Did You Watch Disney's "That's So Raven" Spin-off?
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Did You Watch Disney's "That's So Raven" Spin-off?

It's time for another throwback.

With so many of Disney's old shows and movies getting remade, it was only a matter of time until they made a sequel to one of their most popular shows, That's So Raven. The show followed a teenage psychic and was one of the most progressive series on the network, with a predominately African-American cast. The show was immensely popular and lasted for four seasons before receiving its first spinoff, Cory in the House, which followed Raven's brother and father in The White House.

Ten years after That's So Raven's original run, the cast is finally back, this time for Raven's Home, which once again follows the psychic plot, this time geared around both Raven and her young son. Raven-Symone and Aneliese van der Pol return as Raven and Chelsea, and both characters are as quirky, sassy and headstrong as they were in the original.

The spin-off references the old show in its theme song when Raven says, "Yup, that's us" instead of the original "Yup, that's me", and you can't help but feel a rush of nostalgia from your childhood.

The show also sets a good example for the kids watching it. Nia (Raven's daughter) tells her mother about her role models: Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey and Ruth Bader Gisburg, all strong women who did amazing things for their gender and even their races. While the feminist reference may go over some kid's heads, it's still nice to see a young character on TV who admires these kinds of women, as opposed to celebrities or models.

It's interesting to see a show where the parents aren't a married couple, but instead two divorced women who genuinely enjoy being around each other and their children. There's no cattiness, just support and care for one another. We grew up with Raven and Chelsea, and it's sweet to see that the two women managed to stay friends long after their high school years--even if that doesn't happen in real life.

While the acting is a touch overdone, the laughter drawn out and the child actors not as skilled as the That's So Raven cast at their age, the series is touching and a welcomed callback to the past. I just wonder how long it'll last considering Disney's last spinoff, Girl Meets World, only had three seasons before its cancellation.

Watch the first episode of Raven's Home below:

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Ranking The Best Throwback Disney Channel Movies

This is what dreams are made of.

In honor of Disney Channel finally getting their shit together and playing a marathon of every beloved DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) there ever was, here is a list of the best of the best--but only true childhood throwbacks (sorry, no HSM).

10. Life-Size (2000)
Pre-ANTM Tyra! Pre-crack Lindsay! Shine bright, shine far, you're a star! Thinking about this movie makes me so nostalgic I could shed a tear.

9. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003)
The big cooking contest the same day as the big game. The Bobby Flay appearance. The bullying from teammates and his overbearing father. It all adds up to make a truly great DCOM (Sidenote: Eddie apparently works at Jimmy John's now, so there's that).

8. Cadet Kelley (2002)
Seeing Lizzie McGuire go to military school was almost as great as seeing her sing "Hey Now" with Pablo. Wait, that wasn't the same character? Same difference.

7. The Color of Friendship (2000)
A true classic. We've really gotta hand it to Disney Channel, for probably the first time in the network's history, they tried to confront and portray racial issues. Looking back, the final scenes may have been inaccurate (and very cheesy), but the movie was so heartwarming and inspiring that it will always be considered a DCOM classic.

6. Brink! (1998)
Oh my god was Andy, or "Brink," hot. You may not have had a childhood if this wasn't your first DCOM favorite or if Brink wasn't your first crush. I have to wonder, though, what compelled Disney to pick competitive roller-blading of all things as the subject for this movie.

5. Johnny Tsunami (1999)
The surfing scenes, the tension between skiers and snowboarders, the heartbreaking move, and the lessons in friendship make you almost forget about the crazy plotline.

4. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
Zenon is the epitome of '90s-kid coolness. How could you not envy her space station home, amazing fashion, best friend (Raven Symone), and even her pop-star crush? She's a Disney icon and a forever Supernova Girl.

3. The Halloweentown series (1998, 2001)
It wasn't really Halloween until you watched at least one of the installments of Halloweentown--even though it scared the shit out of you (only the first two movies were included because they are true throwbacks and the best).

2. Luck of the Irish (2001)
Because only Disney Channel could take a story about a boy turning into a Leprechaun and turn it into a staple for millennials. Fun fact: the main guy (with the spiky bleached hair) turned into a bad guy on Pretty Little Liars.

1. Smart House (1999)
The house-woman-thing still gives me nightmares, I still want to throw a party as great as the one in the movie, and I still plan on fulfilling my childhood dream of buying that house one day. When you think DCOMs, you think Smart House. It's the classic of all classics, the craziest plot-line of all crazy plot-lines, and the best of the best.

