A Dozen Things More Interesting Than Watching Phelps VS A Shark
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A Dozen Things More Interesting Than Watching Phelps VS A Shark

What a disappointment.

When I first heard the Discovery Channel's announcement that Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, would be racing a great white shark I was both intrigued and confused. Would Phelps be out in the open ocean, swimming for his life? Would he and the shark be in a pool, separated by a barrier and racing once a gun went off? Well, all my guesses were wrong.

The event, named "Phelps vs. Shark: The Battle for Ocean Supremacy", aired on July 23 and it was a hell of a disappointment. Instead of physically racing the scary beast, Michael was told to swim 100 meters in a specific amount of time--whether or not he beat said time determined his win. Scientists studied great white sharks in their natural habitat and estimated that Phelps had to swim the distance in 36.1 seconds.

The swimmer was geared up in a thin wetsuit and a prosthetic fin, but at the end of the day he still wound up "losing" by two seconds. A pretty tight race, even though he was just swimming against a CGI shark--which isn't very thrilling, in my opinion.

Here are a couple of things I think would be a better use of your time:

1. Watch paint dry.

2. Read a dictionary.

3. Watch how soy sauce is made.

4. Watch this guy review food from Wendy's.

5. Learn how to swim.

6. See a shark give birth.

7. Learn how to French braid.

8. Watch bread rise.

9. Marathon all five of the Sharknado movies.

10. Bake an apple pie from scratch.

11. Organize your desk.

12. Go grocery shopping.

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Martin Jones is a Brick Wall

How one man stole Game 5 for the Sharks.

The first five minutes of game 5 guaranteed that this contest would be remembered as a classic. The sheer amount of adrenaline that accompanied watching these two teams explode out of the gate will one day be correlated to a stray nationwide spike in heart failures.

This series was ready to die quietly, instead there was a stretch of five minutes that brought us four goals on just seven shots. The "playoff hockey" NHL fans cite when trying to convert the hockey-ignorant was in full fruition. All of that intensity was upstaged by the performance of one lone sharks player over the rest of the game. His name is Martin Jones and he stops pucks.

After San Jose's third goal the shift in momentum was palpable as the Pens turned on their rocket skates. The general attitude of the Consol Energy Center reflected the one sided affair happening on the ice. Every fan in the greater Pittsburgh area was convinced that the Pens would clinch an equalizer. Hell, even the commentators assumed it was inevitable. Martin Jones ensured otherwise. As Pittsburgh players dominated the puck and sped by Shark after Shark he stood firm as the last wall of defense.



Jones did this 44 times to be exact, which is the most saves in a playoff elimination game. The Sharks didn't deserve to win tonight and won't survive Game 6 if they keep up the status quo. However, sometimes a team doesn't need to deserve to win. They just need one goaltender who can stop everything. Jones was that Thursday night.

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Warren Sapp's Ocean Mishap

Lobstering went totally wrong.

I've never been deep-sea fishing or lobstering, but I imagine it can't be too dangerous right? Well, I'm wrong.

On Wednesday, NFL Hall of Fame defensive tackle and Bucs Ring of Honor member, Warren Sapp, went out lobstering with a few of his buddies out in the Florida bay. Sapp played in the NFL for 13 years, going against the toughest guys in the league, but this might have been Sapp's toughest opponent of his career.

While Sapp was looking for some lobsters in the sea, he got a little too close to the ocean's most dangerous predator, a shark. When Sapp stuck his arm into the ocean to grab a lobster, a shark took a bite out of the Hall of Famer's arm.

Warren Sapp was always known as a tough defender and showed his toughness again on Wednesday afternoon. Even after getting bitten, Sapp bandaged the wound up and kept on fishing! According to everyone the boat, they went to a few more lobster holes instead of getting immediate medical attention for the wound. Now that is a brave soul. I can only imagine what his reaction was like when he got bit.

Captain Jack Carlson of the boat claims that they were about miles from Marathon in nine-foot deep water. While Sapp was going after the lobster, they all saw what they thought was a Nurse Shark. Nurse Sharks are usually docile and harmless and only get aggressive when being touched or eating. Thus, Sapp was interrupting this shark's meal and paid the price.

But, it appears Sapp got the last laugh because while he did get bit, he also got the lobster. Sapp claims that while the shark won the battle, he won the war. Sapp later captioned his Instagram of the vicious wound with #epicbattle.

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Michigan Athletes in Rio 2016

Who from Ann Arbor helps make up Team USA this summer?

The 2016 Summer Olympic games are finally upon us. Team USA is finally set and ready to head to Brazil to compete in the games. But who are the athletes on Team USA this year?

Here are the seven athletes from Michigan who qualified and are headed to Rio:

Samuel Mikulak, Gymnastics

Thanks @_barber_q for the patriotic haircut ?????#Ready4Rio

A photo posted by Samuel Mikulak (@samuelmikulak) on

Ellen Tomek, Rowing
Felice Mueller, Rowing
Michael Phelps, Swimming

Connor Jaeger, Swimming
Sean Ryan, Swimming
Jeff Porter, Track & Field

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The Shallows Trailer is Both Terrifying and Crazy Good (Video)

Blake Lively straight stabs a shark in her new flick.

This movie poses a serious dilemma. I love Blake Lively, but I have a deep-rooted fear of sharks, and not just in a casual way. Case in point: I once screamed SHARKKKK!!!!! while swimming in the ocean in a large crowd of people, when in reality, they were dolphins. (Hey, if you saw a grey dorsal fin, you'd freak out, too.)

But Lively's newest movie looks seriously good, so I just might have to break my own moratorium on anything shark-related. P.S. we're glad you're back, Blake. You're still hot af.

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USA Olympic Swim Team Crushes Carpool Karaoke

Athletes are people, too!

Swimming has grown to be one of the top watched sports at the Olympics (thank you, Michael Phelps!!), but being separated by the TV screen and knowing these people are literally smashing records and earning medals on a regular basis can make them seem almost inhuman.

We started to see that these athletes *SURPRISE* really do have a personality with the Swim Team's Call Me Maybe rendition during the last 2012 Olympics. I truly didn't think they could top that work of art... until yesterday when they released a team-wide Carpool karaoke video.

They didn't just belt along to Chicken Fried and Sorry (slightly off key, but what did you expect?). They also did the running man, goofed around ordering at drive-thrus, got lost and had to ask for directions... You know, regular human stuff.

They may be incredibly talented athletes, but when it comes down to it, they're just your typical goofy teammates looking to have a good time. It's fair to say I'm PUMPED to root for this winning team!