Hot Island Dance Playlist
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Hot Island Dance Playlist

Forget that you live in the cloudy USA.

Transport yourself to the islands. This playlist is a must-have for any party where you want to dance.

And I mean dance.

I'm not talking about swaying or jumping to One Direction or Taylor Swift.

I'm talking about Charly Black, QQ, and Mr Eazi.

This playlist is gonna make you sweat. You're going to move to the music in ways you never thought possible. And it won't just be you getting down. The entire party will be lit.

Literally, I kid you not, just listening to some of the songs on this playlist will teach you how to dance. Like you could listen to the first song and not even know how to move to a simple beat.

What can I say, this playlist is golden.

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J-Music: Playlist from the Far East

Be it Old or new, they're still good

We all know and have heard of K-Pop (I hope). Unless you are fluent or are learning Korean, you don't really understand what the artists are singing about unless you're looking at a translated lyric page you're following as the song plays. However, when has the language barrier ever stopped us from enjoying music? Be it EXO-K's "Overdose", BTS' "Blood Sweat & Tears" or PSY's "Gangnam Style" for that matter, you want to listen to it, bounce to it and dance to it with your friends over and over.

But K-pop certainly isn't all there is when it comes to modern Asian music. Look further to the island country east of Korea: Japan, the nation with the second largest music market in the world. They have their fair share of great music from the genres of J-rock, J-rap and, of course, J-pop. Obviously these are sung in Japanese, with the occasional English speckled here and there, but, again, when has the language barrier ever stopped us from enjoying music?

For those of you who want to expand your already (somewhat) eclectic tastes in music as well as the diversity of international friends, give these a chance to be your first steps.

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Sean Paul Feat. Sean Paul Playlist

It's so spiritual.

I don't think I've ever more closely related to a tweet than when Mindy Kaling posted this beauty last fall.

Truly a spiritual moment for me. Why? Because Sean Paul is hands down one of my favorite artists out there. Now before you start laughing and/or criticizing my taste in music, I ask you all to just THINK ABOUT IT.

Sean Paul is one of those artists that somehow is featured in every other hit song out there. Unlike Pitbull who we've all had waaay too much of, with Sean Paul we don't complain because, sure, half the time we can't understand a single thing he says (is it English? Sean Paulanese?), but whenever he's featured on the track, you know it's bound to be a good time.

Here to provide you with some of the classics, as well as some long-lost gems featuring our favorite Jamaican.

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Five Playlists Every College Student Must Have In Their Arsenal

We all need a good playlist, tbh.

As a student, you have to have a playlist for every mood. Whether you're grinding out a paper or pregaming to go out, music helps you get in the right mindset for whatever you need to get done. Curate these playlists to make sure you have music for every occasion, and be ready for whatever college throws at you next.

The DTF Playlist: A sex playlist is hard to pull off, but when you get it just right, the music totally enhances the experience. This playlist should come off as effortless, so don't put too many explicitly sexual songs on it. Be sure there's plenty of sexy bass to drown out the knocking of your bed against the wall.

Suggested tracks: Often by The Weeknd and Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean

The Feelin' Myself Playlist: Everyone needs a playlist that makes them feel sexy. Note: this should be different from your DTF playlist, because it's just for you. Put on whatever makes you feel like you own the world, preferably some party songs to gear you up for everything from a hot date to an interview.

Suggested tracks: I Don't Fuck With You by Big Sean and Work by Rihanna

The Throw 'Em Back Playlist: Pregame playlist--MAJOR KEY. A playlist full of your favorite party songs and some old classics is crucial on those nights when you're just not sure you can stomach another ounce of Burnett's... but probably will. Pregame playlists are different than house party playlists in that they aren't dance-y, yet still bangers.

Suggested tracks: No Interruption by Hoodie Allen and Talk Dirty (Feat. 2 Chainz) by Jason Derulo.

The Study Grind Playlist: At some point, we all have to study. Womp. I love to do school work to slow jams, acoustic covers, and songs without lyrics. Pick songs that will drown out library chatter and help to keep you focused.

Suggested tracks: Basically any instrumentals.

The Cruise Playlist: Whether you're driving between school and home for breaks or taking a bus, you've got to have a playlist to occupy your time. Make sure you've got songs to sing to, and a ton of feel-good jams to keep you entertained on long rides.

Suggested tracks: In Too Deep by Sum 41, and Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

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The SWISS Playlist

It's a routine.

The SWISS process is one of the most coveted in a man's day. SWISS stands for shit, whack it, shave, shower.

It can range from a half hour to three full hours, and you need far more than just your phone and a friend's Brazzers account to get you through it. This playlist accounts for everything you could possibly encounter in the process-- the highs, the lows, the laughs, the crying, the sweating, even the blood.

It is crucial to your experience that you listen in order. I recommend you climax around song 15. Give it a listen.

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The "Oooo Shit I See You" Playlist

It's indescribably cool.

You know when you're hanging with some pals, fucking around and avoiding responsibilities, when someone suddenly grabs hold of the music and plays an absolute banger? Your head starts bumping to the beat, you break out a modified version of your go-to dance moves, and you look at your friend like "what the hell is this song and where has it been all my life?"

That's what this playlist is. Every. Damn. Song.

It's perfect for any mood and any occasion. Are you curling your hair and getting ready for a night you probs won't remember? Play this playlist. Walking to class and need a little pick-me-up because of the exam you're about to bomb? Play this playlist. 'Bout to get it on with that frat guy who only sends "you up?" texts at 2 a.m.? Actually, maybe don't play this playlist. Maybe play Trey Songz or something like that. Or just dump that guy, he sounds like an asshole.

It's the perfect mix of up-beat, jazz, hip hop, and electronic and you're about to overuse it until your friends beg you to play something else. Happy listening!