Honorable Mentions: Don't Look Under the Bed, The Thirteenth Year, My Date With the President's Daughter, Model Behavior, High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, Motorcrossed, Double Teamed, Phantom of the Megaplex, The Ultimate Christmas Present, The Other Me

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9 TV Shows From Your Childhood You Should Totally Rewatch

Get ready for some nostalgia.

It's been an interesting experience to grow up watching great television because it's given me the opportunity to judge the hell out of today's TV shows. They're overtly scripted, painfully awkward and unbelievably unfunny. What happened to good TV?

With the invention of streaming and downloading, we're able to easily watch our favorite shows from the past - thank god - which means there's no excuse to not re-watch them. So do it!

All That
This show was basically Saturday Night Live for preteens (ironically, one of All That's stars, Kenan Thompson, went on to be a cast member at SNL). The long-running show was popular not only because it was entertaining, but because it showed diversity.

The show was a great place for young comedians and actors to begin their careers. The series gave Gabriel Iglesias (AKA Fluffy) his start and also introduced the world to Jamie Lynn Spears, Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon.

source: consequenceofsound.net

The Amanda Show
After Amanda Bynes showed off her comedy skills on All That, Nickelodeon decided to give her her own show. A great decision, as The Amanda Show eventually led to cast members Drake Bell and Josh Peck getting their own Nickelodeon series, Drake & Josh. Totally Kyle, one of The Amanda Show's recurring sketches, is still hilarious to watch today.

source: refinery29.com

The Powerpuff Girls
I'm talking about the original TV show, not that horrible reboot that came out in 2016. These three girls showed that you didn't have to be big or a guy to totally kick ass. The show is fun and unabashedly feminine, which makes the entire premise of The Powerpuff Girls all the more awesome.

source: powerpuffgirls.wikia.com

Lizzie McGuire
Lizzie McGuire was awesome because the character was so normal. She wasn't a secret celebrity, she wasn't a wizard and she wasn't a famous Youtuber. She was just an ordinary girl trying to get through junior high in one piece. While the characters are young and their problems a tad juvenile, we can still identify with Lizzie, no matter how old we get.

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Hey Arnold!
With a new Hey Arnold! movie in the works, I think it's time everyone re-watched one of the best childhood cartoons. The plotlines are funny and the main character is a genuinely good guy. And who could ever forget Helga? That girl took stalking your crush to a whole new level.

source: hhsclarionnews.com

Teen Titans
This show was another victim of a horrible spinoff. I shudder when I think about the fact that children of today can only watch high-pitched, chibi versions of these badass heroes. The Teen Titans team had awesome powers and equally awesome villains to fight against. They just don't make superheroes like this anymore.

source: wikipedia.org

Kim Possible
This show not only had a strong female hero, it also had a strong female villain. Both Shego and Kim were beautiful, badass and brilliant. If only they could've been on the same team, then they really would've run the world.

source: themastermindsite.com

That's So Raven
This show wasn't only about a hilarious psychic, it was also one of the few shows on TV with an African-American family. A spinoff starring members of the original cast premieres on July 21, meaning us 90s kids will finally have a reason to turn on The Disney Channel.

And it's sure to be just as progressive as the original show, with a premise all single parents (or children of those families) will be able to identify with.

source: insidethemagic.net

Totally Spies!
This was the ultimate girl power TV show. The three leads were world renowned spies who managed to make it to school on time and have fabulous wardrobes. Could you imagine having lipstick that doubles as a laser?

source: tvtropes.org

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The Cast Of Disney's Live Action "Aladdin" Represents Hollywood's Progressivism

And here's why.

Hollywood's been known to whitewash and use blackface for many of their movies. But it's 2017, they've moved on from that. Or have they?

Mena Massoud, was chosen to take the lead role of Aladdin in Disney's new live-action film.

source: egyptianstreets.com

Choosing Mena Massoud was a brilliant pick by Disney. Massoud was born in Egypt and raised in Canada. He's also been in several movies beforehand: Nikita, Open Heart and Saving Hope as non-major roles. He definitely has the look and experience to play Aladdin.

What makes Massoud, in my opinion, a great choice is that he has struggled in the film industry because of his skin color and understands the importance of it. He's previously stated in an interview, "I can't compete for roles that require me to be Caucasian or African American, even if those characters really connect with me and intrigue me."

