11 Manga For Anyone With A Dark Side
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11 Manga For Anyone With A Dark Side

I hope you have a strong stomach.

Japanese comics, or manga, have the unfortunate connotation of being girly or goofish--think Sailor Moon or One Piece--but that couldn't be further from the truth. Manga can get dark, and I mean dark. While this specific genre isn't for everyone, it certainly is for me.

Here are a few of my favorite manga that will leave you completely horrified:

Tomodachi Game

A relatively new series, this manga revolves around a group of friends trapped in a game of wits, luck and trust. With millions of dollars on the line, things can get pretty serious and dangerous.


The Promised Neverland

Don't let the title trick you, these orphaned kids definitely aren't in Neverland. These children compete against one another for test scores. The only problem? These scores determine how valuable--and tasty--their brains are. This manga definitely isn't for kids.


Ludwig Revolution

A fresh spin on the classic fairy tales we've all grown to love, this manga series is about a prince on a search for a princess to wed. Unfortunately, he's a bit picky, especially when it comes to looks.


Mirai Nikki

While it starts innocently enough, you quickly learn things aren't what they seem in this manga. It really makes you question who to trust, and shows just what people are willing to do for their loved ones. The popular series is both a manga and anime, so you have two ways to watch the horror unfold.


Battle Royale

Forget the Hunger Games, this is the original killing competition. With gruesome killing scenes and some truly evil characters, this is a manga only the brave should read. The Battle Royale live action film is one of director Quentin Tarentino's favorites, and it even provided inspiration for Kill Bill. Feel like reading it now?



Gamers, this is the manga for you. The main character is one of the top players of a video game, only to eventually be transported to a place where he has to physically play the graphic game he's so great at.


Franken Fran

As you can probably guess from the title, this series is inspired by the tale of Frankenstein. With seriously messed up experiments and mind-boggling storylines, it might leave you feeling a tad nauseous.



This series is like Saw, but with a bit more intrigue. The characters play as "rabbits" in a game where one person is secretly a "wolf". The wolf has to eat all the rabbits without anyone finding out their true identity. A group of people eventually find themselves playing a real version of the game, but one of them is the wolf. The manga was so popular that it spawned two equally horrific spinoffs.


Real Account

This disturbing series shows just how important social media can be. The characters must fight and trick one another to survive, all the while making sure they do nothing to lose their followers, which means instant death.


Apocalypse no Toride

Have you ever wondered what would happen if zombies were real? Well, that's what this bloody series is about. It goes around the usual formula by creating characters you can't quite root for. Everyone's in jail, and for good reason too.


Deadman Wonderland

The characters in this manga have the ability to use their blood as a weapon. They are prisoners of a game where they're required to fight one another, and the contestants have to lose a body part any time they don't win. It's even bloodier than you'd think.


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9 Asian Men You Should Be Obsessing Over

White guys aren't the only "sexy" ones.

As an Asian-American I'm offended by the stereotype that Asian men aren't attractive. I think men of any ethnicity are totally capable of being sexy, it's just that the Western media chooses to focus on European features as the attractive ones. A narrative that harms all people of color, not just Asians.

I went to Vancouver once -- the city outside of Asia with the most Asians -- and was totally blown away with the amount of Asian representation they had on their billboards and in their ads. It was unbelievably refreshing to see Asian men portrayed as "sexy" and honestly, it was kind of a relief to not see blonde, blue eyed "hunks" everywhere.

In an attempt to increase awareness of Asian mens sex appeal, here are a few Asian men that I personally find attractive.

Kim Jong-in
Going by the stage name Kai, this 23-year-old has gained notoriety for his dancing skills and the heart-stopping ability to be simultaneously cute and sexy. A member of the popular K-pop group Exo, this guy is constantly striving to improve.


Gong Yoo
After a series of stints in South Korean dramas, the 38-year-old proved he could lead a film with his starring role in the zombie flick Train to Busan (one of my favorite zombie movies to-date). Besides being utterly adorable he's also an amazing actor.


Park Chanyeol
This talented powerhouse is another member of K-pop group Exo. Don't let his babyface fool you, Chanyeol is 24, and an amazing rapper, drummer, guitarist and painter. Are you impressed yet?


