6 Line Webtoon Comics You Need To Check Out ASAP
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6 Line Webtoon Comics You Need To Check Out ASAP

You can get your comic fix here.

If you're not familiar with the site Line Webtoons, it's a site that hosts a lot of webtoons, which is a Korean term for online comics. The site is divided into two sections, Discover and Featured. Webtoons shown in the Featured section are the comics that update every week without fail, and are usually high quality.

The Discover section features more amateur webtoons, usually with rougher art styles and more inconsistent posting schedules. However, many of the Featured comics came from the Discover section, so you just might find the next big hit in discover before it becomes a Featured hit.

For the sake of ease and convenience, all of the webtoons shown here are from the Featured Section, meaning that they're updated regularly. Here are five of the best webtoons to check out on the site!

1. Siren's Lament

source: sirens-lament.wikia.com

Siren's Lament is one of the most popular comics on the site. It tells the story of a girl who becomes a siren due to a curse involving her unrequited love for her best friend.

She and the handsome guy who pulled her into the world of the sirens have to search for a way to break the curse for both of their sakes. The art style is amazing and in full color, and many of the episodes feature music composed specifically for the webtoon. If you love supernatural stories, love triangles and beautiful art and music, then Siren's Lament is for you!

2. A Budgie's Life

source: webtoons.com

This adorable webtoon is all about the life and antics of four little budgies, also known as parakeets. For bird owners, it's relatable, and for bird lovers, it's wholesome and adorable. The art style is relatively simple and almost caricature-like, but that's what keeps it looking so cute. This comic really establishes the joys and struggles of being a pet parent to a bird. "Birb" lovers everywhere should check out A Budgie's Life.

3. Nightmare Factory/Snailogy

source: webtoons.com

Nightmare Academy is yet another webtoon with an amazing art style. The storyline is a bit bizarre, featuring a deadly game that promises the winner a wish, a family that completely disappears and a messenger of death, but it's actually really easy to follow once you get into it, and it's super interesting.

The author, Snaillords, also has another comic on the site was well, which is more of a casual, slice-of-life comic with the same art style, which is great if you don't like Nightmare Academy's story. It's also complete, so you can binge read it all at once, or casually take it in at your leisure.

4. Safely Endangered

source: webtoons.com

Safely Endangered is a comedy webtoon. Each episode is separate, meaning you can jump in whenever and wherever you want. The episodes are brief, but funny, making it perfect for passing the time. You can easily breeze through one in a minute or less just to put a smile on your face.

5. My Dear Cold-Blooded King

source: webtoons.com

My Dear Cold-Blooded King is perfect for people who love the dynamics of ancient Asian culture. There's politics, danger and... a few incredibly handsome guys to keep an eye on the main character, Mei. Despite the society, Mei has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to take matters into her own hands, even if the odds are against her.

This one also features original music in some episodes, which adds to the reading experience of this amazing comic.

All of these webtoons except Snailogy are still ongoing, so you'll have something to look forward to each week. Also, there are tons of webtoons on the site, some more consistent and professional than others. If you browse the site, you'll definitely find something you like.

Happy reading!

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Will Facebook Be The Next Netflix?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Facebook's reportedly in talks with Hollywood studios to produce high-quality TV, looking to launch shows by late summer. The social media site is apparently willing to budget as high as $3 million per episode (for that budget, they'd better be good). They're looking to target the age range of 13 to 34, particularly focusing on 17 to 30.

Two shows they've already lined up are Strangers, which is a relationship drama, and a game show called Last State Standing. Instead of dropping entire seasons in one go, apparently Facebook wants to release episodes one by one.

If you were excited by this news, that might have put your excitement to a screeching halt. No binge watching an entire season in one go? Waiting for new episodes of things can be hard sometimes, especially when you're used to Netflix's methods of just giving you twelve or so episodes immediately.

Granted, people do it, but many prefer a good binge watch nowadays. Getting left on a cliffhanger and having to wait a week to see the resolution sucks.

Facebook sounds kind of out of touch with their demographic here then, huh?

I personally am wondering if this whole thing is Facebook's attempt to get people using their site more again. Let's be real, many still use it, but knowing that your mom, and maybe your grandma, are floating around on there can be sooo off-putting.

I got sick of most of the things on my feed and deleted mine months ago, and I can't say I miss it. There's plenty of other social media sites that I use that keep me in touch with people, and it's pretty likely that others have been feeling the same way.

We'll have to see, though. If these shows are any good, maybe it'll be time to reactivate that account.

Just don't show me your bad political memes.

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6 Times You Should Never Use Comic Sans

But ultimately, there is only one truly acceptable place you should see Comic Sans: burning.

Although formally unaddressed, the inappropriate usage of Comic Sans is a truly prevalent problem in a society with easy access to word processors.

If you're a college student, chances are you own a laptop. And if you own a laptop, then you should know never to create a document or presentation or poster using Comic Sans.

Despite the ridicule and criticism that this Sans Serif font deservingly receives for its unprofessional appearance, it is still popularly used in places where almost any other font would've been a better choice. And college campuses are unfortunately no exception.

From the classroom hallways to bulletin boards, Comic Sans has developed a strong presence in a variety of unbefitting places. Let's be real, it looks like the handwriting of a boy in middle school.

Unfortunately, we must accept that modern society will most likely never escape this unprofessional font; so it must be addressed that there are occasions more suitable for its usage than others.

For example, memes (whose trashy levels of humor is similar to the trash level of Comic Sans).

source: giphy.com

Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, there are times where the mere thought of using Comic Sans for a certain occasion would bring on shudders and tears. And yet, someone had the audacity to carry through with it.

Here are six uses of said font that prove the Comic Sans epidemic, although subtle, is still alive and needs to be reined in.

1. On a gravestone.
I don't know if it would be more disrespectful to dance over his dead body.

2. In a book that is not made for children.
Children's books, ugly yes, but I can vaguely see why it would make sense. However, a legitimate publisher should not be approving a book with an adult target audience in a hideous font.

3. Engraved into metal.
It will remain there forever. Forever.

4. On a public transportation sign.
Yet another reason to question the principles of your state government.

5. In an email.
I'm not talking about just a single word or even a phrase. The entire message.

6. In an ad on a vehicle.
It's now both your company and your self-identity, for anyone who ventures out in public to see. And you thought it couldn't be any worse...

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5 Things We Noticed In The New "Justice League" Trailer

You can't wait? Well, guess what? Neither can we.

Justice League is arguably the most anticipated movie of 2017. For the first time, DC's mightiest heroes will grace the big screen together. Batman v. Superman, despite some bright spots, didn't earn the greatest reviews. However, Wonder Woman flourished under director Patty Jenkins. Warner Bros will be looking to capitalize on that success, and by the looks of the most recent trailer, they just might.

Here's five things we picked up from Trailer Number Two:

1) Steppenwolf has arrived.
The big bad for this movie is Steppenwolf, the uncle of Darkseid and leader of his army of parademons. He's an unknown to casual movie fans, but comic book enthusiasts will appreciate Warner Bros for not immediately throwing Darkseid into the mix. We still don't quite know what Steppenwolf is up to, but we can be sure it might be more than the Justice League can handle.

2) "No Lanterns".
During the trailer, we can hear a voice (presumably Steppenwolf's) say that earth has "no Lanterns". The slogan for the Justice League has been "unite the seven", and yet, we only have six members so far. This MUST mean that Green Lantern (probably Hal Jordan) is member number seven and could make an appearance in this movie. At least, we hope he does.

source: justiceleaguethemovie.com

3) Superman is still dead... or is he?
Superman died at the end of Batman v. Superman. But we all know he's going to appear in this movie, because what's the Justice League without him? At the end of the trailer, we see Alfred talking to an unknown person, saying, "Now let's hope you're not too late." We're almost certain it's Superman, but we won't know for certain until the movie comes out.

4) Jeremy Irons picks up where he left off.
One of the best parts of Batman v. Superman was Jeremy Irons' rendition of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's best friend and butler. We see him quite a bit in the trailer, and he's every bit as good as he was in the previous movie, providing bits of witty comical relief. Hopefully we see much more than what was revealed in the trailer.

5) More references to Batman's past.
As we know, this cinematic version of Batman has been around for almost twenty years. In a scene with Alfred, we hear a mention of "exploding wind up penguins". This is surely a reference to the Penguin, Gotham crime boss and one of the more infamous members of Batman's rogue gallery. If the upcoming Batman movie is about the Dark Knight's past, maybe we can expect to see the Penguin.

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Is Wonder Woman Going To Save The DC Extended Universe?

The heroine we all need right now.

For years, Marvel has been killing the game with their top notch superheroes. Although one can argue that Marvel has had hiccups in their movies, there is no denying that they beat out DC comics when it comes to film adaptations time after time.

DC Comics has some of the most iconic superheroes and some of the most well-known story lines that it seems sort of impossible for them to mess it up and yet here we are. For the most part, Marvel has been serving fantastic movies while DC has been bringing us some rather rotten ones.

As someone who has always loved DC Comics but has recently been feeling only disappointment while watching their movies, I've had only one question on my mind: Can DC save their ass from forever being known as the universe that did that to such iconic characters?

Well, it seems DC might have a saving grace coming to theaters near you. Enter Wonder Woman, the demigoddess princess that might be the one to help catch up to Marvel's strong lead.

Wonder Woman recently released a trailer and honestly, it seems that Diana of Themyscira can be the bright light DC desperately needs. I mean, this trailer's thumbnail manages to have more color than the entire DC Extended Universe.

Wonder Woman, as a character entirely, feels more refreshing in comparison to the other protagonists that DC has attempted to bring in and even feels more refreshing that Marvel's protagonists (*cough* Where's the Black Widow movie? *cough*). To add on to that, the Cinematic Wonder Woman does not feel like she is forcing herself to be the Wonder Woman from the comics.

For many people, Wonder Woman was the savior in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and for others, hearing that Wonder Woman would be the next movie after Suicide Squad was a breath of fresh air. Yes, Wonder Woman wasn't in the movie as much as we would have wanted her to be and Wonder Woman definitely wasn't supposed to steal the show the way she did, but she gave the immediate need for more Wonder Woman.

If Wonder Woman does save DC, Marvel will finally take the competition seriously. Wonder Woman can put DC on the map, make a female protagonist seem more of a marketable concept within the superhero movies, and ignite a flame in the DC and Marvel rivalry, meaning better hero movies. If Wonder Woman doesn't do well, Marvel will continue to be in charge of the shift in the superhero movie movement, meaning that superhero movies will all start to feel the same and stop being the powerhouses that they once were.

Wonder Woman is clearly going to be the movie to change the game, but will it change the game and make DC a strong competitor? Will it make female superheroes considered marketable and just as cool as her male colleagues? Will it do both? Well if you can wait until June, you'll get your answer. In all honesty, I hope she kicks major ass at the box office for all the little girls looking for a hero.

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Five Ways to Make Art Shtuff Actually Fun

Hint: It involves wine.

Whether you have to attend some kind of exhibition for a class or are being dragged to a show by one of your artsy friends, at some point you will find yourself at a museum or gallery. If the idea alone makes you cringe, here are a few tips to make the experience more tolerable... maybe even fun.

Have some context. Having a little bit of perspective on what you're looking at and understanding just how insightful (or crazy/drug addicted) the artist was can do wonders for the relevance of the work. So take a minute to consult the Google machine before you head to the museum. Also: talking points.

Go for an event or multiple gallery openings. Many museums have college-oriented evenings, interesting lectures, or performances. Pro tip: if you're going to a gallery, go on a day when other nearby galleries are also having openings. Gallery crawls are a lot of fun, especially with a big group. The bonus of having larger crowds is that you'll get the chance to overhear artsy people make sometimes pretentious (but usually hilarious) comments about the work, opening up the potential for drinking games and the like.

Go with someone who knows their shit. This one goes hand-in-hand with having some context. Going with one of your art history major friends who can give you a rundown of what you're looking at, point out the hidden upside down bird in the Da Vinci painting, or explain exactly why Michelangelo's David is so impressive, can be like carrying around an interactive guidebook. It can also be fun to laugh at them geek out over random manuscript pages or strange contemporary art.

Go with someone who doesn't know shit. Leave it to the computer science major to make a comment like "Hmmm, very reflective" about a bronze sculpture. Even if these comments may not seem inherently informative, they could make you think about art in a way that you normally wouldn't have. At the very least, it will be entertaining.

Don't take it seriously. Seriously, don't. Just focus on having fun. Make random comments about the art. Joke with your friends about what things look like or what the artist must have been thinking (or taking) when they made the art. Don't worry about figuring out what the message or meaning is, just focus what each work makes you feel or think. That's honestly all it's about.