What's important to note as well is that Massoud is VISIBLY Arab. His features (dark thick eyebrows, dark eyes, tan skin, long nose, large lips) are comparable to many, many South Asian and Arab men. This is somewhat critical because Aladdin is one of the few movies that now have the ability to finally project a non-terrorist image for Middle Easterns and Desis. So people can now think and say, "he looks like/is from the same place as the guy in Aladdin" and not "the terrorist from London Has Fallen."

But we can't celebrate Disney's one step forward to taking on a diverse lead just yet when they chose this actress to play as Jasmine.

Naomi Scott was named for the second lead role for the live action film.

source: elle.com

Choosing Naomi Scott was a cheap shot, and perhaps one of the most open displays to Hollywood's progressivism. Instead of another Desi, Arab or even Persian actress, they found someone who isn't much of either. In this way, Disney is showing us that they haven't taken up the full responsibility of choosing a cast that represents the actual character.

Scott is British-part-Gujarat Indian descent from Uganda. She's starred in movies like Power Rangers and Terra Nova. While Scott may be a great actress and singer, she doesn't quite square up to Jasmine. The fact that she can pass off as "white" (as you can tell from a single Google Image search) and would probably need a good tan and great makeup artists to be Jasmine's tone is a little problematic. Why?

Because now Arab/Persian/Desi girls can no longer relate to a star that is supposed to represent them. They can't say "she looks like me", because she doesn't. Jasmine is just as dark as Aladdin is in the original Disney film, has a big nose and thick black eyebrows; all of which are a general chunk of features that women from those three regions share. While Scott shares some ancestral ties there, she has none of those features.

It's important note is that looks do mean a lot, especially to minorities and people of color who need proper representation in the media and film industry. But who's to know: maybe Disney chose Scott to not scare off their conservative white platform by producing a movie with a lead who identifies as European, but has the familial lineage to play Jasmine?

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The 15 Best TV Show Theme Songs From Our Childhood

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Recently, I heard a few old Nickelodeon TV show theme songs, and, besides being totally impressed with myself for nailing all the lyrics (and instrumental sounds...ya heard Rugrats fans?), I was amazed how good they all were.

Like, good enough that I would casually listen to them for shits and gigs and not feel embarrassed if they came up on shuffle in front of other people.

While our parents might fight us on this because they had some pretty rad TV show theme songs back in the day (I watch TV Land sometimes, OK, guys??), I'd say the opening tunes from the shows of our youth take the cake.

In fact, they (and the shows they intro) are so good, sometimes I feel bad for my future kids for missing the golden age of theme songs.

Disagree with me? Well, you're wrong. And with this countdown of the 15 best theme songs from our childhood shows, I will prove to you just how wrong you are.

15. Zoey 101

A little poppy number from the pop princess's little sis.

14. Big Wolf on Campus

An angsty intro that made you want to jump up and down on the couch.

13. Cousin Skeeter

All the soul and feels coming from a Nickelodeon show featuring a trouble-making puppet.

12. So Little Time

An alternative chill diamond song among one of the many jewels of the Olson Twin franchise.

11. As Told By Ginger

Without touching upon the fact that the poor redheaded protagonist's name is Ginger, Macy Gray kills this track.

10. Kim Possible

It's appropriate that the absolute babe that is Kim Possible has a theme song by another babe, Christina Milian.

9. Proud Family

A Solange Knowles number that reminds us that family is the best (especially her family...).

8. Drake & Josh

A fun pop rock song for a show where we could laugh... and swoon at Drake (no offense Josh... you're a really nice guy).

7. That's So Raven

A little singing here, a little rapping there, this theme song captures all the fun that was That's So Raven.

6. Malcolm in the Middle

Heisenberg's show (before he started dealing) features a pretty dope intro beat, no?

5. Laguna Beach

Hilary Duff's classic "Come Clean" couldn't be more perfect for the opening sequence to a show about rich white kids living it up in California.

4. The OC

The song responsible for introducing not only a great show, but also for quoting in any California vacation Instagram/Snapchat captions.

3. All That

You can fight me on this, but this might be one of TLC's greatest songs.

2. Kenan & Kel

Coolio, the rapper who made Gangsta's Paradise, raps this theme song, so yeah...it's cooler than any other intro song you've ever heard.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince set up a song that can have anyone chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.

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Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Finale

It was *historic*....

FINALLY, time to figure out if Nick will ever find love (fourth time's the charm)...and to figure out how many times Chris Harrison can say the word "historic" in one episode of The Bachelor. Ladies and gents, the finale was huge.

