Broadway Lovers Workout Playlist
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Broadway Lovers Workout Playlist

It's an oxymoron, I know.

If any of you are like me, there is nothing that pumps you up quite like a powerful Broadway number. When I'm at the gym, sometimes I get self conscious that people can hear the music in my headphones because nine times out of 10, I'm blasting a Broadway show.

A girl's gotta let her light shine you know? So for those of you who understand me on that type of spiritual level, here is a playlist for a Broadway Lovers Workout.

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Top 10 #Ham4All Challenges

From Broadway and beyond.

On June 26, Lin-Manuel Miranda kicked off the #Ham4All Challenge, which helps raise awareness for a fundraiser benefitting the Immigrants: We Get The Job Done Coalition.

Since then, Hollywood and Broadway stars have done their part, both by donating to the coalition and by posting a clip of themselves singing a Hamilton song of their choice - before tagging friends to take part as well.

Here are 10 of the best #Ham4All clips from Broadway and beyond.

1. Jevon McFerrin, James Monroe Iglehart and Nik Walker

Early in the challenge, current Hamilton cast members took part. There was only one rule: they could not sing any song that their character sings in the show. Here, McFerrin, Iglehart and Walker do a soulful, 90s boyband-esque rendition of "You'll Be Back," the first King George solo.

2. Yael Grobglas

Grobglas, who currently plays Petra on The CW's Jane The Virgin, shocked fans with her song choice. She chose "Guns and Ships," one of the fastest songs on Broadway, and rapped it perfectly. She even sped up the slower beginning part.

3. The Cast of Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
Through being tagged, nearly the entire principal cast of The Great Comet have completed the challenge - and each of them put their own spin on their song of choice. There were too many great ones to choose just one entry.

The three supporting ladies all found unique ways to sing their songs of choice: Brittain Ashford lent her voice and lap harp skills to "It's Quiet Uptown," Grace McLean used a loop pedal for her rendition of "You'll Be Back," and Gelsey Bell put a chilling spin on "Wait For It."

The Great Comet's creator Dave Malloy sang "The Room Where It Happens," but chose to act it comedically as well. Okieriete Onaodowan, who is an original Hamilton cast member and will step into The Great Comet's leading role on July 7 opted for a mashup; he combined "Wait For It" with "Dust and Ashes," his aria from act one of The Great Comet.

4. Colin Donnell

Donnell, who is known for his roles as a regular on Chicago Med and on season one of Arrow, is also a Broadway actor. Here, he sings "Dear Theodosia" while accompanying himself on guitar.

5. Josh Groban

The self-proclaimed "theater kid" and world-famous singer was tagged by many people before he actually sat down to record his challenge. His choice, "Burn," was requested by Miranda after Groban asked for suggestions.

6. Ben Stiller

For his challenge, Stiller enlisted the help of his daughter, Ella. The two of them performed an excerpt from "Non Stop," Hamilton's act one finale. In it, Stiller plays the role of Burr, while Ella takes on Hamilton. It's the perfect mix of serious and silly.

7. "Weird" Al Yankovich

In typical "Weird Al" fashion, he put an interesting spin on "What Did I Miss?" by accompanying himself on the accordion and playing as he walks down a hallway.

8. The Cast of Come From Away

One of Broadway's biggest hits this season is Come From Away, the true story of the town of Gander, Newfoundland on and following the events of September 11, 2001.

Cast members from the show accepted the challenge with their own Gander twist: they called their song "Me and the Sky-ler Sisters" combining Hamilton's "The Schuyler Sisters" with Come From Away's showstopping "Me and the Sky."

9. Ingrid Michaelson

Michaelson, who just made her Broadway debut in The Great Comet, gets her own shoutout for her #Ham4All mashup. She used an app to record herself four times plus an accompaniment where she plays piano to sing parts of "That Would Be Enough" from Hamilton, and "Sonya Alone" from The Great Comet.

10. Cynthia Erivo

Rounding out this list is Erivo, who took Broadway by storm in 2015 and continued to gain recognition beyond Broadway. When Erivo sings, no matter what the song, it sounds like it was written just for her voice. Here, she lends her soulful voice to "Dear Theodosia."

