How Well Do You Know "The Wolf Of Wall Street"? (Video Quiz)
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How Well Do You Know "The Wolf Of Wall Street"? (Video Quiz)

Can you go 8/8?

The Wolf of Wall Street was one of the best movies of this decade, if not this generation. Leonardo DiCaprio did an absolutely magnificent job depicting the ridiculous life of the one and only Jordan Belfort.

This has been one of the most quotable movies of the decade, up there with The Hangover and The Dark Knight (I could actually just watch those three movies in rotation for my whole life and be perfectly content). Here is a video quiz testing your knowledge of some of the best quotes of the movie:

Can you get 100 percent of these questions correct?

*Honorable Mention:

1. Jordan Belfort: On a daily basis I consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens for a month. I take Quaaludes 10-15 times a day for my "back pain", Adderall to stay focused, Xanax to take the edge off, pot to mellow me out, cocaine to wake me back up again, and morphine... Well, because it's awesome.

2. Donnie Azoff: Fucking smoke crack with me.

3. Max Belfort: What kind of a hooker takes credit cards?

Donnie Azoff: A rich one!

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Celebrities You'd Want to Get Drunk With

You can just tell.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer
They're fun, crazy, and hilarious. They live life to the fullest and don't give a shit what anyone thinks. From their girl trips, to dancing on Billy Joel's piano, to talking about their drinking habits in interviews, these two would be the perfect drinking buddies.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo is a notorious partier, just ask J. Lo, who is known for his yacht festivities and clubbing escapades. For example, he once invited 80 models to his birthday party. I get the feeling he takes on the role of Jordan Belfort-meets-Jay-Gatsby when he goes out.

Chrissy Teigen
Judging by how laugh-out-loud funny she is on social media, she'd be the most hilarious and crazy drinking pal. Plus, she tweets and snapchats while drunk all the time, so I bet she would be down to drink whenever.

Will Ferrell
Can you even imagine drinking with this legend? I have no doubt in my mind that this guy knows how to have a good time, and keep you laughing the whole night.

Kristen Wiig
Another comedian that would have you rolling the entire night. I bet she's a great wingwoman, too.

Jimmy Fallon
His infectious happiness seems like he'd bring the party wherever he goes. It's really just as simple as that.

Peter Dinklage
Besides the fact that he stars in the best TV show in the history of ever, this guy seems like he'd be a great conversationalist and bar buddy.

Anna Kendrick
This is solely based on her funny, sarcastic and relatable tweets. Well, and her sick dance moves.

Rihanna would be perfect to go to the clubs with. She'd kill it on the dance floor, make sure nobody fucked with you, and roll up with you after a long night.

Mindy Kaling
She's witty, smart and knows how to have fun. I imagine Mindy Kaling to be the type of friend you meet up with for drinks at a trendy new bar. Fabulous.

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If Leonardo DiCaprio Was the Next Bachelor

I can see how it would play out...

On the first night, the contestants roll up to the mansion in electric cars instead of limos because...

Each and every contestant is a model, and most of them are blonde.

Leo immediately sends anyone over the age of 25 home.

The women, per Leo's request, only ever wear bikinis at the mansion. In a shocking twist, Leo also requests to have the Fantasy Suite open every single night.

All of the one-on-one and group dates consist of going to the hottest clubs, partying on yachts, citibiking around town, volunteering to save sea turtles, and watching Leo's favorite scenes from his movies while he re-enacts them... but mostly just a lot of clubbing.

On their first trip, Leo and the ladies travel deep into the Indonesian rain forest and camp there to save orangutans and protest deforestation. Within 24-hours, four women reach their breaking points while braving the harsh conditions and voluntarily leave the show. Then, after another public battle with the Indonesian government, Leo is kicked out of the country and never allowed back.

So Leo takes the contestants and spends the rest of the season yachting in the Mediterranean with them. J. Lo and Rihanna (Leo's close friends and boo boos) both make appearances on the boat.

It is finally down to the final three. The women meet the most important person in Leo's life, his mother, and none of them get along with her. This may or may not be because Leo breaks the news that he will carry on his tradition of bringing Mommy Dearest as his plus-one come award season.

"Maybe you can tag along with us to the Kid's Choice Awards!" Leo says in an attempt to console his crying model girlfriends.

Scandal erupts during the finale when the crowd favorite contestant confesses she does not believe in global warming, or science for that matter. Leo breaks down in an emotional one-on-one talk with Chris Harrison, comparing the situation to his "1996 rendition of Romeo and Juliet." He then goes off on a tangent, discussing every tragic love story he has ever acted out, and forgets all about his heartbreak.

When it comes time to ask the other finalist for her hand in marriage, Leo gets down on one knee and, instead of a ring, reveals that he is holding his Oscar award.

In a truly moving speech, Leo proclaims that he could never put anyone over his one true love--acting.

Viewers everywhere somehow fall even harder for the eternal Bachelor.

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How Much Do You REALLY Love 'The Parent Trap'? (Video Quiz)

Hallie, we're like twins!

The Parent Trap is one of my all-time favorite movies. It never ceases to be superbly entertaining from beginning to end, no matter how many times you've seen it and the same thing is CLEARLY going to happen. But how well do you really know the movie? Are you a true expert? Time to find out.

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Go See Revenant and then Sneak into Room

That bear scene tho...

Going to movies are too fucking expensive. How could I possibly justify spending $15 on a movie when I know this bullshit is gonna be on Netflix later? I can't.

That's why I decided to bring back the ultimate petty crime from my middle school days: multiplexing.

For you mathletes in the nerdery, multiplexing is the art of paying for one movie and then sneaking into the second. And that's precisely what I did this weekend. But more than that, I multiplexed two movies that go great together, and I urge you to do the same. So here is my joint, misdemeanor review for The Revenant and Room.

While these movies may seem super different, they actually are almost exactly the same thing. They both deal with a parent-son relationship. They both deal with themes of isolation. Both their leads are Golden Globe winners (and frontrunners for Academy Awards). And they both have shit-in-your-pants scenes that will make you want to pop a Xanax. For Leo's tale of revenge, the scene everyone will be talking about is when he gets FUCKING ATTACKED BY A BEAR.

If having a grizzly fuck up your shit doesn't win you an Oscar, nothing will. And I know what you're thinking: "What scene in Room could possibly rival Leo's face getting eaten by a bear?" I won't answer that because I don't want to spoil the movie, but holy shit, it was crazy. Like legit sweating in the theater, yelling at a 5-year-old boy because I forgot I was watching fiction.

So since this is technically a review, I give The Revenant three out of five stars and Room four. But since I only paid for one ticket, the overall experience was stars out of five! What a deal! Long live multiplexing!

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Honest Oscars Trailers for the "Best Picture" Nominees (Video)

Who actually saw Brooklyn?

Just in time for the 2016 Oscars, Screen Junkies blesses us with "honest trailers" for the eight Best Picture nominees. Here are the play-by-plays in case you don't have the $15 for movie theater tickets.

Between the hilarious comedy that is The Martian, the default Spielberg nominee, the badassery that is Mad Max, and Leo's perhaps undeserved but about-time Oscar win, we were pretty "meh" about the Oscars.

But Screen Junkies is here to get us hyped.