Empowering Yourself And Moving On
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Empowering Yourself And Moving On

Rock out with your cock out.

Sometimes we just need a playlist that empowers us, and lets us know it's OK to move on. So to all you music lovers, and those trying to forget about their lovers, here is your new playlist to rock out to, cry to, and scream your heart out to.


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Spring Relaxation Playlist

Let yourself sit back and enjoy the sounds of spring.

Now that it's consistently warm out, there's only one thing you can do to enhance your time out on the back porch soaking up the sun: music.

Even when your days aren't the brightest literally, this playlist is designed to bring out the metaphorical light, so that you're unable to forget that the sun will be back out soon after, whether it's tomorrow, the day after that, or the one after that.

There are few better artists to keep that fact firm in your brain than the ones included on this list -- John Mayer, for one, is one of my personal favorites, but that should not take away from the diversity that this playlist provides. With a wide range of contributions from artists across all genres, such as GRiZ's funk, Madeon's electronic sound, Frank Ocean's R&B, and Kendrick Lamar's hip hop, your tastebuds will be more than satisfied.

Sit back, soak in some warmth, and let the sounds wash over you.

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The Ego Boost Playlist

A shot of self-confidence.

Introducing what is probably the ultimate playlist for boosting your self-confidence and ego. Over 60 tracks and four hours in length of songs that can help inspire, motivate and praise, while telling your haters to f*** off and telling your obstacles "F*** you, you're going down."

This playlist is filled with songs from rock, to pop, to rap. I've even added a few soundtrack songs -- one anime opening theme, the famous Last of the Mohicans song and two WWE entrance themes -- all because I can see these having the power to help you get up and fight.

Some of my favorite tracks:

"The Burden of Being Wonderful" by Steel Panther -- If you know Steel Panther, it's most likely from their song "Gloryhole" and the accompanying music video (yes, really). But this band known for it's entertaining, yet sometimes vulgar, lyrics also produced this humorous song about the subject being better than everyone else. While the song and band don't have a serious tone, people have identified with this song believe it or not. Heck, I can't believe I haven't found anyone who uses this as entrance music, especially a professional wrestling villain. I'm calling dibs on this song then.

"Not Giving Up" by The Crash Motive -- Some of you may recognize this song from Madden NFL 07, which was actually my first Madden video game. This song, especially the chorus, is perfect to remind you to be strong in heart and, well, not give up under any circumstances.

"Not Gonna Die" and "Rise" by Skillet -- Skillet is awesome. They're always the band I turn to when I need motivation, and they're definitely one of my favorite bands. Believe it or not, they're a Christian rock band, but you may not even be able to tell based on some of their songs. Experience a sample of their awesomeness with this playlist.

"Can You Hear Me Now?" -- Perfect when you've conquered, or ready to conquer, and you wanna scream something to your critics and doubters.

"Hate Me Now" by Nas -- Egotistical ones who like rap, especially 90s rap, this is your song.

"The Man" by Aloe Blacc -- Put in your headphones and walk on, just like in those old Beats by Dre commercials.

But basically, all these songs are awesome and fit in one way or another. Have a listen and enjoy. Because you can do it, you never-say-die folks (or you egotistical ones)!

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420 Friendly Playlist

Blaze one!

Now that universal reefer day is here, it is important to find quintessential tracks to match the vibe of the herb you're smoking. Look no further.

The 4/20 Friendly Playlist has a mix of various genres from rock, R&B, hip hop, pop, and reggae to help you lay in ecstasy as you elevate. Not every track mentions herb, but the tunes are meant to match that feel good haze you're about to be in.

Enjoy a soundtrack to your high. Put a plastic bag and a hanger over your smoke detector and blaze one!

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Old School Rock Pregame Playlist

For people who groove to instruments.

This playlist will take you back to the time of smoky stadiums, loud guitar solos, cut-off sleeves and headbands.

Kicking off this playlist is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are on the more recent side of the playlist, and then continues with plenty of classic rock Gods like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses, ZZ Top, and more energy filled music that will make you sing, dance, and shred the shit out of your air guitar.

But be warned. Nowadays, you need a specific group of people for this playlist to fly. It's only for people that like rock and roll and despise that new age rap and electronic crap. And yes, they are mutually exclusive.

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The Ultimate Sex Playlist: Guys Edition

The Weeknd is your friend.

Awww yeah. It's time to get it on. And make sure you read the title correctly. These are songs to make love to, not to drunkenly try and get it in with. Keep these in a Spotify playlist called 'Slow Stuff' and break it out when you've got candles and rose petals all around for your significant other.

Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean
channel ORANGE in general has tons of songs to freak to, but this is the real standout. Frank's voice will do all the heavy lifting, all you have to focus on is not fucking it up. This is the perfect song to start the lovemaking session; calm but also sexy.

Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
Coldplay might be something of a punch line, but they know how to make really pretty songs that make me weepy and kinda horny. Strawberry Swing is light and fun, and your partner is sure to appreciate Chris Martin's whimsical voice while you smush your genitals against theirs.

Sunday Candy - Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
There may be no hotter name in music than Chance the Rapper. This song off of Surf is the perfect amount of TPM (thrusts per minute).

The Hills - The Weeknd
When I'm fucked up/That's the real me. Clearly, The Weeknd gets us. His stupid name aside, this song is guaranteed to drop panties and pop boners.

Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
No making love playlist would be complete without an oldie, and Mr. Gaye is the gold standard for a reason. Having this song come on will make your partner relax and laugh and have fun.

Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
So Childish Gambino isn't as cool as I thought he was my freshman year, but I still defend this choice. Heartbeat has an awesome bass beat and that's really all that matters when you're going to poundtown.

Your Song - Ellie Goulding
This is the first of three covers that I recommend you freak to. It's almost like having sex with someone after years of fucking other people. There's something familiar but also new and exciting. Plus Prince William and Kate had this as their wedding song. Time to fuck like royalty.

D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
A good sex playlist keeps changing the mood, allowing you to break out all the moves you have in your Swiss Army knife of lovemaking. This poppy number will be the perfect transition from deep-eye gazing to something a little more fun.

Skinny Love - Birdy
I'm all for Bon Iver, but I think hearing him croon about his lost love would make me lose my boner. Birdy is able to keep the same emotion but she isn't quite as sad and tragic and boner-killing.

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Warning: Fucking to this song might actually make you fall in love. With that said, proceed with caution. The whistling introduction and the impromptu conversation between two lovers halfway through this song make it a must for any lovemaking session.

Heroes - David Bowie
Fucking R.I.P., David Bowie. This one's for you.

Whatever You Like - Anya Marina
This is by the far the hottest song on the playlist. Anya literally oozes sexiness as she takes T.I.'s weirdly patriarchal song to another level. It's equal parts hot and sweet and that's the perfect recipe for getting it on.

Or, you can just try FlockU's definitive hookup playlist on Spotify.