McGregor Prevails With Instagram Beef With Draymond Green
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McGregor Prevails With Instagram Beef With Draymond Green

Conor McGregor exposed and roasted Draymond Green.

The stakes are high for Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather with their much hyped-up fight coming at the end of next month. So when Golden State Warriors' All-Star power forward and Defensive Player of the Year award winner Draymond Green tried to call out McGregor on Instagram for rocking a #23 Warriors jersey, the number Green wears, McGregor showed no mercy, and things got ugly very quickly.

Green replied later with a comment not featured on the image above.

In an insult-based Internet debate, it's rare that someone actually wins. But while McGregor's primary focus was dropping f-bombs and cursing out Green, he still managed to win for one simple reason: he exposed Green as a bandwagon fan of his own team.

Based on Green's initial comment, it appeared as though he thought McGregor was wearing his #23 jersey, as he took offense to him wearing it, which would undoubtedly not be the case for a jersey Green did not think was his. However, the Warriors haven't worn those jerseys as their primary jerseys since the 2009-2010 season.

But Green was drafted in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft. So not only did he fail to realize that the jersey wasn't his; he also failed to realize that another player in the era of those old jerseys worse his number. The #23 jersey really belonged to CJ Watson, whose final season with the Warriors was the team's final season in those jerseys.

McGregor was reportedly wearing the Watson jersey to troll Mayweather, who Green is evidently rooting for in the upcoming fight, because of his history with Watson, and Green decided to butt in where he didn't belong. It's safe to say that it backfired. And while in any ordinary Internet debate both McGregor and Green would have looked like clueless idiots, McGregor looked like a genius and made Green look like a child who doesn't know anything about the history of the team he plays for. Who knew that some of the Warriors' bandwagon fans actually play for the team?

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Cavs Overcome Sleeves to Extend Series

Their jerseys were ugly, but their game wasn't.

No excuse needed tonight as the Cavaliers come out on top to force a game 6. Cleveland overcame questionable jerseys, a Klay Thompson barrage, and an oscar worthy performance from Anderson Varejao. All it took was a little of this

And a little of that

Last night, two superstars saved their own season in grand fashion. LeBron and Kyrie each scored 41 points, becoming the only teammates in NBA history to each score 40 in a Finals game. Those 82 points came on 61 percent shooting in a clinic on efficiency. E

ven if these beautiful numbers are set aside, haters are going to have a difficult time undermining the King and Uncle Drew. Quintessential Lebron returned in dramatic fashion. He was active on defense chasing down fast breaks for highlight blocks. The most pleasant surprise for Cleveland fans was the return of LeBron's jumper. If it decides to stick around this series may actually go to seven games.

Kyrie was with LeBron step for step. While he didn't showcase the Akron Hammer's two-way dominance, his offense was its own side show. Irving's footwork could've been misconstrued for that of an Olympic speed skater the way he slashed into the lane. He also provided LeBron with a viable catch and shoot option.

After Golden state lost Andrew Bogut, their most effective rim protector, to injury, Kyrie imposed his will in the paint without fear of repercussion. Draymond Green's convenient punishment has been served which should assuage the loss of Bogut for Game 6. The suspension of Green will be missed, as it brought out an impressive raw fanaticism from Dub fans.

Bandwagoners for Golden State are still pretty secure with the Dubs up 3-2 in the series. Cleveland can't expect once in a lifetime games from both James and Irving over the final two games. Someone else from the Cavs needs to step up. The obvious option is Kevin Love, but he appears mired in his own struggles. Until he escapes the muck or gets traded to Boston, he may want to avoid googling his own name. It's safe money to assume that when this finals ends Lebron won't be the only individual scapegoating Love.

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Brock Lesnar To Make UFC Return in July

It should be just as great as advertised.

Last night at the UFC 199 pay-per-view, it was announced that WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar is going to make his mixed martial arts return at the next UFC pay-per-view, UFC 200.

Now before the immature douches who love saying wrestling is fake, let me say this.

Brock Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and a former NCAA Heavyweight Champion. He's not just some frilly actor that only knows how to fake fight. Yes, pro wrestling is scripted and winners are predetermined. It's all about entertainment.

He even broke The Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania win streak.

Okay, maybe that last one isn't a legitimate fighting feat, but you get the point.

Now, wrestling and MMA fans alike are both ecstatic, confused, and overall, shocked at this announcement. It was only about 15 months ago in which Lesnar was strong arming WWE owner Vince McMahon into a better contract, or else, he would go back to UFC.

WWE put out a statement saying that this will be a "one-off" opportunity for Lesnar to compete in the octagon. This is huge news for both sides as WWE and UFC are not exactly on the best terms.

This is also a historic piece of news because of the fact that active members of the WWE roster cannot compete on other companies, whether they would be MMA or wrestling.

And fans are already pulling out the gifs for the news.