Christian Yu
This former musican founded Dream Perfect Regime (DPR), a Korean indie group, and is now their visual director. Since he now works behind the scenes it's harder to find him, but he's super active on Instagram -- either posting unbelievably sexy selfies or his hardcore workout routine.


Ross Butler
Ross Butler's casting in 13 Reasons Why was an incredible achievement for the Asian-American community. While the character he plays is a huge douche (a refreshing casting choice for an Asian actor) Ross is far from it. He's a total dork, which makes him all the more charming.


Yuya Shibusawa
The least famous person on this list, Yuya is my Asian crush. The 19-year-old is half Japanese and half American, but has spent most of his life as an aspiring actor, he most recently starred in the reality TV show, Terrace House, where I couldn't help but root for his current relationship while I stared at his face.


Manish Dayal
This charming gentleman has been in quite a few TV shows over the years, but his most recent gig is the one I'm most excited for. He'll be starring in The Resident, a new medical drama that's sure to impress. He doesn't play the typical accented Indian character, instead he's a nervous intern with an Ivy League diploma. Another win for diversity here!


Sota Fukushi
This Japanese actor has been featured in a variety of TV shows and movies in his home country, but he's still relatively unknown. For now at least. With a live action film based on the manga series Bleach in the works, with Sota in the starring roll, he's sure to become a huge star.


Booboo Stewart
Booboo being onscreen isn't only important for Asian men, but also Native American men. He has Japanese, Chinese and Korean ancestry on his mother's side and Blackfoot ancestry on his father's. What a mix. You may recognize him from the Twilight films, but he more recently starred in Disney's Descendants series.


How do you feel about Asian men now?

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7 Cooking Mangas You Should Read ASAP

When you're a weeaboo AND a foodie.

I'm completely unashamed of my addiction to Japanese comics, or "manga."

I've spent hours reading, and re-reading and re-re-reading the classics - Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket - and countless days searching for new manga series (I recommend The Promised Neverland and Tomodachi Game for anyone with a dark side) to binge-read.

As a person with a healthy appetite and a love of all things food, cooking mangas have always had a certain appeal, so here are a few of my favorites that I think any foodie should be able to enjoy.

1. Shokugeki no Soma
This cooking manga became immensely popular almost immediately after its release in 2012. The plot is pretty simple; it tells the story of a young man sent to an elite culinary school, which has a graduation rate of only ten percent and a bizarre system where students can challenge one another to "cooking battles."

The series is uncomplicated and quick-paced, so a new manga reader should be able to get into it rather quickly. There's also quite a bit of "fan service" - if you're into that sort of thing - with most of the characters getting tastefully (hehe) naked every chapter or so.

If you're not much of a reader you can watch the first two seasons of Shokugeki no Soma instead.

source: pinterest.com

2. Bambino!
The title of this series comes from the Italian word for "baby." The protagonist is repeatedly called a "bambino" in the kitchen due to his lack of culinary experience, but that doesn't stop him from doing his utmost to succeed and improve his skill - albeit with some attitude.

While there isn't an anime version you can watch, Bambino! does have a live action drama series.

source: bokuranotameno.com

3. Yumeiro Patissiere
This shoujo manga - "shoujo" is a specific genre of manga targeted towards young women - is the perfect thing for anyone who just wants something light and easy to read.

There are no giant meltdowns or unnecessary panty shots, it's just about a middle schooler learning how to make pastries with her friends and her magical fairy friends. I know it sounds a tad girly, but it's honestly a great manga. It even has recipes!

source: yumeiropatissiere.wikia.com

4. Yakitate!! Japan
I feel a bit conflicted about recommending this one. While the series starts off strong, it eventually changes from a cooking manga about baking bread into something filled with strange gags and horrible puns.

For anyone wondering, "pan" means "bread" in Japanese, and the series makes multiple references to this hilarious wordplay. Pretty decent recipes though - ever tried making bread in your rice cooker?

source: imfdb.org

5. Bartender
While not quite a cooking manga, this manga still falls in the realm of the food world. The series focuses on a bartender in Japan who spends his days making interesting cocktails for a variety of clientele.

