinky.

If you're looking to stay on top of the social trends, my suggestion to you is to get on Ghostcodes and see the amazing content creators and rising "Snapstars" (yes, that is a thing these days) ASAP.

The days of following only celebs and your BFFs are long gone. It's time to follow some real content creators, and Ghostcodes is how you can start doing just that.

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The New Snapchat Update Is Really Creepy

Stalker-level weirdness.

Opening my phone this morning, I noticed I had a bunch of new app updates in the app store. Like most people, I updated all the apps to get rid of that annoying little red notification number.

One of the apps to be updated was Snapchat. Without looking, I assumed that some new face filters or Snap story update was rolling out. But honestly, I wish I hadn't updated it.

Snapchat's new update, released yesterday, shares your location with all your snap buddies. Doesn't sound too harmless, right? Lots of apps do that. Until you take a look and realize that Snapchat has literally mapped out the entire WORLD, and your little Bitmoji appears on the map... right in your exact location.

I know, Bill Nye, I know....

The weirdest part is that this location tracker is SCARY accurate. I took a look this morning, and the map shows your location down to the exact STREET you're on. That is some stalker-level stuff.

I can see how this could be a fun way to add location stories, keep up with fun things that your friends are doing in different places, and enjoy stories from different cities, states, and countries. But think about many of your Snap followers do you reeeeeally know? Do you only add your closest friends? Or anyone who adds you, without much of a second glance? Are you comfortable with all your Snap friends knowing exactly where you are at any given time? Yeesh.

Luckily, there's a way to hide your location from everyone but yourself, called "Ghost Mode", found in settings. It actually walked me through this privacy process when I opened the app after updating it. You can also choose to share your location with only a few select friends.

I happily put myself in Ghost Mode... yikes. Even in Ghost Mode, though, my little Bitmoji is still visible on the map, but her face is blocked out with the Snapchat ghost. I see some potential privacy complaints that could arise as a result of this.

I see where Snapchat is trying to go with this update. But if you're unaware of the update at first, like I was, just know that the app drops you on that little map automatically before you change the privacy settings. I personally think it's a bit creepy to allow everyone who follows you to know, quite literally, exactly where you are at all times.

So go and get yourself into Ghost Mode, friends, before that one ex-boyfriend who you kept on Snapchat starts stalking you.

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Annoying Things People Do on Snapchat

Ask yourself before you post: Does this provide added value?

Tan lines. No one cares. Genuinely, NO ONE CARES. You are the only person who cares about your tan lines, so keep it to yourself. Take photos of them and stick them up on your bedroom wall, if you want. Just don't put it up on your Snap story please.

Snapchatting scenes from a movie/show. Spoilers are the worst kind of people in this world. Lower than people who listen to Macklemore. Lower than people who put the milk in before the cereal. No one likes a spoiler, so stop putting up clips of shows and movies on Snapchat.

Lip synching. Are you trying to show us that you have the ability to rap? That you know the words to the song? Oh you know the words to Hotline Bling like everyone else? Congrats.

Posting a video of your feet walking on the street. We get it, you have shoes and/or pants. Most of us have those items, as well.

Club snapchats. If you're having such a great night, why do you have the time to video it to send to everyone? Shouldn't you be, you know, enjoying the night? Stop it.

Snaps of your dog. Or cat for that matter. We don't give a damn how cute you think your pet is. If your pet isn't attacking someone or having a seizure, don't send me a snap of it. You playing fetch with your dog in a park is not interesting enough to occupy 8 seconds of my life. Watching a dog chase a stick and bring it back to its owner is not 8 seconds well spent.

Snaps of your parents. Your dad's weak jokes are not funny and your mom not realizing it's a video is not funny either.

Sending me the same shit you put in your story. It's not just saddening, but irritating too. Getting a notification for no reason when it's already in the story is v annoying. Some of us have lives to live outside of our iPhones. Plus, I don't appreciate the false hope of thinking someone loves me enough to send me a personalized snap, when they've actually sent it to everyone.

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Five Female Celebs To Add On Snapchat Right Now

Worth It.

Since its debut four years ago, Snapchat has become the app to have.

Snapchat - or should we say Snap? - has arguably one of the most widely used social media sites, along with the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

While you may already be following your fav celebs on Insta and Twitter, there's a select few whose Snapchat accounts are public - and you definitely need to be following them. The following 5 women all have a pretty awesome Snapchat story at any given time, and you'll be sad if you don't follow them immediately .

1) Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is one my favorite human beings in general. If you follow her on Twitter, you know she hilariously annihilates trolls on the reg. Her Snapchat game is always fire as well. She often posts Snaps of her food, herself with filters, and her broken nails. Same.

And particularly, during NYFW this year, Chrissy took to Snapchat to post some hilarious videos. She uploaded one to Instagram. Watch below:


A video posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

2) Any and all of the Kardashian/Jenner women (including Blac Chyna)

I love me a good Kardashian Snapchat; and Kylie, Kim, and Kourtney do not disappoint. I unfollowed Khloe a few months ago because I'm still mad at her over the shade she threw at Chloe Grace Moretz, but the previously mentioned women have a killer Snapchat game.

Kourtney's workout Snaps, Kim's selfie/North West Snaps, and Kylie's interior decor snaps make me wish I was born into their family.

Ugh. Kylie, looking better as a bleach blonde than I ever will:

3) Hailey Baldwin

Who is Hailey Baldwin, you ask? She's a model, and also the niece of Alec Baldwin. She has also recently been spotted hanging out with Justin Bieber. Anyways, I added her on Snapchat a few months ago, and her posts are fairly interesting, a glimpse of what it's like to be a model (since, you know, I'll never be a high fashion model, considering I'm 5'5 and have the appetite of a 300-pound man).

Hailey definitely posts a lot of selfies - so if you're in the mood to learn how to take the best selfies...Hailey is your girl.

4) JoJo Fletcher

Easily one of my favorite women of all time, The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher is so fun to follow on Snapchat. She documented her and Jordan Rodgers' move to Texas, her drunken weekend in Vegas with former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants, and herself with a zillion filters. She uses Snapchat to prove she's just like us...only ten thousand times prettier.

5) Lauren Bushnell

Yes, I am still obsessed with Lauren and Ben Higgins. I want them to live happily ever after and have tons of babies. Lauren posts the best snapchats of them all, from pictures of her and Ben, to pictures of their cozy home, to naked-faced selfies.