This is just an attraction match for what is being widely regarded as the biggest UFC event in the company's history. The pay-per-view, held on July 9 in Las Vegas, will be headlined by Jone Jones vs Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight championship.

An opponent has not been announced for Lesnar as of yet, but it really doesn't matter. Lesnar is not back in the UFC on a permanent basis, so for anyone that is worried about any predetermined results for the match or Lesnar getting slingshotted to a heavyweight title shot, don't.

Lesnar is a legitimate ass kicker with an impressive resume so even with all the rust he has, he has not fought in UFC since 2011 and he is 38-years-old, it should still be an entertaining fight.

So just kick back and enjoy the show and the fights come July 9.

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These Guys Might Not Be Human: NBA Playoffs Edition

I audibly gasped so many times this weekend.

Sports, admittedly, are for humans - but they're best enjoyed when played by humans who might not actually be humans.

This weekend, we were treated to an onslaught of thrillers, as each series took flight either Saturday or Sunday. Several times, I found myself wondering the best possible question while watching a basketball game: Is *Insert Player Here* even human?

That question is usually preceded by a play that forces you to audibly gasp or mutter "Oh my god," even though you're watching the game alone. This weekend gave us plenty of those moments from quasi-human NBA players, but I'm here to filter through and find the five best inhuman performances from the Game 1's.

5. Chris Paul
CP3 is severely under-appreciated on a seemingly stagnant Clippers team, and although he suffered a Game 1 defeat at the hands of the Gobert-less Jazz, Paul was downright phenomenal. Blake Griffin likes to do this thing where he forgets how to score in fourth quarters and Joe Ingles had rendered JJ Redick ineffective all night. With Austin Rivers injured, it was up to the CP3 and DJ pick-and-roll to provide for the Clips offensively. The Jazz seemed intent on taking away the lob, forcing Paul to really takeover offensively - and that he did.

He finished with 25 points, 11 assists, seven boards, only one turnover, and a game-tying kiss off the glass with under 15 ticks to play. If not for Iso-Joe winning the game at the buzzer, CP3 would have singlehandedly willed that game to overtime - and there's little doubt that he CP3 would have let that one slip away. I was rooting heavily for Utah, but I couldn't help but consider... Is the Clippers point guard a human being?

4. John Wall
Curry finesses it, Westbrook forces it, and Harden euros around it. John Wall? Yeah, he just runs past it. His devilish speed makes him nearly indefensible, especially in the open court with a head of steam.

He finished Game 1 with 32 points, 14 (!!!) assists on 12-for-24, but only 2-for-4 from downtown. Wall doesn't fall in love with the three - he uses his pure speed to get into the paint and make plays. Any deep jumper he buries is a bonus.

In the third quarter today, Wall took over, and had a stretch where he put the game away and had me thinking is this man human? as I watched a flash in a Wizards jersey dart across my television.

(How is that ^^^ even possible?!?!)

3. CJ McCollum
"Getting hot" is a certainly a basketball buzzword phrase. When Kyle Korver his a couple threes in a row, he's "getting hot." When Steph Curry gets a few buckets quickly, he's "heating up."

Today, in the first half, CJ McCollum redefined what it means to "get hot". He logged 27 points on 11/15 from the field - but that doesn't nearly tell the full story. Of course, the Warriors were hiding Steph defensively, so nearly all of CJ's possessions were against Klay Thompson or Draymond Green (after the Dubs switched a ball-screen). It didn't matter! Every single bucket CJ got to was a tough one - including the fadeaway corner three he drilled right in front of the Warriors bench.

His ability to catch, pivot, get to his spot inside the arc, elevate and hit is almost unrivaled in today's NBA. When CJ's hot, there's simply nothing a defense can do - even a defense with Draymond and Klay Thompson. I watched in shock and awe Sunday in the first half as everything CJ threw up found nylon. It had me wondering... Is CJ human?

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo
This man had a dunk on Saturday where he hung on the rim and his feet were on the ground. Yes, he was simultaneously hanging on the rim and standing on the ground.

Whenever I watch the Bucks, there are five or six times where Giannis has the ball and is driving toward the hoop. There's a moment where I think to myself "ok, well, there's no way Giannis can dunk this one!" and before I can even finish that thought, Giannis is dunking it through the earth's core.

Giannis, it's plays like that where I think Ok, yep, well, that settles it. Giannis isn't a human being.

1. Draymond Green
I could talk about the play where Dame Lillard rose up in the lane, but Draymond met him at the rim. I could talk about any of his three steals, or his 3/4 performance from beyond the arc. Maybe even his 12 boards.

But, nah. Here's what I want to talk about.

To recap: Klay Thompson throws the ball away into the backcourt, igniting a two-on-one for Portland. Draymond Green, the lone Warrior defender, runs up and chases Dame off the three-point line, while also containing his drive. Then, seeing Dame has picked up his dribble, Draymond retreats to the paint and elevates at the rim, where he stuffs Vonleh's dunk attempt.