Interested in picking up some new bartending skills? This is the manga for you.

source: mangareader.net

6. Nobunaga no Chef
This manga is not only about cooking, but it also teaches you a bit about Japanese history. The series revolves around an accomplished chef, Ken, who is magically transported back in time to the 1500s, somewhere in feudal Japan.

There he meets Oda Nobunaga, one of Japan's most famous warlords and his culinary adventures truly begin. He becomes the warlord's personal chef, and he must ensure that he does nothing in the past that will change the future.

source: forums.animesuki.com

7. Addicted to Curry
As the title implies, this series revolves around curry. It begins with a young woman struggling to keep her restaurant in business, but then she meets a man who decides to help her with this problem.

The manga has a strong focus on food and will leave you craving curry from every country, which you'll be able to easily make since the manga is loaded with recipes.

source: wikiapedia.org

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7 Video Games You'll Love If You Love Skyrim

Time to stop replaying and try some new content.

Skyrim is easily one of the greatest video games out there, and many people who have played it have done so for hours, constantly re-playing the game to explore all of the content. It's simple to do, because the possibilities in the game are endless.

However, it can keep us from trying out other great games that have an entirely new world of content. So, put yourself out there and try something different.

1. Divinity: Original Sin
This is by far my favorite video game of all time. The storyline gets you hooked instantly, and you get two customizable characters who interact with each other based on the personalities you choose for them. There's lots of worlds to explore, and each of the NPCs have their own unique personalities and storylines that are endlessly intriguing. This game is a must-play.


2. The Witcher 3
Looking for a game with an open world even larger than Skyrim? Look no further. This game is filled with fantastical adventures and choices which affect the game in the long run. Honestly, the only thing that this game lacks is character customization. If that's not a deal-breaker for you, definitely check this game out.


3. Fallout 4
Not only does Fallout 4 also have an open world, but it ties together a post-apocalyptic world with a family-oriented plot. It uses a variety of graphics and dialogue to make a unique experience. This game is for sure worth playing.


4. Dragon's Dogma
Like Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma has great re-playability. You'll want to play the game as every faction, because they're all so different from each other and have entirely different combat styles.

Most interestingly, looks matter. If you make a small character, they won't be able to carry as much, but they'll be able to fit through tiny spaces. Also, the dragon fights are awesome.


5. World of Warcraft
If you're looking for a MMORPG like Skyrim, this is well-known to be the best out there. Want to team up with other players to take on bosses while you explore the world? This is for you. If you prefer solitary games, you may want to give it a try anyways, just because it's such a classic. You may end up enjoying it.


6. Risen 3
There's always loads of excitement when you leave the real world and enter the world of a game where you are the only hope. Risen 3 offers just that feeling with a huge open world, allowing you to explore a place where you can prove that you are no ordinary human.


7. Any of the other Elder Scrolls games, but especially Oblivion
If you like Skyrim, you'll almost definitely like the other games in the series. I've even met a fair deal of people who prefer Oblivion to Skyrim, mostly because the main quest is more immersive. The matter is entirely up to opinion, but my belief is that both of the games at least deserve to be tried. You may end up loving both and get twice the gameplay.


While video games can cost a lot of money, these are all worth the cash. Feel free to look more into the games to find out if they're really for you, but the hours upon hours of entertainment you'll get from each of these makes it all worth it. Happy gaming!

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7 Book Series You've Probably Never Heard Of

I will find you, and I will read you.

I love reading, it's been one of my favorite hobbies since I was a kid. I read on the subway, on airplanes, at restaurants - when I'm alone of course - and while I'm aimlessly walking around Boston.

While it's easy to pick up a random book and enjoy it, it's harder to find a series of books to enjoy - something usually goes wrong by book two or three.

Since you can only read Harry Potter so many times, here are a few other book series that totally hold up.

1. Uglies
I could not love these books more.

I first read Uglies as a terribly awkward middle schooler - boarding school and braces aren't a good mix - and it made a hell of an impression on me. The series is set in a dystopian future where people live their lives as "uglies" until their 16th birthday, where they receive a surgery that makes them "pretty" for the rest of their lives.