The final drama fest began with Raven and Vanessa getting to meet Nick's family. Raven had a leg up on Vanessa here, having met the fam before, and seemed to please the entire crowd, especially Nick's adorable sister. Vanessa, on the other hand, let loose that she wasn't quite sure if she'd be ready to be engaged by the end of this journey. Um....little late for that hun.

She did have a very emotional conversation with Nick's father, and told him in tears that she had never met anyone like Nick before. Cue the ugly crying from everyone in the live studio audience.

Nick took his final two ladies on one last romantic date in snowy Finland before making his final decision. He and Vanessa rode horses through the scenic winter forest only to come across Santa Clause's cute little cabin. Santa gave Nick and Vanessa cute little couple gifts (thanks?) and Vanessa was grateful that Santa believed in their relationship.

Then things got a bit tense as Vanessa revealed to Nick that she doesn't like the idea of him having feelings for another woman, and that she feels as though something still isn't sitting right. OK, WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SHOW IF YOU DON'T WANT NICK TO LIKE OTHER GIRLS?

That little bomb freaked Nick out a bit...The thought of being rejected by yet another woman terrified him. Understandable. I don't see how anyone could put themselves through ONE heartbreak like that, let alone four. When Vanessa asked Nick if he'd be ready to propose by the end of this whole thing, he HESITATED and said, "The week isn't over." Yeesh.

After the tension and tears with Vanessa, Nick's date with Raven seemed like freaking sunshine and rainbows. The two went ice skating, which reminded Raven of their previous roller skating date, which was when she knew she was falling in love with Nick. Awwww, cute little full circle skating themed date.... AND THEN THERE WERE HUSKY PUPPIES! Can the husky puppies win The Bachelor? Please?

All in all, Raven was READY to be engaged, and totally sure of her feelings for Nick. Things seemed super promising.

The conflicted Nick brought in Neil Lane for engagement ring selection advice. For those who don't know, these are like GORGEOUS $50,000 rings. No big deal. It's fine. Ahem, future hubby, take notes please.

The stunning Raven was the first to arrive to meet her hopefully future fiance. Raven poured her heart out to Nick in what seemed like an actually not-staged confession of love. She waited for Nick to drop to one knee... but instead, he looked away, and could not meet Raven's eye for the rest of his time with her.

He told her that while he loved being next to her, he wasn't sure if it was actually love. Raven was understandably crushed, as was her conception of love. After the amazing chemistry she and Nick seemed to have, this was a shocker. #TeamRaven let out a collective sob as her car drove away.

Nick prepared himself to propose to Vanessa and was still unsure of whether or not she'd be ready to say yes. She arrived and Nick recited a very scripted sounding poetic monologue about how he'd never forget the first time he saw Vanessa.

She responded with an equally poetic speech about how she would in turn never forget stepping out of the limo on the first night. Regardless of how incredibly cheesy it was, Nick dropped to one knee and proposed to a very emotional Vanessa, who said yes.

Nick on the inside after finally getting engaged:

Nick, on cloud nine, affectionately took his fiancee by the hand and said, "let's go start our life." She responded, "let's do it. Literally." That, my friends, is love.

The final hour of the show was dedicated to the "after the final rose" live show. Raven confronted Nick for the first time since dumping her, and my lord, that girl is a class act. Despite the awkwardness of talking to Nick, she wished him and Vanessa the best. She also accepted a role on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Vanessa and Nick took the floor together next, and talked about cute couple-y things like realizing they didn't have each other's phone numbers, and how Vanessa just wants to ride in the same car as her fiance. Nick and Vanessa clearly have some issues to resolve, but Vanessa is planning on starting up a charity, while Nick will be competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Power couple for sure.

Everyone was still waiting for this "historic reveal" that didn't end up happening on the actual show. Rachel, our new bachelorette, took the floor of the live studio and discussed her upcoming season of The Bachelorette with Chris. Chris ended up sharing that our little "huge surprise" was actually for HER....that she'd be meeting some of the guys that would be vying for her heart. Right there. Like....right then.


Rachel was completely unprepared, and the handful of guys she did meet seemed super fakey and tense. One of them boldly told her that he was ready to go black and never go back. Rachel handed the whole thing like a pro, given that she had exactly five minutes to prepare herself to meet these guys.

Did she just meet her future husband??? That last guy that danced with her was super cute....early predictions??? Too soon???

GUYS so much drama....is anyone else exhausted?? Best of luck to Nick and Vanessa, and to Rachel! Until next time, bachelor nation!