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What Your Computer Stickers Say About You

And why I think they're so important.

Students use their laptops frequently to complete assignments, and almost always have it in their backpack.

As an English major, if I go anywhere to do work without my laptop, I can't get work done. So, in my opinion, what a person chooses to put on their laptop is pretty significant.

I am extremely particular about my computer stickers. Elitist even, some might say.

For example, I wouldn't buy a sticker that said The Office, but I would only buy a Dunder Mifflin sticker. And here's the reasoning: someone who sees a sticker that says Harry Potter will know it because it says it, but I want people who are genuine fans to like my stickers because they're only references that they would know if they were a fan, too.

So instead, I have a Mischief Managed sticker on my laptop.

This probably sounds pretty trivial, but in a world where people make assumptions about your outward appearance to begin with, I figure that I might as well give them a little something genuine to start with.

By looking at me on a typical day while I'm on my laptop, you'd be able to know that I am a redhead, I type aggressively loudly, and wear huge headphones when I'm writing. That doesn't really tell you much about my personality.

I want people to be intrigued by me at a glance, not for my body or face, but for who I am as an individual.

And for me, the only way I've been able to do that so far is through showing my inward self on a public surface. I like when I see people smiling at my laptop because they get the references on it and appreciate them. It allows me to connect with people by sharing mutual interests.

From looking at my laptop, you'd know I like Broadway, am a fan of The Office, Broad City, Rick and Morty, Spongebob, Friends and Hamilton, I am a Christian, I like dogs, I'm a writer, I'm in ADPi and I'm sarcastic.

If you're someone who doesn't put stickers on their laptop, that's cool. You do you. But I just personally feel the need to showcase my personality on my laptop, because as a writer, my laptop is tremendously important to me, as are the decorations I chose to cover it with.

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Empowering Yourself And Moving On

Rock out with your cock out.

Sometimes we just need a playlist that empowers us, and lets us know it's OK to move on. So to all you music lovers, and those trying to forget about their lovers, here is your new playlist to rock out to, cry to, and scream your heart out to.


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Sean Paul Feat. Sean Paul Playlist

It's so spiritual.

I don't think I've ever more closely related to a tweet than when Mindy Kaling posted this beauty last fall.

Truly a spiritual moment for me. Why? Because Sean Paul is hands down one of my favorite artists out there. Now before you start laughing and/or criticizing my taste in music, I ask you all to just THINK ABOUT IT.

Sean Paul is one of those artists that somehow is featured in every other hit song out there. Unlike Pitbull who we've all had waaay too much of, with Sean Paul we don't complain because, sure, half the time we can't understand a single thing he says (is it English? Sean Paulanese?), but whenever he's featured on the track, you know it's bound to be a good time.

Here to provide you with some of the classics, as well as some long-lost gems featuring our favorite Jamaican.

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Playlist Of Remixes You Can Pregame To

Let's get the fucking party started.

Tired of the same five songs that play on the radio? Or maybe getting annoyed with your BFF's pregame playlist from the beginning of the semester? Then look no further...

Let's be real: the pregame is often way more important than the party. It's the time to take pictures before you get that light alcohol glow, make any last minute outfit changes, gossip with your best friends, fantasize about that cute guy or girl you recently matched with on Bumble, and most importantly, dance like a complete idiot before you have to put yourself together for the actual party.

As a result, I'm bringing you a new twist on some of your favorite songs, and also giving you a taste of some fun new DJ remixes that have recently been on the rise. I don't know about you, but I often get tired of listening to mainstream beats while drinking, and that can often kill the mood of the pregame itself.

The perks of my playlist are simple: you already know the words, you're just getting the same old artists and songs you love at a different, more fast paced tempo or bass drop. And who doesn't love a good bass drop? Additionally, feel free to use my songs while running and/or any other type of workout because (confession!) I pregame to the same playlist I work out to (the party NEVER stops over here).

So tilt your head back, hit play, and take a shot: the party's about to start.