The main character, Tally spends the trilogy battling her own insecurities and questioning the system that's made her and her friends detest the faces they were born with. With so many YA novels getting made into movies I'm surprised that this one hasn't.

2. Generation Dead
This series is about a strange supernatural phenomenon that's been occurring around the world: dead teens aren't staying dead. That's right, they're turning into zombies - which actually becomes a slur in this series, funnily enough.

Unlike the zombies we're used to, the kids in Generation Dead don't crave brains or want to kill other people, they just move and talk a bit slower than we do. People start calling another "traditionally biotic" (AKA normal) and "differently biotic" (AKA dead).

The series follows a teenager who begins to fall in love with a differently biotic classmate, only to receive backlash from members of her community and insight into the prejudices the undead have to go through daily. Once Teen Wolf is over maybe this is the next TV show MTV should make.

3. The Princess Tales
Now this isn't a traditional book series. Instead of a cohesive plot with the same characters, these books instead take place in the same world but with wildly different storylines. The Princess Tales is a humorous retelling of classic fairytales we've all grown to love, from Sleeping Beauty to The Princess and the Pea, but you might even love these more.

If you were a fan of Ella Enchanted you're sure to like this series - they're by the same author!

4. Books of Bayern
This is another series based on a classic fairy tale, but only slightly-so. The first book in the series is The Goose Girl - after the Brothers Grimm story - and introduces us to the kingdom of Bayern as well as a world riddled with deceit and magic.

The main character of this novel is a princess from another land who becomes a lowly goose herder after a series of betrayals. The series follows her and her friends as they discover magic and become involved with the politics of their country.

5. Maximum Ride
With nine books in total, this series forces you to get attached to its main characters. It revolves around a "flock" of kids who are part bird and part human - try to ignore the science, it doesn't make much sense - who are on the run from a scientific organization that wants to profit off of them.

The series follows them as they deal with the struggles of growing up and staying alive. The series brings up important points about the ethics of genetic modifications and even talks about global warming. A Maximum Ride movie came out last year, but it was positively dreadful.

Do not watch it.

6. The Pink Carnation
This series of mystery novels takes place in modern times and the 1800s. It follows a graduate student who unearths stories of spies during the Napoleonic Wars. With each novel focusing on a different spy - all given flowers as codenames - you're given a bit of a history lesson along with some serious intrigue and romance.

You get to meet the Black Tulip, the Moonflower, and the Scarlet Pimpernel. I don't think 007 is the only spy with a cool name.

7. Deltora Quest
OK, so these are technically children's books but the world of Deltora is so brilliantly put together that it doesn't even matter. With eight books in just the first Deltora Quest series - there are three total - you'll have to spend a good amount of time reading to reach the end of each story arc.

The plot of the first series revolves around a teenage boy and his companions who must search for seven gems that have special "powers." In order to find these gems they must battle mythical creatures and make their way to distant lands - it's pretty cool.

Having sold over 15 million copies worldwide it's a surprise this series isn't more well-known and more importantly, it's a surprise that it hasn't been made into a movie yet.

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Freshman Year According to Harry Potter

Hermione is my spirit animal.

Who isn't completely obsessed with the Harry Potter series? My college takes the books so seriously that we even devote an entire month to its greatness. As an English major, I worship J.K. Rowling for her literary prowess. As a college student, I relate to her characters on a whole different level.

The Harry Potter series captures what it's like to be a freshman like no other magical story can.

When you realize you're one of the smartest in your intro class

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When you actually wear something other than sweatpants to class

Source: Giphy.com

Trying to sleep when it sounds like there's a stampede outside

Source: Giphy.com

Showing up to your first party like

Source: Giphy.com

Trying Jungle Juice for the first time

Source: Tumblr.com

Social media stalking your crush

Studying for an exam

Source: Giphy.com

Pretending you like your advisor

Source: Giphy.com

Checking your grades

Source: Giphy.com

Listening to the teacher's pet

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Trying to keep it together all the time

Source: Giphy.com

Becoming addicted to coffee

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Realizing the Freshman 15 isn't just something people say

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Making the best friends ever

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