Find me another player who can both close out to the three-point line AND meet a would be dunker at the rim... I'll wait, seriously...

It's plays like that where I ponder... Draymond Green can't actually be human, right?

Honorable Mention: Paul freaking George. Dude can flat-out HOOP

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No Shit The Warriors Are Unbeatable This Year

Really? Adding Kevin Durant helped? No way.

It's amazing to say that a team that broke the NBA record for wins in a season last year could look better in this finals this year. How could you possibly improve from being the statistical best team in NBA history? Actually pretty simple! You add the second best player in the world to your roster.

Adding Kevin Durant to any roster immediately improves your chances of hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy dramatically. Pairing that with a healthy Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green almost seems unfair.

Following up Game 1's blowout of the Cavaliers, the Warriors again dismantled the Cavs Sunday night with an offensive explosion from Durant and Curry. The Warriors capitalized on it seemed like every Cleveland mistake ended up in a made three for the Warriors. The real question is, why isn't this what we expected?

LeBron James
LeBron James is the greatest player in the world hands down, arguably the greatest ever. He dominates in every facet of the game and is quite frankly one of the best athletes this world has ever seen. But what we have learned from the finals so far this year, is that it is extremely difficult for one player to single-handedly beat a super-team.

Kevin Love had a strong Game 2, but with little help from Kyrie Irving and his supporting cast, LeBron's 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 14 assists went virtually unnoticed against a Warriors team that was clicking on all cylinders. The man can only do so much.

Kevin Durant
The world's second best player is currently thriving in a system where he is surrounded by the best shooter to ever live in Steph Curry, a close second in Klay Thompson, and a defensive player of the year candidate in Draymond Green. Durant's size and newly polished defensive versatility has made him a threat that this league has never seen.

We always knew Durant could score the basketball, but what was even more impressive Sunday night was his five blocks. Durant is surrounded by countless playmakers, allowing him to play relaxed and impose his talents against favorable defensive matchups.

New Dynamics of This Warriors Team
Much of the Cavs' success last year in the Finals came when Green was suspended. So far, Draymond has been a non-factor, especially last night when he got into early foul trouble.

It sure is sweet when you can just substitute Green for Durant at the center position. During this time, the Warriors took at 14 point lead and Durant locked up Kevin Love. Even though Durant is seven feet tall, his versatility allowed the Warriors to keep four other perimeter players on the floor with him. This lineup proved deadly since the Cavs personnel isn't nearly as talented.

From here on out, the Cleveland Cavaliers need to play perfect basketball to even have a chance to win this series. LeBron needs to keep his foot on the gas pedal the entire game, and even then, it might not be enough. This Warriors team with Kevin Durant may actually be unbeatable.

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The UFC 205 Press Conference Will Make You Laugh

Conor McGregor just went full Conor McGregor.

It was recently announced that Conor McGregor would square off with Eddie Alvarez inside the octagon for a chance at the lightweight championship. McGregor was originally supposed to have a chance at the title against Raphael Dos Anjos, but Dos Anjos was forced to pull out of the fight, and Conor took a fight against Nate Diaz in his absence, but the Diaz-McGregor fight was at welterweight.

As you all probably know, McGregor lost the first bout with Diaz via submission and won the second via decision after outlasting Diaz and doing serious damage to his face.

You could tell in the two fights that Conor wasn't fit to fight at 170 pounds. The velocity and power in his punches weren't as effective and even with an emphasis on cardio in camp, McGregor still looked extremely fatigued in the last three rounds of the fight at UFC 202.

Now, McGregor will come back to fight at 155 for a chance at his second belt on the grandest stage of them all, Madison Square Garden. Yesterday was the introductory press conference, where all of the stars who would be competing as part of one of the best cards in UFC history would join together to talk trash and hype up their fights.

And there's no greater sh*t talker in all of sports than Conor McGregor.

McGregor stayed relatively reserved in the weeks leading up to his fight with Nate Diaz and it looks like brought he decided to unleash all his repressed animosity and sarcasm on stage yesterday for this fight. It was absolutely hilarious, it riled up the fans, and it has the hype for this fight soaring as New Yorkers will get an amazing card and the most exciting fighter in the UFC for the first PPV that will take place in Gotham. Here are some of the hilarious, awesome highlights:

When McGregor was about to mention Eddie, Eddie replied "watch it", which inspired this gem:

Here's "Mystic Mac" out in full force predicting how he'll end the fight (hint, it's not by decision):

And then when McGregor was asked what he'd do with the second title belt, he seemed prepared:

One of the most raucous moments was when a hardcore McGregor fan pretended to be a reporter and called out Alvarez:

And perhaps the most hilarious moment, when Jeremy Stephens tried calling out McGregor and McGregor didn't even know who he was: