5 Things We Noticed In The New "Justice League" Trailer
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5 Things We Noticed In The New "Justice League" Trailer

You can't wait? Well, guess what? Neither can we.

Justice League is arguably the most anticipated movie of 2017. For the first time, DC's mightiest heroes will grace the big screen together. Batman v. Superman, despite some bright spots, didn't earn the greatest reviews. However, Wonder Woman flourished under director Patty Jenkins. Warner Bros will be looking to capitalize on that success, and by the looks of the most recent trailer, they just might.

Here's five things we picked up from Trailer Number Two:

1) Steppenwolf has arrived.
The big bad for this movie is Steppenwolf, the uncle of Darkseid and leader of his army of parademons. He's an unknown to casual movie fans, but comic book enthusiasts will appreciate Warner Bros for not immediately throwing Darkseid into the mix. We still don't quite know what Steppenwolf is up to, but we can be sure it might be more than the Justice League can handle.

2) "No Lanterns".
During the trailer, we can hear a voice (presumably Steppenwolf's) say that earth has "no Lanterns". The slogan for the Justice League has been "unite the seven", and yet, we only have six members so far. This MUST mean that Green Lantern (probably Hal Jordan) is member number seven and could make an appearance in this movie. At least, we hope he does.

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3) Superman is still dead... or is he?
Superman died at the end of Batman v. Superman. But we all know he's going to appear in this movie, because what's the Justice League without him? At the end of the trailer, we see Alfred talking to an unknown person, saying, "Now let's hope you're not too late." We're almost certain it's Superman, but we won't know for certain until the movie comes out.

4) Jeremy Irons picks up where he left off.
One of the best parts of Batman v. Superman was Jeremy Irons' rendition of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's best friend and butler. We see him quite a bit in the trailer, and he's every bit as good as he was in the previous movie, providing bits of witty comical relief. Hopefully we see much more than what was revealed in the trailer.

5) More references to Batman's past.
As we know, this cinematic version of Batman has been around for almost twenty years. In a scene with Alfred, we hear a mention of "exploding wind up penguins". This is surely a reference to the Penguin, Gotham crime boss and one of the more infamous members of Batman's rogue gallery. If the upcoming Batman movie is about the Dark Knight's past, maybe we can expect to see the Penguin.

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Tinder: The Superhero Movie

Two things we're tired of.

Video production company and YouYube channel Rooster Teeth has created an abomination. They've taken two cultural phenomenons, Tinder and superhero movies (both things that need to be burned with fire) and combined them into one terrible movie trailer.

This sounds like it's all in good fun, but the last parody trailer Rooster Teeth made was for Angry Birds, and we all know how that turned out.

I heard Rotten Tomatoes has already given it a 92 percent.

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5 Things I Learned From the Western Conference Finals

So close yet so far away, OKC.

Well that was intense. Though the rematch in the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will probably be a good series, like the Rolling Stones at the T.A.M.I Show (ask your parents), it has a tough act to follow. The Oklahoma City Thunder pushed the champs to the edge of the cliff, only for Golden State to get off the mat and push the Thunder over the edge. Here are five points that stood out in the series.

5. Steph can get hot, but Klay gets supernova.
There is a reason why Klay Thompson was the only shooting guard to be named to an All-NBA team, even over last year's MVP runner up James Harden. We forget with all the Steph Curry highlights that it was Klay that scored 37 points in a quarter last year and it was Klay whose playoff record 11 three pointers in Game 6 pushed the Warriors back from the brink of elimination. It's time to stop looking at Curry and Thompson as Batman and Robin and more like Batman and Superman.

4. Basketball players need to start thinking about wearing cups against Golden State.
Cups are uncomfortable. I stopped wearing a cup as soon as it stopped being required. I never wore a cup for my high school baseball team. Still, the two painful times I took a ball to the balls tempted me to go into the basement and pull out my old protector. For any team going against Golden State, just remember that a little discomfort is worth the ability to procreate in the future.

3. Back to the Future: OKC wishes it had a time machine.
This team should be in the Finals. They have two of the best five players in the league, a young but proven coach, the runner up for sixth man, and one of the most athletic rosters in the league. Yet, their point guard looks more like Kobe than Stockton and they do not have the ability to constantly hit the three-point shot in a three-point shooting league, putting them a decade behind everyone. If the year was 2006, I don't doubt this team would dominate the game. But it's 2016. Our President is black and our MVP is unanimous. Those are the breaks.

2. The Clippers are the best matchup against the Warriors.
To beat the Golden State Warriors, you need to have a team that can match them athletically, shoot enough threes to keep themselves in the game, and be able to close out in the fourth. The only team that does all three in the West is the second most popular team in Los Angeles. A healthy Los Angeles Clipper team has the players and coaching that gives them a perfect matchup against the Splash Brothers.

1. The East is DC. The West is Marvel
Aside from the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, there has not been a great DC movie since the turn of the century, while Marvel movies have been graded on the scale of really good to really great. The Conference Finals illustrate this point to a tee. The second best team in the East was not even close to the level of Cleveland, while the West is dominated by four different teams and has at least six more that can hold their own against the big four. The best of each make a great head-to-head, but there is a clear divide in quality between the conferences.

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4 Reasons Why More R-Rated Superhero Movies Should Be Made

We've been given a savory taste and now, we want more.

In the span over a year, two Marvel superheroes made their R-rated cinematic debut. Deadpool and Logan have both caused a stir within the comic-book-loving community and the movie business.

Both movies have been revered as some of the best superhero movies of all time, not just by the comic book fans but also by movie critics. Both movies have above an 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

This is saying a lot considering there have been a few super hero movie failures that we just don't talk about. (I'm looking at you Fant4stic. You too, Batman V. Superman.) Now, these failure-movies wouldn't be better with an R-rating but Logan and Deadpool have the lack of "Parental Guidance" in their movie to thank for their success. And after the public has witnessed these treasures, more need to be made. Here's why:

1. For some heroes, it's incredibly appropriate.
Deadpool is not Deadpool if he has a filter. A lot of fans were worried about the possibility of a Deadpool movie with a PG-rating because it doesn't fit the crass, explicit, loudmouth that is Wade Wilson or the situations he gets in. Wade has shot heads off of bodies, has been impaled by an elephant's tusk, and he makes sexual jokes about everything even the elephant tusk encounter.

However, for other heroes, an R-rating isn't what they need to make it great. Heroes like The Flash or Captain America don't have the brutality in their action or the explicit language that warrants an R-rating. So, Marvel...DC. Use the R-rating, but sparingly, only for the heroes who deserve it.

2. The action is bloodier and better.
Admit it. One of the most satisfying things in a bloody action movie is when the villain you despise gets their cranium separated from their body. On the same token, one of the most unsatisfying things in a PG action movie is the anticipation before an incoming decapitation, mutilation, or amputation only to be let down by a cut away.

So, give us the bloodiest action you can muster. And even though Spiderman can punch someone's jaw clean off (he's done it before), R-rated action isn't something that fits into Spiderman's morals. Again, use the R-rating sparingly.

3. Directors are given more freedom.
When making a movie that isn't R-rated, directors and writers of all genres must stay within the bounds of their movie's ratings. Nowadays, the rating system is out of wack with the amount of sexual innuendos and nudity in PG-13 movies compared to 1939 (when saying, "I don't give a damn" in a movie was nearly punishable by law).

With an R-rating, the directors and writers aren't given many rules with what they can and can't show in their movie. David Ayer, Suicide Squad director, told the LA Times that he had to act as his own on-set cop against his normal nature of blowing heads off to keep the PG-13 rating. Giving directors the freedom of an R-rating lets them show exactly what they want to show in a movie.

4. We want them!
We really do. A survey conducted by Fandango found that 71 percent of over 1,000 Logan viewers want to see more R-rated superhero films. Give the fans what the fans want!

For some fans of comic books, they have been waiting around 50 years for their favorite hero to be put up on the screen, so Hollywood, you better do it right. And if we want a movie to be R-rated for it to be right, then R-rated is what we deserve. Give us a bloody, R-rated Punisher. Give us an insane, R-rated Moon Knight. Give us a darker, R-rated Batman. Please, just give us more!

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Jackie Chan Is Back With "The Foreigner"

My man is old, but hasn't lost a touch.

Jackie Chan. A man who no one on the face of this damn earth hates even a little bit. He is an angel, and one of the few American sweethearts not born in this country (get to the choppa!).

Personally, I loved all of the Rush Hour movies and thought they were masterpieces. Way ahead of their time. (P.S. Last time I saw anything of Chris Tucker was while rewatching Kanye's finest moment.)

My childhood was also improved greatly with the cartoon show Jackie Chan Adventures. Again, Jackie Chan makes my life better.

I thought the most recent Karate Kid movie would be trash. I was really stern on this, thinking no one could replace Mr. Miyagi. The Jaden Smith addition had me shook, not gonna lie, but Jackie Chan restored my hope.

Aside from the Karate Kid, Jackie Chan has mostly done action comedies of some sort, at least from my memory. But this new trailer... WHOA.

There are some action stars who can't adapt well to the new ages of movie action, but this human treasure of a man did it. And boy, did he do it so well. From action comedy to action thriller, this trailer got me so hype.

I love so very much that the storyline to get him to spring into action is not forced at all. The transition over time from secret agent to caring father works seamlessly. If you weren't already on Jackie Chan's side, the role of a father, whose daughter just died at the hands of a tragedy, who is looking for justice... come on, bruhhh, I need to see this happy ending.

Some people are calling this the Asian John Wick, and need I say "take my money" again? The comparison comes from the similar revenge and justice plot, but the action looks impeccable, and certainly can live up to the critically-loved John Wick movies.

Despite the fact that the director's work includes The Legend of Zorro and the last Green Lantern movie, we have no reason to be worried. It actually comes out in October later this year, and will be here in no time.

Although years have passed and Jackie Chan has gotten older, one fact has remained the same: criminals and Jackie Chan in a room with furniture are a bad combo.

Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, my friends.

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The Main 3 Problems I Have With The New Death Note Trailer

This probably won't end well.

I've been a fan of anime and manga since sixth grade, when I saw a friend reading Fruits Basket during homeroom. Since then, I've read and watched things both popular and more obscure.

One of my all-time favorites is Death Note, a manga and anime that tells the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who finds the notebook of a shinigami (death god) that allows him to kill anyone by writing their name in the notebook.

It was a fascinating story, full of unexpected twists and turns and a bittersweet ending. It's no surprise that Death Note became so popular.

With its popularity came many adaptions. There's been a live-action TV show, a musical and at least four live-action movies. Those adaptations aren't what this article is about. This article is about the trailer for the Netflix adaptation.

The newly released trailer offers us our first glimpse of the Netflix adaptation starring Nat Wolff. I, like many other fans, am not very impressed. I have a three main issues with it, which you can check out below:

1. Whitewashing
Death Note takes place in Japan. While there were a few characters in the anime who were American, the rest of the characters were Japanese. The actors seen in the trailer are not Japanese, and while L is played by Keith Stanfield, who is black, that still doesn't excuse the whitewashing that's evident from this trailer alone.

The setting has been changed to American, and a quick glance at the cast list on IMDb shows that some of the names have been changed and Americanized, such as Misa's name being changed to "Mia." It's the little things like this that irk me and make we wonder if this could cause another controversy like Ghost in the Shell's.

2. Misa/Mia
Aside from changing Misa's name, it seems as though her role in this movie has changed. In the anime, Light uses Misa mostly as a pawn in his plans, while in the trailer it seems as though she's his sidekick/partner, and, more surprising than that, he seems to genuinely care for her, which really isn't true to the source material at all. While this change might make Light seem less like a heartless manipulator, it'll also change some other elements of the plot, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

3. The Action
I'm talking about the ferris wheel from the trailer. This trailer seems to show off a lot of action that really wasn't there in the anime or manga. While yes, there were some car chases, fights, hostage situations and, of course, ton of death, a lot of the anime involved cautious moves, consideration and planning. A notable scene from the anime involves Light eating a potato chip.

It's because of the occasional slow pace of the anime and manga that really make me wonder where all of this daring, dangerous action comes from. Clearly, it's to draw in viewers with drama and danger.

Despite my issues with the trailer, I'll still give the movie a chance when it comes out. Maybe it'll surprise me by being a different, yet still interesting adaptation of one of my favorite series. If not, it'll probably give me something to laugh at.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below. The movie will be available on Netflix on August 25.